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Chapter 10 Getting Farther Away

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Kurono goes to the dance but her old dead boyfriend, Arashi, keeps popping up. after a fight between Grimmjow and a Shinigami Kurono has a break down and Grimmjow relizes that Arashi's memory stand...

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Chapter 10
Getting Farther Away

We hitched a ride with Kei because her parents had a car. I sat to the far left and Grimmjow sat to the far right. Ryu sat between us casting me worried glances. Of course, he was worried that I might have another episode after mentioning Arashi. I knew how dangerous it was to say his name. I didn’t want to go to this dance because of him. After he had died was when I had my first bad seizure. After he was… Murdered
“Who is Arashi?”
“Curse you Grimmjow”
His thoughts seemed to violate Arashi’s memory.
“Because why?”
“Idiot! Just because, I was thinking of him and then you butted in”
“Oh…where is this Arashi?”
“Gone where?”
“JEEZ! I just wanted to know that’s all…”
“He was murdered”
“A Hollow”
“Which Hollow?”
“Is it still alive?”
“Yes…it escaped and he died in my arms”
“What did it look like?”
“It was an Adjuchas… it looked like a panther”
Suddenly Grimmjow’s thoughts shut off. What was his problem? I tried to talk to him again but his brain was closed. I cant help but wonder what set him off…

We reached the school and my heart was flipping out. This whole thing made me think of him…Arashi. It made me think of our last time together and how much I loved him. This was a very bad idea
Neither Ryu nor Grimmjow was talking to me. We went inside and made our way to the gym. The place was dark and a DJ was playing a slow song that I didn’t know the name of. I needed to find a way to forget Arashi. I listened to the song and had an idea of how to pay Grimmjow back. I turned to him suddenly and grabbed his collar with both hands making him jump. I leaned up to his ear
“Dance with me”
I dragged him to the dance floor, placed his limp arms around me and started swaying
I looked up at him and smiled. If looks could kill I would have been dead.
“What are you doing!?”
And yet he didn’t remove his arms.
“We’re at a dance, so dance”
He sighed
I placed my head against his chest and he leaned his chin on the top of my head. We swayed until the song ended.
“Alright, I'm done. My legs hurt”
He let go of me and walked away, but I swear I saw him smiling.
As I watched Grimmjow walk away I thought I saw a silver haired boy. I rolled my eyes as a song called “So in Love with Two” by Mikaila started, how fitting. I was in love with a dead boy and a hollow.
I turned to see Seria sitting by the far wall with a boy. My heart leapt. The boy had silver hair that hung in his eyes. I could tell the eyes were a pericing green. He was slim and tall and looked dashing in a suit. He looked like…
I made my way through the crowd. But by the time I made it to my friend the boy was gone
“Where did he go?”
Seria looked up at me with conceren
“Arashi… I thought…”
“Kurono, Arashi couldn’t be here, he's…”
“Dead I know. But the boy that was sitting here looked just like him”
“There was no boy there”
I furowed my brow, of course my eyes were playing a trick on me
“I cant believe you actually came, and in that dress”
“I know… Is it werid to say that I can feel him here?”
“Well this was the last place you guys really got to talk. I cant understand why Kei would give you that dress, that was the…”
“I know, the dress I was wearing when he died. I thought if I came then I could face my fears but…”
Suddnely Shika was behind me, with Juri, all smiles
“You came!”
“Yeah well Grimmjow and Ryu had to drag me.”
“You look awesome in that dress! Just like last year when you can with…”
Juri’s hand flew over her mouth
“Sorry Kurono. Shes just trying to say you look nice. We’ll be by the punch”
Juri dragged Shika away harshly
“this was a bad idea”
I walked off, heading for the door. Suddenly Kei was in front of me.
“Don’t go, you just got here!”
“I cant stay here!! This place reeks of Arashi!!”
the song changed to 1234 by Feist
“And this is the exact song that we danced to!! I cant take it, Kei, I cant take it!!”
