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Chapter 12

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Chapter 12
Party Poison's POV:

"Wie...wie heisst deine Schwester?" Gift asked Grace.

I was perfectly aware that I was being a creeper. But Fun Ghoul had gone to bed early, and Kobra was talking to Jet. I could've joined their conversation, but I guess it just didn't occur to me.

So here I was, watching Gift and Grace talk. I couldn't understand it at all, but I could tell that the subject was tense. Grace had just finished a long monologue that looked like it had brought Gift close to tears, and now she was apparently asking questions.

"Oh, Rose..." Grace sighed. I was surprised to hear her use Gift's real name; usually we don't do that. We have to protect our identities, and you never know who could be listening.

"What?" Gift's voice was urgent. They seemed to have switched to English, but for what reason, I had no idea.

"I just answered your question. Rose, you're my sister."



My mind was blank. I was completely stunned.

Judging from the look on Gift's face, I wasn't the only one. Her big brown eyes widened, and her mouth opened to form a little o. "Ohh." She apparently couldn't think of anything to say. "Umm..."

Before she could get any other words out, Grace leapt into her arms. "I finally found you!!" Tears streamed down her cheeks as she blubbered. Gift looked completely thunderstruck. "I thought they had gotten you too! But they didn't. You said I was like your sister, because I really was!"

Then, Gift smiled. It was such a beautiful smile, one of pure joy. She had always seemed so strong, but she looked just as excited as Grace. She was so perfect.

Tears spilled over her cheeks, and she hugged Grace tightly. They sat there, sobbing tears of joy. It would have been boring to watch, but as in love as I was, anything involving Gift was fascinating. Gift buried her nose in Grace's frizzy hair.

Eventually, Gift's eyes flickered up to mine. She seemed to finally notice that I was there. I would have smiled sheepishly, but I couldn't move at all. Once again, her eyes bewitched me.

"So...I was speaking German, huh?" A voice like wind chimes snapped me out of my trance.

"Yeah. We all thought you were crazy," I said.

"I probably am," she mused, stroking the now-asleep Grace's hair, "seeing as I never realized."

"It only happened when you were really angry."

"Well next time I'm super-pissed," she said, "I'll try to keep it English for you guys." I chuckled.

There was silence for a moment. Gift looked at Jet and Kobra. They were talking quietly because Ghoul was asleep, but it looked like Jet was telling a story. From the looks of his hand gestures, the story was about something exploding. Kobra was smiling, the way he does instead of laughing. He used to laugh all the time.

"So what about you?" Her voice startled me.


"Well..." She eyed me curiously. "Fun Ghoul had Atomic Jumper. Grace had"-she stumbled a little-"Grace had me. Jet Star had that horrid bitch. Did you have a family?"

Shit shit shit.

It was a stupid decision. I had no reason to do it. And yet, I was compelled to.

"Uhh...yeah," I said, trying (and failing) not to stutter. "My wife...her name was...Kelly. And my...son, yeah. His name was...Bob."

Her face fell, which I found odd. She had been so excited a minute ago, finding her long-lost sister. What possible reason could she have for being sad?

"Oh." Her gaze dropped to the ground.

She looked so miserable that I decided to tell the truth for once. On one thing.

"And I had..." I smiled. "Well, I have a brother."

She looked up. She looked as though she was trying to be sad, but she couldn't hide her trademark curiosity; I could see it in her eyes. "Oh yeah? What's his name?"

"Mikey." I smiled triumphantly, pointing at Kobra Kid. "He's right there."


Rose's POV:

"My wife...her name was Kelly."

Immediately, I felt an immense hatred toward this Kelly. Who did she think she was?

Wait, what?

I was...jealous?

That's fucked up.

"And my son...his name was Bob."

Wait, they had had a kid? No way.

Suddenly, I became extremely aware of the ray gun strapped to my belt. I had never considered suicide before, but it seemed like a rather appealing option right now...

I was so confused. I looked at the ground, unable to look at him. I attempted to sort my thoughts out.

