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Chapter 33

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S**ts about to get ugly

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Chapter 33

Amber stared at the ground as the priest ran them throw their wedding rehearsal. She tried to listen to what he was saying but all she could think about was Bob and the fact that there wouldn't be a wedding so this rehearsal was pointless. She could feel Richard's eyes on her as the Priest talked them quickly through the vows, rapidly firing through the words that would bind them together on Saturday if they were actually going to get married.

'And then we say “I do” Amber whispered finishing off the Priest’s sentence as he spoke about their vows.

'Is that as loud as you can say it?' Richard laughed 'I'm going to practically shout it to God himself and you barely get it out.'

Amber blushed as the room filled with laughter and she mumbled an apology. 'I’ll say it louder on the day obviously’ she said forcing a smile.

The rest of the rehearsal service carried on around Amber as she nodded in all the right places listening to the priest with half an ear and before she knew it, it was over. Amber breathed a sigh of relief and excused herself from the room that suddenly felt like it was closing in on her. She was half way out the door to the courtyard when Gerard caught up with her.

'Mind if join you?' He asked a lopsided smile on his face.

'Not at all' Amber replied with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders. They walked in silence for a few moments across the grounds until Gerard spoke.

'We know about you and Bob' He said softly.

'I know, he told me he told you.' Amber said. They came to a polished wooden bench and sat down facing towards the hotel where their friends and family were waiting.

'So...' Gerard said lighting a cigarette.

'I'm working on it.' Amber sighed knowing what he was going to ask 'There never seems to be a good time.'

'And there never will be' Gerard stated exhaling a long line of smoke 'It’s not an easy thing to do. Are you sure it’s what you want?'

'Yes' Amber replied without hesitation 'Bob is who I want to spend my life with. It’s just-I feel so bad breaking up with Richard.’ She admitted. 'I know I have to but I feel awful like the villain in a movie or something. He's put so much effort into planning our wedding and now I'm breaking up with him. I'm going to look so ungrateful, you know? Like thanks for everything but fuck you I don't actually want it. He's a good guy, he deserves better.'

'You didn't know you were going to fall in love with Bob again.' Gerard reasoned flicking ash onto the gravelled ground in front of him.

'Fall in love with him again?' Amber laughed 'I never stopped loving Bob. It was always him. But yeah, I know what you mean. I never expected we'd get back together again.’ She sighed. ‘This is such a mess.'

'You have to break up with Richard tonight. It has to be now.' Gerard told her. He didn’t want to sound bossy but time was pressing on and Bob was anxiously waiting to start their future.

'I know' Amber said shaking her head 'I'm scared Gerard'

'Do you want me to be there? I'll be there if you need me.' He offered sincerely.

'No, I have to it by myself' Amber replied 'It’s the least I can do.'

Gerard nodded in understanding. Facing her Fiance alone with the bomb she was going to drop really was the least she could do. ‘If you need somewhere to stay tonight, don't hesitate to come to us ok? You're more than welcome and I'm sure you'll need a shoulder to cry on, Cheyenne's good at that'

'Geez thanks' Amber laughed pushing him playfully. 'Your shoulders aren't on offer?

Gerard joined in her laughing knowing how the sentence must have sounded to her 'No they are. Totally. Its just she's better at that stuff then I am'

'I don't want your bony shoulders anyways.' Amber smiled wiping her eyes where a few sad tears escaped.

'Well they're here for you if you need them' Gerard said tossing his cigarette butt to the floor. 'Come on' he said standing and offering her his hand 'We should go back.'

Amber groaned but took his hand anyway and they walked back to the hotel together a lot slower then when they had walked away from it earlier.


‘Bob stop it!’ Cheyenne growled angrily snatching the bottle of rum out of his hands. They had headed straight back home after the rehearsal and Cheyenne had a few hours to get ready for Amber’s hen party and Bob was deliberately getting in her way.

‘No, you stop it’ He hissed back ‘Stop preparing stuff for Amber’s Hen Party, it’s not happening.’

‘As far as everyone else knows it is’ Cheyenne snapped ‘now get out of my way.’

‘No’ Bob said folding his arms and standing firm ‘there’s no hen party and no wedding.’

‘Well then you need to go and tell that to Amber because I think she missed the Memo’ Cheyenne said attempting to walk around him only for Bob to get in her way again.’

‘She said she’s calling off the wedding’ Bob insisted
Cheyenne sighed ‘Bob are you sure that she is. Its two days before the wedding, I went to her rehearsal just this morning. Are you sure she meant what she said?’

Bob frowned as he thought about it. Had Amber played him? Was she still playing him? Was he just a fling before her wedding? It didn’t feel like it when they were together. It felt right and perfect.

‘Yes’ Bob said shaking away his negative thoughts ‘She meant it, she’s probably telling him that it’s over right now. So you can stop making punch’ Bob said snatching the carton of pineapple juice out of her hand.

