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the poision that she loves

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this is my first story so dont hate!ok so this girl runs out into the desert after being slaped by her boyfreind.she discovers what she never even knew was there.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] [?] - Published: 2011/03/21 - Updated: 2011/03/21 - 780 words - Complete


"So where do you want me to put this box?"i asked my boyfriend.I dont know why i havnt left him yet.He's alwayd slapping me when i do somthing wrong,even when i did nothing.Like the time he said he was going to shave his head.i told him that...NO!Its just to painful to remember.He was horrible but i guess i love him."The bed room."I would cringe every time he said somthing.His voice was just so harsh.Now he was on the phone with sombody.He was yelling so i decided to go out to the moving van and get another box.The box the guy handed me was unusually heavy.When i got to the bedroom i set it down on the floor and started to unlatch the sides of the lid that kept it from opening if it fell over."Stop!Dont you dare open that!You filthy little girl!"i heard a shout that was all too fimilar.Then he did it again.He slapped me again and again.When he was done hitting me,and now taking his frustration out on the wall,i lifted my shaking up to the top of my head where he had hit me with somthing.A vase probally,because i could see the shattered glass on the floor.It stung for a second and when i pulled my hand down i saw what i knew i would before i even saw it.Blood.I managed to get up,streams of tears rolling down my face,and i said slowly but loudly "!"i was surprised by how clear my voice was.I ran for the door.He was walking behinde me but made no attempt to stop me.When I was past the door way,I started a full out sprint.I had no idea where i was running to but i had to get away.He was still making no attempt to stop me.I must have been running for hours because,when I started it was bright now it was dark.In the distance,I could see a fire.I walked toward it.As i got closer i could see four figures.One of them got up and started walking toward me.His hair was long and red."oh great here it comes again." i thought.Then he was right beside me.I felt a hard hit in the back of my neck and then it all went black.


"Dang it!Why cant we just win!?"fun ghoul shouted."Because,theres somthing were not thinking of.There's some holes in our plan somewhere."said jet star."Yeah, well why cant we just find them and patch them up?Why does this have to be so hard!"I yelled into space."There's someone coming."said kobra kid."I'll take care of it.just go start packing the stuff up again to move camp."i grumbled to nobody in particular,but i supposed someone would do it.I already had my blaster out and ready to fire.then i saw her face.she looked so sweet and innocent.She had blood running down fron her head and mixing with her tears.Then i saw the ray gun around her belt.It was the same kind the dracs. used.She didnt look deadly at all,and i wasn't about to take the life of an innocent.Instead of shooting her in the back of the head as i was supposed to,i hit her on the back of the neck and knocked her out.I scooped her up in my arms before she hit the earth,and started to carry her back to camp.By the gasps i heard i knew i would have to do a lot of explaining."What the heck are you doing!?"screamed fun ghoul.He wasnt very fun right now at all.Then he got up and grabed a rope."Bring her over here to this tree,poision."he said in an angry tone."No!" i shouted imagining the worst that he could do."Guys, quiet down!"quietly shouted kobra."You'll wake up steffanie!"he said pointing to the sleeping nine year old.She was lying on a sleeping bag with an old blanket thrown over her.she looked peaceful just lying there."Im not doing just ganna tie her up and wait till she wakes up then ask her questions."said ghoul grimly.Like he truly wanted to kill her but knew he couldnt waste the oppertunity to get more information on the BLI.
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