Poison snapped me out of it. "And I had-Well, I have a brother."

Have, not had? That sounded familiar. And...a brother? I forgot all about my confusion. Curiosity engulfed me, as usual, and I looked up. "Oh yeah?" He smiled. "What's his name?"

"Mikey. He's right there." He pointed, and I followed his gaze to...Kobra Kid?

No. Way!!!

I felt my mouth drop open, and I looked back and forth from Poison to Kobra.

I would have never seen it if it hadn't been brought to my attention, but they did look startlingly similar. They had the same eyes, but Poison's were slightly more hazel; Poison's nose was only a little more fact, if you'd just taken Poison's round face and smashed it so it was longer, you would pretty much have Kobra. They were almost as alike as Grace and me.

"I see it..." I murmured. I looked back at him, but he wasn't smiling like I expected. He was staring at me intently, chewing on his lip.

I looked over at Kobra and Jet again. Jet was so into whatever story he was telling that he didn't really notice that Kobra didn't seem to be paying much attention. I had all but forgotten about Grace as she slept silently in my arms.

"What was she like?" I asked quietly.

"Mmm?" Poison asked. I turned to him.

"Jet Star's wife. Was she really that bad?"

"Oh yeah, she was so horrible to him." He said this nonchalantly. "What seemed like every night, she would come home drunk. Well, I guess I should say every morning, since she usually spent every night at a different man's house."

I gasped. How could anyone be so awful?

"She would hit him all the time too. You had to be careful where you stepped in their house, because empty glass bottles she had thrown at him were broken all over the floor."

This was all starting to sound very familiar. "Why didn't he leave her?"

"I don't know. Maybe it was pity?" He was thoughtful. "Or maybe he felt that-"

"If he stayed long enough, she would have changed?" I finished his sentence. I knew now where the huge wave of déjà vu had come from. Poison nodded.

"So...what happened to her?"

"Well, after Mikey's wife died, he wanted revenge. He convinced me and Frank to join the killjoys, and we went to talk to Ray." I assumed Ray was Jet's real name. "He looked at us, then looked at his stairs (where we could plainly hear the sounds of Ray's wife having sex), and agreed in an instant.

"But we soon realized that there were dracs on our tail (we three had already made a name for ourselves), so we had to get out of there. The dracs swarmed Ray's house just as we were leaving sight range. He didn't even look back."

Anyone else would've thought Ray was coldhearted, but I'd been in his shoes. I would have done the same thing.

Poison was silent. I looked back at Jet Star, who was now telling a different story. Kobra Kid still didn't seem to be paying attention.

Then I realized something.

When he began his story, he had only mentioned that Kobra's wife was dead. He hadn't mentioned his own...

As pain welled up in my heart, I told myself furiously not to think about it. I couldn't explain why, but every time I thought about the mysterious Kelly, my heart felt like it was shattering into a million pieces.

So instead, I buried my face in Grace's hair. I played songs in my head, but not failing to notice Poison's odd stare.

Grahh!!! I love Gift soo much (is it bad to like your own characters?) but she's sooo blind! I just want to smack her upside the head sometimes! Grrr...eventually, my loves...

And I just want to say that I have soo much fun writing for Party Poison!!! Cuz he's soooo in love!! (If you can't tell, I'm a hopeless romantic) You should try writing a story from the perspective of someone that's in love sometime. Ain't nothin I'd rather be doingg:)

Which reminds me: I'm going away for Spring Break. So I wont be able to do just that cuz I'll be snowboardinggg woohoo!! Maybe if y'all r+r I'll have twooo chapters when I get back ooooo.

And if you have ever complained about the following: A) my German sucks or B) I can't read the German cuz Google translate is a fail, then plz read the author's note.

And finally, I have begun to write my frerard :DDD the tentative title is "Once Upon a Mattress" (yes, like the musical), but it may change. I'll write over my Spring Break, so look for about, it'll be up by beginning of May? Sounds good to me.

That is all. See you in 2 weeks!!!

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