‘Robert, stop it’ Cheyenne cried stamping her foot. It was something she hadn’t done since she was a child, but it was something that Bob always managed to make her do. He could be so frustrating. The action made them both laugh and Bob handed her back her juice.

‘We have to pretend everything is normal’ Cheyenne said to her cousin. ‘You haven’t told anyone other then Gerard and me and if I cancel the Hen Party people will want to know why. Amber has to be the one to tell everyone what’s going on so for now I have to continue on as normal, until I hear differently. Ok?’

‘I understand’ Bob pouted ‘But why isn’t she answering her phone. Why isn’t she calling?’

Cheyenne opened her mouth to answer when Gerard walked in. ‘She’s probably busy’ He answered ‘but if it makes you feel any better I spoke to her about it.’

‘You did?’ Bob and Cheyenne said in unison ‘When?’

‘Earlier at the rehearsal we took a walk outside and talked about it. It’s you she wants Bob, she’s just struggling with the guilt, but she is going to break up with Richard. She assured me.’

‘She assured me too’ Bob said ‘And yet here we are’ he sighed

‘Do you trust her?’ Gerard asked Bob, as he wrapped his arm around Cheyenne’s shoulders.

‘Yes’ Bob said with hesitation. He felt deep within his heart that he could trust her.

‘Then know that she’ll do this’ Gerard said with a reassuring smile ‘and in the mean time we wait.’

‘Yes but not here’ Cheyenne said turning back to her punch. ‘Hen party, remember. No guys allowed.’

‘What are we supposed to do?’ Gerard asked his arm dropping from her shoulders.

‘Go to the stag party duh? Cheyenne answered ‘you were invited remember?’

‘I wasn’t’ Bob said with a shrug of his broad shoulders.

‘Plus there’s not even going to be a stag party, so why do I gotta go?’ Gerard asked

‘You don’t know that and we have to keep up appearances anyway, plus the others are going’ Cheyenne explained ‘Take Bob with you, if Amber breaks up with Richard he won’t be there. ’

‘When she breaks up with him, won’t she need me?’ Bob asked ‘If I’m at the stag party how will she find me.’

‘If Amber breaks up with Rich-Ow!’ Cheyenne cried as Bob fingers pinched her upper arm.

‘When!’ he interrupted, scowling at her.

‘Fine!’ Cheyenne snapped rubbing her arm as Gerard giggled beside her ‘When she breaks up with Richard she’ll come here first because that’s where us girls will be. You can come here afterwards’

‘I guess hanging out with the guys’ll be fun.’ Bob pondered as he sat down at the kitchen table ‘Where we going?’

Gerard shrugged and took the seat beside him. ‘Some club and yeah, I guess it could be fun to hang out. I haven’t seen Frank in a while.’

‘Me either, what’s he been doing?’ Bob asked drumming his fingers on the polished wooden table top.

‘Not what, who’ Gerard grinned.

‘Really?’ Bob laughed ‘Ladies man Frank Iero huh?’

‘Looks that way’ Gerard said ‘Good for him.’

Cheyenne tried to ignore the bitter feelings of jealousy that erupted inside her as she listened in on her cousin and her fiancé’s conversation.

‘We should have Frank and his mystery girl over for dinner.’ Gerard suggested ‘What do you think baby?’ he asked turning to look at Cheyenne.

Cheyenne felt like screaming that if Gerard wanted to clean up the remains of his best friend and a stranger then by all means invite them for dinner. But instead she kept her back to them and replied through clenched teeth with a simple ‘We’ll see.’


‘Come on in guys’ Frank said stepping out of the way and allowing his friends to enter.

‘You’re not ready yet.’ Ray observed as he looked at Frank who was dressed from the waist down.

‘I just need a few more minutes’ Frank said his voice apologetic ‘Gotta make myself pretty for the ladies.’

‘So you mean you’ll need a couple of hours then’ Gerard teased shrugging off his jacket in preparation for the wait.

‘Up yours’ Frank laughed as walked them into the living room. ‘Make yourselves at home.’

‘You know we will’ Bob said throwing himself onto the sofa and instantly reaching for the TV remote.

‘Where are you going?’ Gerard asked his brother as Mikey headed for the hallway.

‘Upstairs.’ Mikey replied not stopping.

Frank laughed recalling their conversation from the day before. ‘There’s nothing to see up there.’ As the words left his mouth a sudden panic swept through him and his heart broke into a frantic beat as he remembered the picture that he had of Cheyenne by his bed. Did he put it back under his pillow after he pleasured himself of was it still on display for all to see?

‘Wait! Mikey.’ Frank yelled chasing after his friend.

‘Oooh what are you hiding?’ Mikey asked as Frank caught him on the stairs and barged passed him ‘Oh my God! Is she still up there?’

‘Go downstairs’ Frank demanded but Mikey wasn’t listening and instead he grabbed Frank’s left foot causing him to fall onto the carpeted steps.

