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Chapter 7 Getting Closer Together

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After a nightmare Kurono exposes her small need for Grinnjow, Kurono os forced to accepted Grimm as her date for the dance she hates. And a mysterus silver haired boy apears twice reminding her of ...

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Chapter 7
Getting Closer Together

I was suddenly standing by the river I drowned in. Deep down I knew it was a dream. But it looked so real, the way the water moved and the way the setting sun reflected on it. I stood there alone in my Arrancar outfit. I was staring out over the river with sad eyes. I felt as if I had lost some one close. I knew in my heart that my siblings were dead. First Suki then Ryu. I knew it was my fault, I had betrayed them some how by becoming a hollow. Now their souls were gone onto the soul society and I hadn’t been here to see them off. I would never see any of them again.
Aizen was suddenly beside me, calm and collective. It made me so mad. The way he could just stand there with no remorse about what he had turned me into. I was about to say something when he spoke.
“Kurono, I have to tell you something”
“I had always planned from the start to use you to get to your sister. She’s the one I really wanted”
My heart pounded. This wasn't supposed to happen!
“What do you mean Aizen?”
“You are twins, your souls are connected. Whatever happens to you happens to Suki. If you become a hollow then she will to in some way, no matter what she wants or does.”
I shook my head. This wasn't right, I could feel it
“No… you really wanted me right?”
He looked at me and smiled
“No Kurono. It was all an act. I never cared about what happened to you. Only what I could get out of you. You are powerful Kurono, but you're too strong minded, you are useless to me. And to every one”
I fell to the sand gasping
“No…NO!!! You always needed me!! Say it!! You… you always cared!!”
He shook his head
“Good bye Kurono”
He started walking off and I began to cry
“Please!!!! Don’t go!!!”
He disappeared over the hill and I was alone. Then suddenly Grimmjow was standing there next to me looking down.
“Why are you crying? Suck it up”
I smiled through the tears. I hated but loved that attitude
He looked up and started to walk away. My heart panicked
“Grimmjow? GRIMMJOW?!”
He turned back to me
“Tell me what you want.”
I opened my mouth but nothing came out. How could I ask him? I put my head down and shook my head. I looked up and he started walking away again. Suddenly I heard Kisuke.
“Kurono, you have to give it a shot, just try!”
I took a deep breath
He turned and looked at me with those bored eyes
“Please don’t leave me! I cant… I cant go on with out a crutch!! I need something… someone to lean on. To lift me up when I'm down. Someone to make me smile threw the tears. Someone that can make me forget my past and help me look forward. PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME! I… I need you”
He walked back over to me and frowned
“That sounded rather sad and pathetic”
I nodded
“Yeah, but I meant every word”
He suddenly sat down in the sand next to me and put his arm around me
“I cant guarantee anything but I will try. Curse this world…. I will try…”
Then I saw a silver haired boy standing on the hill…

I woke up again, staring at Grimmjow. This time he had his eyebrow cocked like he was looking at a complex puzzle.
“Wow… I have no words to describe what I just saw…”
I sat up on the couch still dazed. I looked around to make sure that I was awake and not dreaming. I was back home and in my Gigai. I frowned at Grimmjow who was still staring at me. I lifted my hand and charged a small black Cero, Grimmjow’s eyes widened
“You can charge a Cero while in your Gigai?”
“Only small ones”
I was getting ready to fire it at him when he closed his hand around mine to stop it. I froze, his hand was warm
“Why not! You were invading my brain!!! I have every right to blow your head off!!”
He closed his eyes, let go of my hand, and changed the subject
“You know, you heal quite nicely. It helps that your brother is in the healing squad.”
I looked at Grimmjow then at the floor
“You saw all of that didn’t you?”
He nodded
“Sorry, you were tossin’ and turnin’ so I wanted to see what was wrong. Its weird, seeing someone else dream about me”
“I'm sorry, and thank you for saving me last night. I was careless”
He smiled a crooked smile that I never saw him wear. It was a smile that he kept to himself
“Yeah well it’s no big deal.” He stood “and no worries about me leaving, you're stuck with me.”