Suddenly a boy was behind me, grabbing me by the waist. He leaned down into my ear. I saw a strand silver hair…
“Kurono, enjoy yourself.”
The voice was soft and mornful…just like Arashi’s
I turned and faced the boy. Sure enough it was Arashi. His green eyes were happy and he smiled a crocked smile. The smile I loved and missed
“It is you! You're back!”
I gave him a hug. I pulled back smiling like I had just got the greatest thing in the world
“You really are back…”
“Yeah, for now”
we started swaying to the song, it was almost over. I burried my face in his shoulder and caught sight of Kei. She was staring in disbelieve at us swaying
Arashi shhed her as we continued to sway. I then saw Grimmjow. He was leaning agianst the wall, watching us with a bored expression. I knew deep down that it was bothering him
he petted my hair
“I…I’m a Soul Reaper now”
I pulled back, alarmed
he smiled
“Yes. I am a being called a Soul Reaper, I came here to fight creatures known as Arrancars. I know it’s a bit much for you”
the song ended and so did the moment
“No, why all of a sudden?”
“So I could come back to you”
“Why are you lying? Stuff like that don’t exsits”
“Do you want me to show you?”
I shook my head
“This cant be happening!”
I pulled away from him and headed for the door, Arashi was suddenly there
“Where are you going?”
“Home, so this nightmare will end”
“How is this a nightmare? Explain, I don’t understand!”
“You think you can just pop up out of no where and expected me to accept it? If you're a Soul Reaper then we cant be together! We’re on different sides…”
his brow furowed and he grabbed my shoulders
“What do you mean? I thought said you don’t believe in Soul Reapers?”
“Arashi… I love you, but we cant be together…”
“Yes we can! Captain Isshin married a human!”
“But you don’t understand! Soul Reapers can go with humans…not hollows”
“What are you talking about… you're not a…”
his eyes widened
“No… Please God no”
pulled me to him and wrapped my in his arms, the opposite reaction I expected
“I don’t care what you are. I love you and that’s all that matters”
I peeked over his shoulder and saw Grimmjow walking towards us. By the look on his face I knew what was going to happen. I had to get Arashi out of there and fast.
“You have to go! Now! Leave please… before he hurts you! You have to go now!!”
I pushed Arashi towards the door.
“Kurono what has gotten into you?”
Suddenly Grimmjow was behind me staring Arashi down
“Please…Arashi go!”
“I thought you said he was dead…”
“This Reiatsu… you’re…you’re an Espada!”
Arashi furowed his brow
“Don’t do anything stupid! Just go! I’ll be fine… I hope”
I knew the sight of him was going to bring back the depression.
“Lets take this outside, Espada”
Grimmjow smiled
“I’m not supposed to get into fights…”
The smile turned into that sadistic grin
“But I was never the one to follow orders”
I stood between them, like my heart
“You don’t have to fight”
We were starting to cause a scene
“He's a hollow, I'm a Soul Reaper. We are ment to fight”
Both Grimmjow and Arashi headed for the door leaving me standing there. Everyone shrugged and went on dancing. I quickly ran after them. They were already in the court yard and out of their Gigais. This wasn't supposed to happen! Arashi pulled out his Zanpakutō. It had a blue handle and looked like a regurlar sword.
“Suto-mu Kuroame” (Storm Dark Rain)
His Zanpakutō glowed and became a trident.
“Prepare, Espada!”
Grimmjow, with only one arm, pulled out his sword and waited for Arashi to charge. Only he didn’t, he aimed the triden in the air and cried out
“Ochiru Yori Za Kyuuten, Kuroame!!!” (Fall from the heavens, dark rain)
Acid rain fell from the sky all around. Grimmjow gritted his teeth and charged. Burns developed on his body wherever the rain touched him. Arashi aimed the trident at the charging Grimmjow and spoke softly
“Osoi Za Ada Kyousei Kuroame” (Slow the enemy great dark rain)
A jet of black water and blue Spirit Energy surged from the end of the trident and slammed into Grimmjow. He barely bloked the Spirit Energy with his sword while the water burned his skin.