‘As if’ Mikey laughed climbing over Frank and attempting to get ahead. His attempt was foiled as Gerard came up from behind them and raced up the stairs, climbing over them both in the process.

‘Stay out of my room!’ Frank hollered after Gerard.

Gerard giggled and Frank wrestled Mikey to the top of the stairs. Just as they reached the landing Gerard threw open the door to Frank’s room.

‘Gerard!’ Frank yelled pushing passed Mikey and racing into his room. He ran and jumped straight onto the bed grabbing the picture that lay on the pillow beside his and rolled across the bed and onto the floor. To anyone watching it would’ve looked like he jumped onto the bed and fell straight off.

‘There’s no girl in here’ Gerard pouted closing the door to Frank’s ensuite bathroom ‘Mikey you’re a liar.’

‘I never said there was’ Mikey frowned. He too was disappointed at the fact that Frank’s room was empty ‘Its smells like sex in here though’ he said suspiciously.

‘It does’ Gerard said with a grin as he jumped onto the bed ‘So Frankie who’s the luckily lady and when do we get to meet her?’

Frank shoved the frameless picture of Cheyenne under the his bed and stood up straight dusting off his clothes, as his heart began to slow down.

‘There is no girl and my room doesn’t smell like sex’ He huffed.

‘No girl?’ Gerard frowned and then sighed. ‘Cheyenne is going to be disappointed’

‘What? Why?’ Frank asked his words coming out much too fast and a little too loud.

‘We were going to invite you both to dinner.’ Gerard shrugged ‘Guess not now.’

‘Huh?’ Frank asked the confusion clear on his boyish face. Why would Cheyenne invite them to dinner?

‘If there’s no girl why does your room smell like sex?’ Mikey asked.

Frank turned away from the brothers hiding his blush and his grin and letting Mikey’s words hang in the air.

‘Ew!’ Gerard suddenly screamed jumping off the bed. ‘No!’ he cried looking at his friend who was finishing dressing himself, He could see Frank silently laughing inside his sweater as he pulled it over his head ‘That means you just did it…with yourself. Like just now, before we got here!’

Frank laughed out loud but admitted nothing as he straightened his top and grabbed his aftershave, spraying himself all over with it.

‘Shooting off a load before a night out’ Mikey said nodding his head in approval ‘that’s the way to do it, Frankie.’

‘That is fucking gross’ Gerard said leading the way out of the room.

‘Gross but natural, my friend’ Frank giggled ‘Gross but natural.’


Amber sat on her sofa and nervously waited for Richard to come down the stairs. They were already two hours late to their own parties and she wondered how much longer he would be. She could’ve left without him of course but then what she so desperately needed to say to him would not be said.

Two hours ago she had gathered up the courage to tell him that the wedding was off but when she confronted him in the bedroom, all Richard could talk about was how much he was looking forward to their wedding night and before she could tell him that there would be no wedding night he was on her, sliding her clothes off her body and kissing her with a passion that she did not feel. She allowed him to take her and he quickly found his place between her thighs all the while whispering in her ear how this would be the last time they’d be together before becoming man and wife. Amber had closed her eyes while Richard made love to her and she held back the tears as he panted and gasp just how much he loved her and happy they would be together. As Richard came, Amber faked her orgasm along side his and her heart raced with relief that it was over and soon so would their whole future.

‘I’m finally ready’ Richard laughed appearing suddenly by the living room door. ‘I like your tee’ he said looking at the hot pink t-shirt she wore that had the words “Bride to be” written in silver glitter. He walked to Amber and pulled her close to him, burying his face in her fiery red hair.

‘I can’t believe I won’t be seeing you until the wedding’ He murmured ‘What am I supposed to do without you tomorrow?’

‘You’ll cope’ Amber said and she stepped out of his arms. She took a deep breath as her heart began to pound in her chest and her stomach dropped.

‘What’s the matter?’ Richard asked his face filling with instant concern.

‘I…’ Amber tried to talk but the fast forming lump in her throat cut her off and she could feel the hot sting of tears in her eyes. .

‘Amber?’ Richard cried in shock at the tears that were now streaming down her face. ‘What’s wrong? Tell me. Why are you crying?’

He reached for her but Amber took a step back shaking her head as she did so. Her sorrowful eyes looking into his that didn’t understand and were filled with fear.

‘I have to tell you something’ She choked out.

‘Jesus Christ, Amber what is it?’ Richard cried as he reached for her again and like the first time she moved away.

‘I’m sorry, I can’t’ She sobbed

‘You can’t what?’ Richard asked ‘You can’t let me touch you?’

‘No’ Amber wept shaking her head ‘I can’t marry you.’

A/N :O mwahahaha! What did you think? Shocking I know lol Thank you for reading. Hope you enjoyed those two little chapters. Tomorrow's update will be filled with more drama. I'm actually writing it now cause I'm back in tune with the story and the characters. Yay! See you all then xoxo
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