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Chapter 32

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Omg it’s been like forever. I know I’ve said this to you guys like a million times before but I really am sorry I disappeared. I don’t expect you to believe but I’m back now and I’m determined to finish this story because I have another one that I am so desperate to write. My inspiration is back and shits about to go down.

Because I’ve left you for so long without an update I’m hitting you guys with a double whammy tonight (one now. One in a few hours) and another one tomorrow evening. I will keep this up as we’re not actually too far from the end and there is more to tell. Oh the drama.

They’re not the best of chapters but I’m easing myself back in and tomorrows update is when there’ll be some serious drama. Hope you enjoy, please leave a comment and tell me what a bad person I am or to say whether you like the updates, I’m in no position to tell you what to do after being away so long ;)

Thank you, my lovelies xoxo

Chapter 32

Gerard knocked gently on the door before slowly pushing it open. ‘Hey, can I come in?’ he asked poking his head around the door to see Cheyenne sitting on the bed with her legs tucked under her.

‘Of course’ She smiled throwing the socks she had just balled up into the laundry basket on floor. ‘Why are you asking permission to enter your own room?’

Gerard shrugged and closed the door behind him. ‘Just thought you might not want to be disturbed.’

‘Come over here’ Cheyenne said patting the mattress beside her. ‘Is everything alright?’

‘I was actually going to ask you the same thing?’ Gerard said sitting down ‘You’ve been awfully quiet the last few days, distant even.’ He said watching her face as he spoke ‘I was wondering if there was anything on your mind and if there was I was hoping you’d tell me.’

Cheyenne met his eyes as he looked at her and she smiled weakly. Was there something on her mind? Of course there was. There was a shit load on her mind and she had no idea where to start to even try and sort through it all. She took Gerard’s hands in hers and pulled him close until their foreheads met and they leaned against one another. Her heart was heavy as she leaned against him and thought about Frank. Now would be a good time to tell him everything. He was right in front of her asking her to be honest with him, asking her to open up but still she could not do it. What good would the truth be now anyway? She had picked him and Frank had lost. Telling the truth now would mean everyone would lose, no one would win and they would all walk away with broken hearts and nothing else.

‘I’m fine, Gee’ Cheyenne said pulling back and kissing his forehead gently.

‘Please don’t lie to me, Chey’ Gerard begged his eyes meeting hers again. He had been with her long enough to know when she was withholding the truth ‘I know you’re not fine. What is going on with you? You’re so withdrawn. You haven’t been yourself the last few days. Ever since I proposed…’ He trailed off not wanting to say what he thought out loud. It seemed as though she had stepped away from him since he had asked her to marry him. It was one thing to think it and another to say it out loud especially if it turned out to be true.

‘Oh Gerard’ Cheyenne sighed realising what he was thinking ‘It’s not that. Us being engaged is wonderful. I guess, I’m just stressed with Christmas coming and then the tour. I’ve got a lot on my mind.’ She half lied. Those things were indeed plaguing her mind but nothing like the mess with Frank and what Lyn had said about taking Paige away if she didn’t get a grip.

‘I’m ok I promise you.’ She smiled kissing his pouting lips. ‘There’s nothing to tell and nothing I can’t handle.’

‘You don’t have to handle it alone.’ Gerard said cupping her cheek while his lips brushed against her forehead. ‘I’m here’ He said.

‘I know that’ Cheyenne assured him ‘I’m ok my love. I’m with you.’ She told him her heart aching as Frank’s face flashed in her mind. ‘I’m right here.’


Bob bounced into the Bryar-Way kitchen with a serious spring in his step. He was in love and on a high and he wanted to share his news with his favourite cousin.

‘Is anyone home?’ He called out as he made his way through the kitchen and into the cosy living room.

‘Hey Uncle Bob’ Jasmine said. She had managed to turn her eyes from the Disney movie she was watching to greet him.

‘Hey Mini.’ He said sitting down beside her and kissing the side of her head ‘How’s it going kid?’

‘How’s what going?’ Jasmine asked her face showing her confusion.

Bob laughed. ‘How is life, is what I meant?’

‘Oh’ Jasmine smiled ‘Life is good. It would be better if I had a cookie though’ she said nonchalantly.

‘Nice try’ Bob laughed. ‘If your Mom says yes, then I’ll get you a cookie.’

