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Chapter Fifteen

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Final chapter!

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New Jersey was beautiful in the Autumn time. Brown, red, and golden leaves were falling to the ground and children were running and laughing in the leaves that were being blown about by the wind. Leaves had gathered up around my parents' my brother's and Aunt Jess' grave. A single tear trickled down my cheek as we stood in front of the four graves. Frank held my hand and squeezed it. Gerard placed a hand on my shoulder and kissed the top of my head. I let go of Frank and went over to my father's head stone. I placed a single white rose on the top of his grave, hoping it wouldn't blow away in the wind. I did the same for my mother, Ben and Aunt, and then I went back to Frank. He kissed my forehead and gave me a small smile.

"I didn't know your Aunt Jess' middle name was Nancy." Mikey said.
"Oh yeah it is." I replied. "I was named after her. Mom originally wanted to name me Jessica but Aunt Jess thought it would be nicer if I was named Nancy."
"I like Nancy best." Frank whispered to me. I smiled at him.
"I'm so glad you guys are back together." Ray said, changing the subject completely.
"Yeah me too." I looked at my watch. "Right, I've gotta go catch a flight back to Wales."
"Why?" Gerard asked. "I thought you were moving back here."
"I am, but I still need to quit my job and move out of Ian's house." I replied.
"Oh right." Gerard said sheepishly.

So we left the cemetery and Frank drove me to the airport. He promised to meet me when I came back in two days. Even though it was only two days, I didn't want to leave him. I loved him even more than I did before. It was weird. Back then I thought it would be impossible to love him this much. Now I actually do love him this much, its kind of overwhelming. But in a scary-good kind of way.

When I got to Wales, Lostprophets were already there and I called them all to Ian's house and I told them I was leaving.

"So, there's a reason why I need to talk to you guys." I started when we were all sitting in the kitchen with cups of tea.
"I think I know why." Ian said. I nodded and he smiled.
"I'm moving back to America. For good. And there's just no way I can live in America and work for you guys so I'm quitting." Tears filled my eyes as I spoke.
"Why are you moving?" Mike asked me.
"Well, you know the story of Frank?" I asked. They all nodded. "Well Frank and I are getting back together. We're going to live together in New Jersey." I explained.
"Thats great." Lee said. Everyone else seemed to think so too, except Ian. Once everyone had left, I confronted him.

"Could you pretend to be happy for me?" I asked him as we were boxing up some of my things.
"I am happy for you. I don't need to pretend." Ian replied, not looking at me completely.
"You are a terrible liar, Ian Watkins." Ian turned around and took my hands.
"I am happy for you. I think its great that you and Frank are together again. You're smiling like you used to when you were a teenager. Before your parents died." I frowned at him. "But I'm sad that your leaving. You're my best friend and you're going to be on the other side of the Atlantic." I smiled at him. "I love you, Nancy and I'm going to miss you."
"I'm going to miss you too." I replied. "I love you too. Ian pulled me into a hug and we stood like that for a long time.

Frank was there like he promised. Ian promised he would visit and I promised the exact same thing. Gerard was waiting in Frank's car to help with my luggage, there was lots of it. Suitcases full of clothes and suitcases full of stuff that didn't fit in the boxes. The boxes were coming in a few days time and they would be delivered to Frank's house. Alyssa was going to live in my house with Gerard. He decided it was time to sell his apartment in New York and move somewhere a little closer to home. Alyssa once told me she had a crush on Gerard so maybe something will happen there. We'll have to wait and see.

"Ok so I have a question?" Frank said randomly while we were lying in bed. He had his arms wrapped around my waist and he was kissing my bare shoulder.
"Hmm..." I said with my eyes closed.
"Should we get married?" Frank asked. My eyes were wide open and I tensed. "Don't worry, I'm not asking."
"Oh well thats makes me feel good." I replied.
"No, I mean I'm not asking yet, I'm just wondering, should we decide to get married would it really be worth it? I mean, we love each other so much, but do we really need a piece of paper to prove it?"
"I don't know. I haven't really thought about it." I replied. I shifted so I was facing him. I kissed his lips softly. "No I don't think we need to prove it." And then a lightbulb went "plink" in my head. "I have an idea though."

I got out of the bed and went into the spare room where my boxes were stored. Some of them were unpacked and some of them weren't. We'll get round to it some day though. I opened the first box and started looking through it.

"What are you looking for?" Frank asked from the door way. He was leaning against the door frame.
"A little powder blue, velvet box." I replied. Frank came into the room and started looking through one of the other boxes.
"Is this it?" Frank asked, holding up the exact box I was looking for.
"Yes!" I exclaimed. "Open it." I told him. He fiddled about and then opened it.
"There's two rings." Frank replied, confused about what I was proposing.
"Yeah, my dad's wedding ring and my mom's engagement ring." I told him. "We may not want to get married but I think we should symbolise our love in some other way."
"Oh..." Frank said with a smile. He took out my mom's ring and picked up my left hand. He slid it up my finger and then sighed. "I love you Nancy. And I will promise to love you and care for you forever and for always." I smiled. I took my dad's ring and placed it on Frank's finger.
"And I promise the same. To love you and care for you. Forever and always."
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