I was powerless as I watched Arashi charge forward, about to stab Grimmjow through. But Grimmjow wasn't about to be defeted that easily. He blocked Arashi’s attack with his sword. That sadistic grin spread across his face
“My turn!”
He charged his power and began attacking. He slashed and stabbed so fast that I couldn’t even see his blows. Why hadn’t he attacked with this much power with me?
Arashi hardly dodged the blows over and over again. One slashed his shoulder, another his side. He pulled back and tried to stab Grimmjow with the trident but it was hopless. Grimmjow had slipped from the “some what nice guy” to the sadistic killer in less then a second.
Suddnely Grimmjow kicked Arashi sending him into the air. Grimmjow flew after him. He round house kicked him so hard that Arashi slammed into the ground, creating a crater. The rain had stopped. Grimmjow spat and started to float down slowly. I had to do something!
So I pulled myself out of my Gigai and ran to help Arashi. But before I could get there a jet of black water surged from the crater and hit Grimmjow square on. Grimmjow tried to dodge to his left but the water followed. It smashed into his side and caused him to fall. But he wasn't dead. He quickly righted himself and jumped down into the crater. Arashi was barely standing with his trident aimmed at Grimmjow’s heart. I couldn’t watch! Arashi whispered something and a weak jet of Spirit energy flew at Grimmjow. Grimmjow easly blocked it with his sword. He walked over to Arashi and grabbed him by the hair. He lifted his sword to bring the killing blow.
I leapt down into the hole and tried to shield Arashi with my body. Grimmjow frowned at me
“Get out of the way Kurono”
“NO! I cant let you kill him!”
“Stand aside!”
Grimmjow growled and brought his sword back, the look plain on his face. He intended to run me threw just so he could kill Arashi. Maybe the Grimmjow I was starting to like was a fake. Maybe Grimmjow was unable to love or care for any one.
Just as soon as I thought that, I knew Grimmjow had heard it. He put his head down and put away his sword. I heard Arashi’s hard breathing behind me. I turned to him and saw the horrified look in his eyes. He stared at the mask on the side of my face like it was a illness. But as his eyes drifted towards my eyes his face softened
I wrapped my arms around his bloody torso, just like the last time.
“Why Arashi? Why did you fight him?”
I pulled back and he looked at me, I already knew the answer
“For you…”
“You almost killed yourself just to fight for my hand? You are such a boy…”
he laughed
“Yeah… I am”
I hugged him again and he blacked out. Then I looked up. Standing on the edge was Ichigo in his Soul Reaper outfit. Grimmjow nor his Giagi was in sight. Ichigo stared in horror at my face. busted…
Ichigo was suddenly in the pit beside me. I relized that I was covered in burns and cuts. I had my blood and Arashi’s all over me. I looked a mess.
“Kurono, are you alright? When did you…”
“Become a hollow and get kidnapped by Aizen? Well I’ve been a hollow, but the kidnapping part is new.”
“But you were at school…”
“Ichigo, they promiced me my sister! You have no idea how much I need her. I’ll explain everything later. Now help me with Arashi”
Without asking any thing more Ichigo helpped me get Arashi out of the pit. We set him on the ground, I had no idea what to do with him
“If only Orihime was here…”
of course, Ichigo would want her here…
“Well, lets get him to Kisuke. He's the next best thing”

Me and Ichigo brought Arashi to Kisuke. He sent Tessai after our Gigais. As we set Arashi down on the mat Ichigo turned to me
“Now, I helped you, explain”
Kisuke then pipped up
“How about you two have some tea? Don’t pressure Kurono, Ichigo. She almost lost her best friend”
We sat on the floor at his table and Ururu poured us some tea. I made sure the link was cut of before I started. I started from the very beginning. About how I became a hollow. What Aizen did. What all I had been threw. All the way up to today, minus Aizen’s plan to take Orihime. For some reason I felt like if I told Ichigo then I would mess stuff up between us. Then again if I kept it from him then he might try to kill me when he found out. I knew if I told Aizen’s plan I would never see my sister, or my brother. I would be dead.