‘Boooooo’ Jasmine teased as Bob headed upstairs.

Bob took the steps two at a time. It never occurred to him what Gerard and Cheyenne would be doing upstairs while Jasmine was in the living room unattended. It wasn’t until he threw open the door to find Gerard and Cheyenne making out that he realised he should have knocked.

‘Bob!’ Cheyenne screamed pushing Gerard off her, the shock of seeing him causing her to push him off with more force than necessary.

‘Shit’ Bob cried in surprise. He covered his eyes and quickly turned his back on them.

‘Ow!’ Gerard groaned. He shot Cheyenne a death look from his new position on the floor. ‘Ouch!’ he said for emphasis.

‘I’m so sorry’ Bob and Cheyenne said in unison. Bob still had his back on them but Cheyenne was talking to Gerard.

‘Its ok’ Gerard said climbing back onto the bed. ‘Its not the first time you’ve pushed me off in Bob’s presence" Cheyenne sneered at him as she remembered a time long ago when Bob had no idea they were together and she had pushed Gerard off her once when they were play fighting. The memory made them both smile and Gerard crawled back onto the bed and kissed her lips.

"So what the hell are you doing here Bob?’ Gerard asked trying his hardest to keep the annoyance out of his voice at the intrusion. He and Cheyenne hadn’t been intimate since the night of their engagement and he was eager to get back to where they were.

‘Can I turn around now?’ Bob asked

‘Yes, you can turn around?’ Cheyenne said rolling her eyes.

Bob turned and greeted them with a smile although the pleasantry was not returned. The frustration at being interrupted was clear on their faces.

‘I have some good news I want to share with both of you.’ He said crossing the room to stand at the foot of the bed.

‘Say it fast and then get out’ Gerard joked

‘Amber’s calling the wedding off’ Bob announced his smile wide as he said it.

‘What?’ Cheyenne cried her blue eyes snapping up to meet her cousin’s ‘Why?’

‘Because Amber and I want to be together’ Bob said smiling happily ‘She’s leaving Richard for me’

A silence fell over the room as the news sank in.

‘Erm…Congratulations?’ Gerard replied slowly. He wasn’t sure what the correct response was to someone who announces he has split up an engaged couple.

‘I know, right.’ Bob beamed ‘It’s so perfect. We were made for each other and now we get to be together. I’m so happy.’

‘Well I’m happy for you too.’ Gerard smiled at his friend, it was clear to see how elated Bob was, if this is what he wanted then it was ok by him. He felt kind of sorry for Richard but Bob’s feeling were much more important to him.

Cheyenne didn’t speak for several minutes at she digested the news. How could Amber do it? How could she break off her engagement for Bob?

‘What about Richard?’ Cheyenne said more to herself anyone else.

‘Hello? I’m your cousin’ Bob reminded her. ‘You’re supposed to be on my side.’

‘I am’ Cheyenne said quietly ‘It’s just, well he’s going to be sad’ she said lamely. She could not think of a better word as her mind was thinking about her situation with herself, Frank and Gerard and how similar it was to Amber’s.

‘He’s a grown man, he’ll be ok’ Bob shrugged.

‘But he loves her.’ Cheyenne continued.

‘I love her’ Bob stated ‘and we want to be together, we’re meant for each other. Nothing’s going to stop us. Richard will get over it.’

‘But what if he doesn’t?’ Cheyenne said looking at Gerard as she spoke ‘What if he doesn’t get over it and his life goes to shit because he lost Amber, what if he can’t function anymore? His whole future could be ruined.’

‘Chey calm down’ Gerard said seeing the panic in his fiancées face ‘The dude’s going to be fine. He’ll bounce back, it may take a while but he’ll be ok. No one in their right mind would just give up.’

‘But what if she is the love of his life?’ Cheyenne asked. She looked away from Gerard before she had the chance to ask him would he be able to go on if she left him.

‘She isn’t’ Bob huffed ‘She’s the love of mine. Geez I thought you’d be happy for me’

‘I am’ Cheyenne said forcing a small smile and keeping her watery eyes fixed on her white bed covers so no one would see them ‘I just can’t imagine what it would be like if that happened to me.’

‘Oh!’ Gerard said with a knowing smile and a wink in Bob’s direction ‘I’m never going to leave you honey’

Cheyenne whimpered but managed to turn it into a cough ‘Well that’s good’ she said quietly.

