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Chapter 12 Someone's in My Bed

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Back to Kurono's POV. this is the part where things go screwy. Kurono's mind is falling apart and she doesent know whose side shes on. and a little surprise at the end about where her heart lies

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Chapter 12
Someone’s in My Bed

I woke up and knew right off something was different. Someone’s arm was draped on my left shoulder from behind me. Someone's chest was right behind me. I laid there for a few more seconds running over last night, hoping no had spiked the punch. Then when I figured out who it was, I freaked.
Grimmjow, startled, jump 5 feet in the air and when he landed jumped across the room towards the door. I never saw him move so fast. He was looking at me like he was scarred of what I might do to him for finding him in my bed. He was standing there, just staring at me.
“Grimmjow, why… were you in my bed?”
He twisted his foot into the carpet; I noticed he was wearing socks.
“You were shaking and screaming. I didn’t know what to do!”
“So you get in bed with me?!”
His eyes shot wide
“No! It’s not like that!! Curse it!! I was just setting you in the bed when you asked me to stay!”
He looked at the floor. Was he blushing?
“You asked me to stay… don’t you remember that?”
Whatever I had done was flustering him, I could see that. It was rather cute.
“Well, I don’t remember. But thank you anyway. Now can you get out? I need to change”
He nodded, grumbled something about how the Gigai was messing with his emotions, and left.
“Jeez, I must have had another seizure.”
I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to the mirror and dresser. I looked like a hot mess. My hair was every where. The dress was wrinkled, dirty, and torn on the left sleeve. I pulled the hair pin out, letting my hair fall out on to my shoulders and lower back freely.
“Why did I grow it out this long?”
Then I remembered.
When I met him my hair was shorter. He had asked me not to cut it while we were going out so I didn’t. Then when he died I grew it out even more in mourning. I vowed that as long as I loved and missed Arashi then I would never cut it.
“But I hate Arashi”
The words slipped out before I knew I had said it. In saying them out loud I realized I meant it.
“I hate Arashi”
He had died and came back thinking things would be the same.
“Well they won’t. I am a new person.”
I jogged to the closet, plan forming in my head. I pulled out a pair of jeans, a white t-shirt, and a punk band t-shirt. Smiling to myself I walked back to the dresser, open a drawer, pulled out a huge pair of scissors, and ran to the bathroom. I shut the door and pulled off the dress, dropping it to the floor. I pulled on the white t-shirt and laid the jeans and other t-shirt on the counter. I took the scissors in hand and, without a pause, started cutting at the bottom of the jeans. I cut them unevenly causing several strings to hang. I pulled them on, satisfied.
“Here it goes”
I gathered my hair in my hand and made sure it was even. I pulled it into a pony-tail, checking it again. I took the scissors and cut off about two inches evenly. I frowned and cut off another 4 inches. I pulled the rubber band out and pulled out a comb. I combed a good bit of my hair forward into “monster” bangs. I cut it up to where it was just to the bottom of my eyes. I open the cabinet under the sink and reached into the far back until I found a small trash bag. I pulled it out and tore it open. I reached in and pulled out the canisters.
I threw the bag away and lifted one of the containers up to my eyes. In big letters it said “RED DYE”. I grabbed the next one and read it out loud.
“Purple dye. Perfect”
After reading the instructions I followed them. I followed every step to a “T”. So you can imagine my surprised look when I discovered that my hair had not turned purple but a dark shade of blue. I rolled my eyes and read the can again.
“Great, it’s permanent.”
As I let it dry, I watched in growing horror as the dye started to fade and give way to a lighter blue. Adding more dye would only make it worse. I pulled off the ruined white t-shirt and put on the punk t-shirt. It was completely black with a red heart shaped grenade. Under the grenade it said in white letters “GREENDAY”. I looked in the mirror as I combed my hair that was now just below my ears. It was a miracle that I didn’t get blue all over my face and hands. I looked like a rock band groupie. I shrugged my shoulders and walked out, leaving the white t-shirt and dress on the floor. I went back to my bedroom and put on a plain chain necklace and a wrist band.
“Here it goes”
I walked out of the room and into the front room. Both Grimmjow and Ryu were sitting on the couch when I walked in. I stopped in the threshold to see their reaction. When I looked at Grimmjow my heart skipped a beat. What was that about? Ryu’s eyes widened
“Sis! What have you done?!”
Ryu jumped up as Grimmjow stared at my hair in wonder.
“Spare me, will ya? I just figured I’m a new person. So why not change my look?”