I went to school in a daze. My friends didn’t bother me about what had happened. Only Shika kept throwing me glances but every time she tried to say something I shot it down with a glare. We finally made it to lunch where I waited. For some reason I wanted to see him again. I smiled when he came out of the trees. He was wearing a new t-shirt with a rock band name on it. He wore black jeans and a jacket that had a 6 on the right sleeve. He came and stood behind me with that bored look he always has. Shika was staring at him
"sit Grimmjow"
He sat but muttered
"what am I? A dog?"
To tell the truth Grimmjow reminded me more of a cat then a dog. And ever since the dream Grimmjow and me seemed closer, like friends. It made me feel warm inside. Great, now I'm getting mushy.
"Guys.... This is my friend Grimmjow. Grimmjow... These are my friends; Kei, Andoryu, Juri, Shika, Seira, and Sutiven."
They all nodded and stared at Grimmjow. He too nodded. Yes he was much nicer now.
"Uhh Kurono?"
"Yes Juri?"
"Are you going to eat your pudding?"
I laughed.
"Go ahead"
I threw it to her. I looked over to see Grimmjow inspecting my food. I wonder if he would like anything...
"What is that?"
I looked at what he was pointing
"that's a cookie, Grimm. Do you want it?"
He cocked his eyebrow and looked at me
Did that slip out? Drat
"sorry. It kinda slipped out. Is it ok?"
"Yeah, its cool"
Grimmjow reached over and grabbed the cookie. He gave it a look of doubt, and then bit into it. I half expected him to spit it out. But he gave a frown and then swallowed
“It’s just it tastes weird”
I laughed. Of course. He was used to human souls. Then Juri had to ruin the moment
"Hey Kurono. Are you guys going to the dance in a few weeks? It'll be fun!"
Shika had a huge grin on her face.
"Yeah Kurono, you and Grimmjow should totally come"
I scoffed
"yeah right. You guys know why I don’t go to dances, don’t even ask..."
"Ok. We'll go"
I gave Grimmjow a look that could kill.
"Uhh yeah right! I don't know about you but I'm stayin' home!"
Grimmjow let that sly smile slide across his face. Oh no...
"Kurono, will you go to the dance with me?"
I rolled my eyes
"Grimmjow, I'm serious! I don't want to hear your jokes right now. I don't go to dances, that's it!"
I stood, threw away my trash, and headed for the school. Suddenly Grimmjow was right in front of me. How did he move so fast! He leaned down and started to whisper
"you have to go where I take you! I'm getting tired of stayin' in your house all day!"
"No buts! You are going!"

The rest of the day went by fast. Soon I was waking up and going to school. Then going to lunch, which Grimmjow did not attend. I hardly remember the conversation we had. When school ended I decide to wait outside in the court yard of the school for Grimmjow. As I was waiting I heard some one else walking in the court yard behind me. I turned and stiffened. There directly behind me was a boy slightly shorter than me. His black hair clung to his head like a bowel. He wore a tight shirt to show off the body he didn’t have. He had a big nose compared to the rest of his face. He wore the creepiest smile, creeper than Gin’s. This was Robaato, Robaato Hau Ikimono. I faced him, trying to keep from snapping. Just looking at him mad me angry! This kid had been sexually harassing me for years.
“Well hello, Kurono. I didn’t expect to run into you here”
I bet he planned this.
“What do you want?”
I stared angrily at him. He waved his hands
“Nothing, I was just going home. Can’t we just be friends?”
I scoffed
“You burned that bridge long ago Hau”
“Well, you don’t have to be so rude”
His voice… I hated it so much! I charged a small Cero. If aimed right this could take off a toe or two. I was about to fire it secretly when someone grabbed my hand. I looked back, then up, and saw Grimmjow.
Grimmjow drew out every word showing that he was irritated. I knew right off that Robaato was going to get it.
“This must be the guy every one is talking about. Not what I expected”
He laughed a short laugh and I frowned
“What do you mean?”
Grimmjow was staring at him angrily.
“Well, knowing you, I thought you might go with someone…nerdier”
He gave that short laugh, smiled, and flung his hands down at the wrist in a completely gay motion.
“Kurono lets go. He's not worth any time”
Grimmjow, while still holding my hand, turned me and we started walking away. But Hau wasn't done. He reached out and touched my arm. I barely felt it. But before I could say anything the hand was gone and so was Grimmjow. I turned and gasped
Grimmjow had Robaato up by the neck by at least 2 feet. Hau weekly held Grimmjow’s hand, helpless. I was too speechless to do anything. Grimmjow flipped out over a boy barely touching me…
Hau was choking and staring at me for help. But I didn’t do anything, I just stared.
Alright, I really wanted to do him in, but I wasn’t about to let him die.
“Grimm, you better put him down”
Grimmjow gave him the most hostile look
“Oookkk!!! Put me…down!! Gack!!”
Grimmjow dropped him and looked down at him
“Stupid trash”
He turned, grabbed my hand, and then we walked off. Grimmjow really has changed. I looked back at Hau and I thought I saw a silver haired boy looking down at him. Why did he look so familiar?
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