‘I’ll give you two a minute’ Bob said heading for the door, he was clearly missing something and he was pretty sure he wouldn’t understand it. Women were pretty complicated when it came to emotions. ‘Can I give Mini a cookie?’

‘Yeah sure’ Gerard said not really caring about his daughter’s junk food consumption, all he was concerned about right now was his fiancé and the cause for her sudden tears. He waited for Bob to close the door before he spoke.

‘Baby, what’s wrong?’ He said pulling Cheyenne down onto the bed and into his chest.

‘Its nothing’ she sniffed ‘I just…I don’t know. I’m feeling emotional I guess.’ Cheyenne hated herself for lying and she screamed at herself to tell him the truth to tell him everything but she couldn’t. The truth would just ruin everything.

‘I love you’ Gerard said softly stroking her hair as he held her tightly

‘I know’ she sniffed ‘And I love you too.’ That wasn’t a lie. She did love him so much, she was just also very much in love with Frank. She clung tighter to Gerard as she thought about Frank. She hadn’t seen him in days. She missed him terribly. She wanted to see him but she couldn’t, not only because he wouldn’t see her but because she knew it was for the best.

When Gerard and Cheyenne eventually made it downstairs and into the living room they found Bob and Jasmine watching Spiderman.

‘So when he’s not Spiderman his name is Peter?’ Jasmine asked looking at her Uncle for confirmation.

‘Yep!’ Bob said proudly

Jasmine shrugged ‘Its ok but I think SpongeBob is better,’

‘SpongeBob’s not a superhero’ Gerard laughed sitting beside them.

‘I know that’ Jasmine laughed ‘I’m just saying.’

‘Its about time you started watching good cartoons’ Bob said ‘You gotta get into superheroes’

‘But I’m a girl’ Jasmine said ‘Superheroes are for boys.’

‘No they’re not’ Cheyenne, Bob and Gerard all said in unison.

Gerard laughed ‘Your Mom likes superheroes’

Cheyenne was about to agree when the phone rang. She answered and walked the phone into the kitchen.

‘Are you sure you’re doing the right thing?’ Gerard asked Bob ‘I mean Amber wants you right?’

‘Yeah she does’ Bob smiled ‘We want the same things.’

‘You want yourself?’ Gerard laughed ‘Damn!’

‘Shut up’ Bob said slapping Gerard playfully.

‘Don’t say shut up’ Jasmine chastised ‘Say be quiet.’

‘Be quiet, Gerard’ Bob repeated with a grin.

‘I’m happy for you man’ Gerard said ‘I’ve always hoped you and Amber would work things out. She’s good for you. I feel sorry for Richard though’ Gerard confessed ‘He was ok.’

‘I know’ Bob frowned ‘They’d be getting married on Saturday.’

‘Are you sure they’re not still getting married?’ Cheyenne asked returning to the room and placing the phone in the cradle.

‘Erm yeah’ Bob replied his eyebrows furrowing at her words.

‘Then how come Richard just called to tell me about the Wedding Rehearsal tomorrow?’ Cheyenne said softly.

‘What?’ Bob demanded sitting up straight in his seat.

‘Yeah it was supposed to be on Friday along with the stag and hen parties but they moved them both to tomorrow so they could recover all day Friday and be refreshed for the wedding on Saturday.’ Cheyenne explained watching her cousin’s face drop as she told him what she had been told.

‘Huh?’ Bob said. His mind was reeling and that was all that he could say.

‘I’m sure it’s just a mistake’ Gerard said quickly.

‘Mommy’ Jasmine asked not taking her eyes of the TV screen ‘Do I get to wear my dress tomorrow?’

‘No honey’ Cheyenne replied ‘On Saturday at the wedding’

‘There’s no fucking wedding!’ Bob snapped making Jasmine jump beside him.

‘Hey!’ Gerard said sharply a scowl marring his handsome face. His hand reached out to comfort Jasmine as he shot Bob a warning look.

‘I’m sorry’ Bob apologised shaking his head ‘I have to go’

‘Bobby, it’s going to be ok’ Cheyenne told him as Bob got up to leave. He stopped in front of Cheyenne and she gave him a hug. ‘Go talk to Amber I’m sure there’s an explanation.’