“But!? You were growing it out for…”
I frowned
“Arashi? Is that what you were going to say? Well that’s the whole reason why I cut it. I am completely over him. I hate him”
I walked over and sat on the couch next to Grimmjow. Being near him seemed to lighten my mood. I felt free now, no longer tied down to Arashi’s memory. Ryu took the seat to my right.
“Wait, just last night you were…”
“Having a seizure over him? Well after that I hit a revolution. Arashi is an ignorant moron if he thinks he can just come back here and I would run to him like nothing happened. I am free of that idiot”
Ryu and Grimmjow were staring at me like I was from space
“What in this accursed world happened to you?”
I looked at Grimmjow and smiled. He was looking at me with that bored look
“I have reached a new point in my life. Arashi is history.”
I put my feet up on the coffee table and leaned back, smiling, staring at the ceiling.
“Jeez, I don’t think I like the new you.”
“I think I do. We fence walkers are like that. Always changing our looks and feelings”
“Fence walkers?”
“People who walk the fence, we aren’t on any ones side. We usually keep to ourselves. Or we help both sides; play both sides of the court. Kinda like I'm doing now”
“What do you mean?”
“I am keeping your guy’s secret about your plan to take Orihime and yet I still talk to the Soul Reapers. I just can’t choose who I want to be with. I know the smart thing would be to tell Ichigo Aizen’s plan but I want to see my sister. It’s like between you and Arashi”
“Me and Arashi? But don’t you lo...”
“Meh, I'm bored. What are we going to do?”
I had to change the subject because I knew where it was heading
“Kurono, Aizen’s plan is supposed to happen today. In a few hours”
“You mean the plan to take Orihime?”
Grimmjow nodded
“I am supposed to get a whack at Ichigo. Is… is that alright with you?”
I noticed Grimmjow had come a long way. He had stopped being so rude. He was nicer and cared more. He really had changed a lot. I knew that if he fights Ichigo then he would return to that sadistic psycho killer, and there was nothing I could do about it
“It’s ok. You better do what Aizen says. I don’t want you to loose another arm”
I sighed to scarred to say anything
“I'm gonna go for a walk”
I stood and went for the door. But I turned to Grimmjow
“Thank you Grimm. Whatever you did last night helped me a lot”
I opened the door trying to look light hearted as I walked out. But the sky reflected my true feelings, dull and gray

I walked down the street not really going any where. I needed to think. I like Grimmjow as a friend, but sometimes he seems more than a friend. He killed a hollow that had stabbed me. He carried me home afterwards. He dragged me off to the dance, forcing me to face my fears. He always came to see if I was ok. He attacked Hau just for touching me. We might argue but I still considered him a very good friend I could trust. He was on the wrong side of the fence but that doesn't mean he’s completely evil. Subconsciously I was trying to change him, telling him how to walk the fence. But I knew it would never work. He needed time to think over his wants and so did I. Did I want Arashi… or Grimmjow? Or did I want to leave all this Soul Reaper crud behind me and start over? Could I leave Ryu? Did I even want to see my sister? Did I want to accept the evil lying dormant within me and become a complete hollow? I felt like I had a hole in my vary soul.
I was passing the park when I stopped. I felt like some one was watching me. I turned just in time to see a tall boy duck behind a tree.
“Who’s there? And why are you following me?”
The boy stepped out and anger seethed in me
“Hey Kurono, long time no see”
“Why are you following me?”
“I wanted to see you. I miss you”
“I guess I could say the same thing…”
He took a step towards me.
“…But I’d be lying!”
In an instant I pulled myself out of my Gigai. Much to my dismay my hair was still blue and short. I pulled out my sword as the black hollow fragment formed on my face. It seemed bigger then last time. It passed my eye in a jagged line and grew to my hair line. It also grew back to where it came around the back and top of my head. A crooked black horn sprouted from the top adding a sinister look. The sword had also changed. It dripped with black acid killing the grass under foot. I smiled at the look on his face.
“Kurono! What happened? What has Grimmjow done to you?”
My anger continued to boil as it threatened to explode
“How dare you blame Grimmjow when it’s YOUR FAULT!!?”
Arashi cocked his eyebrow
“My fault? How is this…”
He gestured with his hands towards me
“…My fault?”
“You died!! You left me! Then you come back acting like its all ok?? That I’m not taken??”
“SHUT UP ARASHI!!! Just take the blame! You're a moron thinking that you own me! I belong to no one. You left me!! You died, and when people die they're supposed to stay dead!!!”
Tears started down my face
“They’re not supposed to come back and demand that you love them again!! I HATE YOU ARASHI!!! I HATE YOU!!”
“But what about what happened last night!? You said that you loved me!”
