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Chapter 8 Let’s Get This Over With

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Kurono's full past as a human is explained rite before a fight.

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Chapter 8
Let’s Get This Over With

The next day I woke up and decided I needed a break from school. I told Grimmjow and Ryu I was going to school and made my way out the door. I headed in the opposite direction of the school and towards the woods. I was half way there when felt someone behind me. I turned to see Grimmjow
“Jeez, woman where are you going? The school is in the opposite direction”
“Thank you Captain Obvious”
I kept walking towards the forest
“So why in the world are you going this way?”
“Because I can”
I kept walking and Grimmjow kept following me.
“You're not going to go away are you?”
I rolled my eyes and went on with my business.
“So where are you going woman?”
“Please stop calling me woman. It’s annoying. And I'm going to the woods”
I didn’t answer, I just kept on walking. Grimmjow followed in silence. We finally reached the woods and I went on in. Grimmjow followed like a stray cat. We walked in the stillness of the forest for quite some time before we crossed an old bridge over a river and came to a meadow.
“Here we are”
Over in the left corner of the clearing was a medium sized mansion that was way older then it looked. Beside the mansion were 5 mounds, all with crosses and dead flowers on them. Unreadable names were carved into the crosses.
“Where is here exactly?”
I walked over to the crudely marked graves
“This is where my family and I are buried”
I looked back at Grimmjow. The look on his face was unreadable, just like the names on the graves. It was solemn, bored, sad, and confused all at the same time. I pointed to the far left grave
“This is me”
I pointed to the next one
“This is my mother”
And the next
“My father”
And the one after
“My sister, Suki”
I crossed my arms
“And the last one is my brother, Ryu”
I turned and looked at Grimmjow
“I had to watch as they buried my lifeless body that they pulled out the river back there.”
Grimmjow met my eyes
“How did your brother and sister die?”
I sighed and sat on the ground by my mother’s grave
“My sister went first, 5 years after me, she had just turned 23. She died of some sort of plague. My brother followed 3 years later from the same thing at the age 16. You already know how my parents died”
Grimmjow pushed me with his foot
“Is that where you lived?”
He was staring at the mansion
“Yes. My family and I all lived there, carefree and content about 2300 years ago. But as usual life wasn't a walk in the park. At the time I lived, the land was owned by my father, a lord. We had a few servants but not much. For a girl, life in Japan was hard. I don’t really remember much other than my family, one of the servant boys, and my Sensei, Ookami. But only a few weeks after being called his equal I drowned trying to save my brother from the same river we crossed. He was so young, only 7, I was 18. He was out in the middle of it like a moron. He lived but… I wasn't that lucky.”
I sighed and looked at the sky
“I then became a Jibakurai.”
“A what?”
“A Jibakurai or, Earth-bound Spirit. It’s a spirit who is not able to leave the real world that easily because he or she regrets leaving something behind. For example, if the Soul is bound to a place, he or she will stay at this place and refuse to pass on to Soul Society. A Jibakarai is more vulnerable to a Hollow, as being bound to a certain area prevents them from fleeing.”
“Oh right. I knew that. You didn’t have to tell me, darn it”
I rolled my eyes and continued
“After that my sister and Ryu came and visited me. It was on one of those days that I met Aizen. He told me he would let me stay there just so long as no one got hurt. It worked for about 3 years but when my mother told my brother that I was dead and to get over it, I lost it. Plus my chain was starting to get weak. After I got control of my wits…”
“Wait, you regained control?”
“Yeah, its one of the reasons Aizen said he let me live.”
“Man, you must be really darn stubborn”
I looked at the graves
“Any way, I stayed by the river, starving myself of souls. Ryu would come to see me. But after a while he stopped coming. I then discovered, by word of Aizen, that Suki blamed me for our parent’s death and wouldn’t let Ryu near the river to see me. Aizen came back and helped me into Hueco Mundo, telling me all the while that he would look over Ryu and Suki. I wasn't there to see my siblings pass on; I was only told by Aizen. Not long after Ryu died Suki disappeared, swearing to have my head, or so I heard. Over time I became an Adjuchas and Ryu became a Shinigami.”
I shrugged and started spinning my hair around my finger.
“Somehow, over 500 years after my death, I became a Vasto Lorde. Ryu was kicked out of the Soul Society for refusing to kill me when he had the chance. Then I met Kiskue and that’s how I got here. I left that place that was Hell’s brother and lived in the real world. I moved around, kinda running from Aizen in a way. But I settled down here about 2 to 3 years ago. I made friends with Ichigo, his family, and his friends, and edventually the Shinigami. Then you guys showed up.”
I sat there silence reliving my past. Time had past so fast. I hardly remembered any of it. Suddenly Grimmjow was pushing at me with his foot again
“I’m getting tired of you being down all the time. What happened to the cocky wench that I almost killed?”
I laughed
“Ha! You almost killed me? As if!”
“So are you ready to finish it?”
I looked at the graves, then at the hut.