‘Me too’ Bob said and he turned before they could see his frown.


Frank listened to the message on his answer machine and frowned. He hadn’t seen any of his friends in at least a week so he had forgotten all about Amber’s wedding and all that came along with it. He listened to the message a second time and took in all the details, the time and place etc. When the message ended he saved it and made his way back up stairs to his bed. He kicked open his bedroom door and walked into the darken room, where he had lived for the past few days. The air in the room was thick and heavy and he knew he should open a window but he wouldn’t, the heavy air added to his heavy mood, it fit right in with how he felt. He crawled into his bed and stared up at the ceiling letting the continuous thoughts of Cheyenne run through his mind. He smiled to himself as he recalled their date and the times they had made love, he recalled her sweet smile and the sound of her laugh and for a spilt second he felt his spirits lift as he remembered the times they had spent alone together. Frank longed to have those times again. He longed to see her but he forced himself not to leave his home to seek her out. She had made her choice.

The ringing of his phone snapped him out of his thoughts and Frank sighed when he reached for his phone and saw that it was Mikey calling.

‘Hello’ He greeted willing his voice to sound anything other than depressed.

‘Frankie Baby!’ Mikey exclaimed

‘’Sup Mikey' Frank laughed, his friend's enthusiasm catching him completely off guard.

‘Hey man long time’ Mikey said ‘What up?’

‘Nothing much just chillin’ Frank said shifting himself into a slight sitting position ‘How are ya?’

‘Cool. Just checking to see if you’re coming to Richard’s Stag party tomorrow night?’ Mikey asked. 'Could be a lot of fun.'

‘Not sure yet’ Frank grimaced. The thought of being away from the comfort and safety of his dark and depressing room was unsettling.

‘Why not, you got a better offer?’ Mikey teased and Frank could hear his grin down the line.

‘Maybe’ Frank smiled, a Tv dinner, a few beers and a hand job sounded a lot better than going out to a noisy club, that played shit music and severed over priced alcoholic beverages.

‘Really? What’s her name? Mikey asked laughing.

‘Whose name?’ Frank replied rejoining the conversation

‘The girl?’ Mikey implored throwing himself onto his sofa.

‘What girl?’ Frank asked, now confused.

'Whatever girl you’re seeing’ Mikey pressed

‘There’s no girl’ Frank laughed and as soon as the sound left his mouth his heart drop as the thought crossed his mind that he didn’t have anyone.

‘Lies!’ Mikey laughed snapping Frank out of his thoughts ‘You’re being all elusive, we haven’t seen you around for days and now you’re not coming out tomorrow night. There’s definitely a girl.’

Frank shook his head all the while wishing there was a reason other than a broken heart for his absence ‘I didn’t say I wasn’t coming.’

‘But you’re not going to, cause you’ve got a better offer right? A girl, come on what’s her name? Do I know her? Mikey said getting more excited.

Frank shook his head at Mikey's excitement ‘If I say I’ll see you tomorrow night would that get you off my back?’

‘Yes’ Mikey laughed ‘because then I can just question you in person’

Frank groaned ‘There is no girl Mikey. I’m just hanging by myself’

‘That’s what they all say’ Mikey chuckled ‘I’ll leave you two alone now I’m probably interrupting.’

‘Shut up man’ Frank grinned ‘There is no…’ he didn’t get to finish his sentence as Mikey hung up.

Frank rolled his eyes and placed his phone back on the bedside table. Despite the light hearted nature of the conversation and the laughs, the whole interaction had left him with a sour taste in his mouth. He sunk back down into the comfort of his bed and stared up at the ceiling thinking about Mikey’s words and how sad it was that he really was chilling by himself. He was twenty-eight years old and by himself, spending days thinking about a woman who didn’t choose him and spending nights staining his sheets with cum and his pillow with his tears. It was a sad existence. Why shouldn’t he have someone else? He suddenly thought. He knew it wouldn’t be the same as what he felt with Cheyenne but he didn’t need love, he didn’t want it unless it was from her but he did need, and any woman could fill that desire. Any woman could be Cheyenne as long as he closed his eyes. Frank's face burst into a wide smile and he laughed out loud to himself at the revelation. For the first time in the last week he actually felt excited and tomorrow would be an opportunity he would not waste.
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