I rolled my eyes
“You FOOL!! I said that because I thought I had to!! I don’t have to love you. I thought I had to because I did before but I don’t. I'm a new person and I love some one else!!! I LOVE GRIMMJOW!!!!”
Just as soon as the words left my mouth I knew they were true.
“You… what?”
“You heard me. I said I love Grimmjow”
Arashi stared at me, dumbfounded
“Well I guess that explains the hair. You are part of his fan club now aren’t you?”
I flash stepped forward and sliced him across the left arm. He fell to the ground on his knees and pulled himself out of the Gigai. It was taken over by the black and exploded into goop. Rain started to fall soaking both of us
“Fight Arashi! Fight me to the death!!”
He stood there in his Soul Reaper clothes, hand on sword.
“I can’t kill you Kurono”
“You don’t have to. I'm going to kill you!!”
I charged. The world seemed to slow. I knew exactly what I was about to do and I didn’t care. I had to deal with my demons one by one and Arashi was the first one in my way. I stabbed my sword into his gut. Blood spewed from his mouth and onto my white cloak. I could see my reflection in his eyes. My eyes were black with hate and mixed emotions. His eyes stared into mine and he smiled
He wrapped his arms around me in a hug. I stiffened as he pushed my head down into the cradle of his neck. I could feel more tears running down my face. What had I done?
We stood there as I listen to Arashi’s heart slow. I could feel his blood soaking into my shirt.
“Why Arashi? Why did you have to die? Why did you come back? Why did you have to see me like this? Why… why didn’t you block me?!”
I let go of him and let him fall to the ground. My heart was screaming. I was still in love with Arashi no matter how I looked at it, but I was in love with Grimmjow even more. What am I going to do?
He lay motionless on the ground soaked in blood. But his eyes opened and he smiled
I knelt next to him
“I love you Kurono. I always have. I… don’t know why I came back here… I thought you’d be the same small scarred girl I knew… but… I was wrong… And how Grimmjow looks at you… he… he loves you he just doesn’t know how to show it. Kurono, you have to choose.”
He paused, coughing up more blood. It was like he was stabbing my heart
“Me… or Him…”
He pulled my sword out of his stomach. He laid it on the ground with a sigh.
“Kurono. Choose wisely. Whoever you choose will dictate your life and others around you. Grimmjow respects you and cares…”
“Arashi? Are you saying to go with Grimmjow?”
He nodded.
“I'm a Soul Reaper… We can’t be in love with hollows and stay with them… They never said we can’t love them from a distance. I want you to be happy, my Kurono. You are both hollows. Go; be with the one you love before it’s too late”
He closed his eyes
“Ichigo is coming. You better go, my love”
I grabbed my sword, stuck it on my back, climbed into my Gigai, and ran off.
“Thank you Arashi, for realizing me”
As I ran it began to rain harder. I had to get back to the house or I would loose my opportunity. I had to tell Grimmjow the truth. I love you, I love you I… there was only one way to say those 3 words. I had to say them before Grimmjow left for whatever was supposed to happen today. I had to tell him before he changed back into what he was before he met me.
The rain picked up as I ran. I didn’t know I had walked this far. Blue dye ran down and stained my shirt, my heart felt like it was going to give out but I still ran. I reached the house just in time to see Grimmjow stepping out the door.
He stopped on the sidewalk just in the rain.
“Kurono? Where have you…”
I ran up the drive way and kissed him. The action surprised us both I could tell. He was stiff but then relaxed. He wrapped his arms around me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. It felt so right. I saw flashes into his mind. All the pain, hate, and anger he had exploded into oblivion. His mind was filled with all we had went threw. I felt calm and happy. I belonged in his arms. I belonged with him. No matter what he was or what he would become I would stay with him forever. I pulled back smiling. He looked at me dumbfounded
“What was that for?”
“I love you”
“I know”
I narrowed my eyes
I hit him playfully on the head
“You read my mind! You little devil. So you know what happened with Arashi, don’t you?”
He nodded. He seemed like a new person.
“To tell you the truth, I really don’t understand what I'm feeling. It’s so alien”
“I’ll help you understand”
I leaned up and kissed him again. I suddenly felt whole again. Like the emptiness in me was being wiped away. I was suddenly starting over, a new chapter in my life. But as always my moment was ruined
The kiss broke. Grimmjow turned away from the person to our right as I looked at them. It was none other than Gin-sama
“Now what am I going to tell Aizen? His most sadistic and ruthless Espada has fallen for a beautiful maiden. Well it was beauty that killed the beast, isn't that what they say?”
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