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angel wakes up.she has a bunch of questions to answer.

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I think im waking up.well i suppose if i can think clearly then i am.where am i again?oh yeah,thats right.i was knocked out by a red headed guy.i wonder if i can speak...mabey ill try."hello?anyone there?"is what i tried to say but i wasnt very clear.wait did someone just say somthing?yes!it sounded like "i think shes waking up.or is she just sleep talking again?"Well thats rude!i do not sleep talk!but wait,if i did i cant imagine what i said.i had to shake it off and get fully awake!i'll try and open my,theres a shocker.its fuzzy just as i thought it would be.all i could see was the out line of four figures.i blinked a couple times trying to regain my vision.ok,it was all clear now.the red head who knocked me out is sitting on a log a few feet away lookoing at the ground.there's two over by the fire,ones got blonde hair and the other has brown frizzy hair.the fourth one had long black hair and was ,of course,holding a lazer gun to my head."her eyes are open shes awake now."said the black haired boy in a very harsh tone.he aggeravated me.his tone reminded me of my boyfreind,wich was horrible.i saw the red heads head snap up to stare at me.his eyes were wide as if to be begging for forgivness for what he did."whats your name?"demanded the blsck haired took me a while to process that then i said "angel." "what do you know about the BLI?"he demanded againi was seriously getting annoyed with his tone."What the heck is the BLI?" i asked."Stop playing dumb and answer my question ,you stupid drac.!"he shouted back at me."What on earth is a drac.!?some sort of vampire robot or somthing?!"i hollared back.i probally should be more carfull because being a smartie pants could get my brains blown out."thats it your dead!"he screamed.oh no,this was it!i was going to die.i closed my eyes real tight and held my breath.then the red haired boy shreeked out "no,fun ghoul!I dont think she knows anything!"so that was this guys name,FUN GHOUL.What kind of a name is that? "she has the lazer gun just like the dracs. do ,party piosion!"fun ghoul hissed through his that was the red heads name.PARTY POISION?what weird names the people have.then the blonde boy said "look,the only way that we are going to settle this is with a vote." "that sounds fine to me."said party poision."okay," he said "kobra kid?" he asked the blonde one(so this was his name)"Sorry dude but she has to be killed.She's a liability." answered kobra thats tow votes to kill me and one so far to let me live,lets hope the odds are in my favor with this last guy."jet star?" asked party poision just like he had kobra kid."Im with you here.we sould keep her."annouced jet star."so what are you ganna do with me now that its a tie?" i asked kinda quietly."we're ganna bring out our tie breaker."said fun ghoul then he shouted a name "steffanie,get up and come here!"then a nine,mabey ten,year old girl came out of a tent type thing.she had mildly curly brown hair falling on the side of her face."Whats going on guys?"she asked stilkl half way asleep.she was rubbing her eyes,trying to adjust her vision.then fun ghoul said in a softer tone "we found this girl wondering toward our campsite and we need to know wether to ki-" then she cut him off "do not hurt her!" she screeched with tears now running down her face.What was wrong with her?why did her name sound so familiar?


Fun ghoul was explaining the whole story to steffanie,so i let my mind wander.all i could seem to think about was this angel girl.i dont know what it is about her but i just cant stop thinking of her.then steff. shreeked "do not hurt her!" that scared me righ out of my absent mindedness then i foused on the tears rolling down her cheeks.What had i just missed?my eyes flickered between steffanie's tear streaked face and angels bewildered face.i wondered why my eyes paused on her face for a fraction of a second longer then ghouls eyes were wide with curiosity and shock.i got up slowly and walked to where steffanie,frank,and angel were."it's alright we wont hurt her.come on fun ghoul,lets get her down"i said,but frank stood motionless just watching steffanie with shock. i went and knelt beside angel "um,i dont have a knife right now so ill have to shoot them that ok?" i said to her.she replyed,still shocked from steffanies reaction to seeing her,in a very "out of it" type of way." um...sure thats ....fine." i shot the ropes that bounded her arms and then she untied the ones at her feet.when she stood up her eyes captivated mine.she was staring straight into my eyes as i was in hers.they were a light chocalate brown.then she looked over at steffanie who had stoped crying in the comfort that this stranger wouldnt get hurt.she was staring at angel in a way that seemed to be a mix of shock,happyness,and admiration.i didnt know why i felt jelous of steff. right now.was it because angel was staring at her and not me?that's impossible.then steffanie smiled the biggest smile i've ever seen on her.she leaped straight into angels arms.and angel didnt seem to mind a bit.she hugged her and it looked like she was on the brink of tears to.then angel said somthing i never saw coming."I know that alot of these guys probally treat you as a long lost child but your going to be like a little sister to me!"now i was happy for her but confused and bewildered on myself.What had just happened.they were both crying now.
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