“Why not?”
I pulled out of my Gigai as Grimmjow did the same. I pulled my sword off my back and charged, not wanting to wait. Grimmjow blocked it with his arm. I pulled back and looked at his arm, no acid
Grimmjow grinned that sadistic smile
“I didn’t think it would”
He pulled out his sword; I barely had time to block. With my acid being useless, I have no real defense!
“Then give up!”
I blocked his attacks; he seemed to be enjoying himself
“I am!”
Grimmjow’s Zanpakutō slashed at the speed of light. I was hardly fast enough to keep up. He made a huge gash in my left arm. I gritted my teeth, forcing the pain away. He swung his foot out during my pause and slammed it into my side. I flew to my left and knocked down more than a couple trees.
“How come you're faster and better than last time?”
“Because I’m not holding back!!”
I blocked Grimmjow’s charge with my sword. I flew up, out of the way of his downward slash, and into the sky. He followed, in hot pursuit. I turned on him but he blocked. I charged a black cero and aimed it at his face. He grabbed my hand and charged a red one on top of mine. It exploded thrusting me backwards.
“You know what changed? You have. You’re acting like you don’t want to kill me. You really should”
Grimmjow flash stepped forward and cut me deep on my forearm. Hes right, I am not trying to kill him
The fight went on like that for hours. A series of slashing and blocking. Grimmjow had no real style, he was just using brute force to over power me. My hands were bleeding from holding my sword too long and I was covered in wounds from Grimmjow’s blows. How much time has passed?
Grimmjow’s only reply was a punch that sent me flying downward. I smashed into the ground, causing it to cave and become a ditch. Everything started fading to black. I pushed away the feeling and tried to stand. Suddenly Grimmjow was there, holding me up by my collar. He didn’t even have a scratch. His grin got wilder. His hair was out of place. I realized he had fought me for hours with just his right arm. How can this be? Before I was able to beat him so easily! What has changed?
Grimmjow threw me, slamming me into a line of trees. It’s time I take control… I stood. Grimmjow was flash stepping towards me. I held out my bloody hand and whispered
“Fall, Grimmjow. Obey me!”
A black mist surrounded Grimmjow as acid sproted from his arm from our first fight. He cried out as the acid spread up towards his eyes
“Ho… HOW!?”
I felt his brain go black as the acid took over. I pointed at the ground as the mist cleared
“Bow, bow before me”
Grimmjow fell to his knees at my feet. I could feel his mind screaming for me to let him go. I held my sword at his neck.
“Say yeild”
Grimmjow’s voice came out slurred.
“Got you”
I pushed my thoughts into Grimmjow’s head. He was seething like a caged animal.
“Get out of my blasted head! Darn it!”
My breath came out in gasps.
“So do you yeild?”
“NO! Darn it, You cheated!!”
“Then you can stay that way”
I started walking away slowly, waiting. Suddenly something in my head seemed to snap and I was being thrown to the left by Grimmjow’s foot.
“Got you”
I slammed into a tree, covered in blood, to weak to fight back. Grimmjow walked over to me slowly. He placed his sword on my neck, smirking.
“Say yeild”
I bowed my head, knowing I was beat. I had treated to fight no more than mere practice while Grimmjow was actually trying to kill me.
“May I ask you a question Grimmjow?”
He cocked his eyebrow
“Why do you want to kill Ichigo so bad? Yeah he gave you a scar, but to me that’s not enough of a reason.”
Grimmjow spat
“Heh, That Shinigami looks down on me like he’s better when he’s not! He doesn’t even treat me like I’m his equal. He always gives me that stupid look!”
I smiled
“The look that let’s you know that he thinks he’s going to win no matter what. I’ve seen that look more than once. He tells you what he’s going to do and has every bit of his being put to that goal of winning. The ironic thing is that he’s usually right”
Grimmjow frowned
“I hate that look, I hate that Soul Reaper! I can’t stand to be looked down on!!”
I tried to stand, only making it to my knees
“Don’t worry, I don’t look down on you. I don’t even really see you as my equal. I have no idea why Aizen put me above you.”
I suddenly felt an all too familiar spirtual pressure.
“Grimmjow, we need to go. NOW!”
Then his face changed, showing he understood
“Why not stay and fight them?”
I forced myself to stand. I started walking for my Gigai. The Soul Reapers were going to be here any secound
“Grimmjow, get in your Gigai and go! NOW! Remember what Aizen said”
We had to go fast. Tōshirō Hitsugaya and his lieutenant Rangiku Matsumoto were already half way here. I picked up my Gigai, my panic giving me energy. I didn’t bother to put it on, I pulled it onto my back and took off with Grimmjow running behind me, also carring his Gigai.

Me and Grimmjow reached the house withen secounds of the Soul Reapers arriving to the clearing. I walked in panting, my battle wounds and weariness catching up with me. As soon as the door closed behind Grimmjow I fell to the floor. Grimmjow looked down at me. He dropped his Gigai and sat next to me. Out of weakness I leaned on him, he didn’t seem to mind.
“I’m not going to appologize. For anything”
“Neither am I” I panted
he chuckled. We sat there until Ryu came home from his work. By that time I had stained the carpet with blood and had fallen asleep on Grimmjow’s shoulder. I only woke up to shower and go to bed. Tomorrow I had to go to school and make up some lame story about why I wasn’t at school.
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