“So you're telling me that you’ve been a GOOD hollow this whole time not eating a single soul?”
Tessai walked in and set Ichigo’s body down.
“Sorry Kurono, your body wasn't there”
“That’s ok, Ryu might have it”
Ichigo was about to say something when the door suddenly slid open. There stood Renji.
“I knew it!”
I remembered that I was still in hollow form. Drat…
Kisuke was cut off by Renji
“Ever since that night where you came in and I felt a hollow, it was you!”
Great all I need is a Soul Reaper mad at me
“Renji, I'm on your side”
“Yeah right you are! A hollow is never on my side”
Renji pulled out is sword and I sighed. Just what I need, another pointless fight
“Renji, you don’t want to do that.”
Renji swung at me. I flashed stepped behind him and hit him in the back of the head with my palm
“Wake up idiot! I’m on your side!!”
But Renji didn’t want to hear it. He swung again and I simply flash stepped to the door.
“Let’s take this out side”
“Don’t take it any where! Renji! This is unnecessary!”
Ichigo’s face was pleading as I pulled Tenshi Anokoku off my back
“Relax Ichigo. I won’t hurt him”
I grinned
“Come on Soul Reaper, let’s get this over with”
I flashed stepped outside followed by Renji.
“This is gonna be fun”
“What? You can’t fight me with just your sword? Pathetic”
Renji swung his sword at me.
“Kire Tenshi Anokoku” (Slice Angle of Darkness)
My sword covered itself with its black poisen. Just as Zabimaru went over my head I swung up and cut the sword completely in two. The look on Renji’s face was priceless!
“Didn’t expect that did ya?”
“You little witch!”
The parts joined back together leaving Renji open. I charged. I was about to slice him in the side when he blocked it with Zabimaru’s hilt.
“Not so fast”
I flew back to save myself from an attack from the right. I landed and waited for Renji to swing his whip back around. Just as he did I was about to block above my head when suddenly another sword was blocking it. I looked behind me and frowned. The sword belonged to no other than Grimmjow.
“Jeez, Grimm, I can fight my own battles”
Ichigo, who had been watching, pulled out Zangetsu in alarm. Renji pulled his sword back to him
“Relax Ichigo, I’ll be fine”
Grimmjow was staring at him angrily. I knew how much he wanted to fight him.
“Let’s go Grimmjow…NOW!”
I pushed on him, not able to even move him an inch
“If you don’t move I’ll have Tōsen chop off your other arm. NOW MOVE IT!!!”
what is with men and staring each other down?
“Let’s go Kurono”
Grimmjow started off in the opposite direction.
“Sorry Renji, we’ll have to finish this some other time.”
I looked at Ichigo
“Sorry, tell Arashi that I said get well. Cya later. Keep training”

I reached the house and turned to Grimmjow
“I’m sorry for tonight, really I am”
“Its ok, it’s my own stupid fault. Getting in a petty fight like that”
We walked in and sure enough my Gigai was sitting on the couch along with Grimmjow’s. Ryu sat watching the TV. He wouldn’t even look at me. I got into my Gigai and headed for the bathroom.
I could already feel today's events weighing on me. I closed the door and sat on the floor. The tears started falling like I knew they would. My hands shook as I brought them to my face.
I dug my nails into the side of my neck and dragged them down, drawing blood. I bit my lip to keep from screaming, drawing blood. My body began to shake. I then bit down on my tongue to keep from swallowing it, again I drew blood. My body went threw the first wave of tremors. I clenched my hands into fists, my nails digging into my palms, drawing even more blood.
I curled into a ball as I convulsed. I began to scream uncontrollably. Suddenly the door was swinging open. I couldn’t see who it was.
“Soul Reaper! What’s wrong with her?!”
Then I blacked out.
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