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I've just seen a face

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1. I've just seen a face

Paul woke up and felt different

He felt a little slimmer and somehow more alert, like he could run a mile and never feel tired. When he felt his face it wasn't firm and ageing anymore, it was soft and spotless. He was younger, about thirty years younger to be precise. He was in bed shirtless but it wasn't his normal bed. It was his old bed. It was still his room but his old room, in his old house back in 1965.
It felt different.
Lighter, happier...

He wasn't alone.
He stretched and turned around and his eyes met an older man, lying next to him, his chin rested on his hand.
He knew that dark brown hair
Those dark, half blind eyes

Paul smiled, the biggest smile he'd smiled in years
"Morning" he whispered
"Good morning" John replied and he placed a gentle kiss on Paul's lips. Paul wrapped his arms around his neck. It was so beautiful, so passionate, something Paul hadn't felt for a long time.
John pulled away but rested his forhead gently against Paul's, gazing into thise beautiful hazel eyes. Paul ran a hand down that smooth chest. John felt so good.
He looked different too. He was young and fair, with glowing skin and a sparkle in his eyes. He looked immortal but Paul knew he was still John Lennon.

"Happy birthday" Paul whispered, "Imagine, you'd have been sixty four today"
"Just be thankful heaven gave me back my good looks then" and he added with a sigh, "It feels like such a long time ago now"
"I know. Why did you have to go John? I've missed you so much"
"Sssh" John rested a finger against those perfect lips, "It's okay. I'm here now"
Paul clung to him, terrified he might vanish suddenly in his bare hands.
"Please don't leave again John" he begged him
"You know I have to eventually Paulie" said John quietly, "But I'm here for now, until the sun sets"
Paul nodded. He was ready to do anything John said.

John got into the bed properly, letting Paul rest his head against his shoulder.
"How is everyone?" John asked, running his fingers through Paul's hair, "Ringo, Cynthia?"
"Ok" said Paul, "Well, as far as I know. How's George?"
"He's just starting to get the hang of being an angel"
"God, I can't believe he's gone. He was so young"
"I know but he's at peace now, he's with us. Me, Brian and Stu"
"You'll take care of him, won't you John?"
"Of course I will"
"What's it like...being an angel?"

"Well don't believe the whole white wings and trumpet lark. Your just you except...your not there. Your invisible. You can walk through things. You can spy on people. It's quite handy really. And then there's heaven..."
"What's that like?"
"I remember it felt really I was floating on a bubble. And then..there was all this light. I could barely see. But it felt good, like I was just walking on air. And when I woke up, I was in the clouds, like how I imagined it. It was like paradise. But I missed you. I waited for years hoping some car might hit you and you'd come up and join me. And then George came"

Paul looked into John's eyes, pushing the question out of his mouth

"John...did you see Linda up there?"
John swallowed
"Yes" he said quietly, "She told me about the cancer and everything. She said she was going to watch you from heaven. She was going to watch you and your kids. She says that she'll always be with you. All you have to do is believe that she's there"
"John" there were tears in Paul's eyes now, "...look after her for me"
John watched him with sad eyes, "I promise"

Paul turned away because he was crying. He didn't want John to see.
I believe in you Linda, he thought tearfully, I believe in you
John could feel his friends pain. If angels could cry, John would have soaked the bedsheets. He lay down next to him and put his arms around him, nuzzling his neck gently and whispering into his ear.

"Like you said Paul, the last words you spoke to her. She's upon her beautiful Appaloosa stallion; it's a fine spring day, she's riding through the woods. The bluebells are out and the sky is clear blue. You don't have to worry about her anymore. She's safe. And she still loves you"

Paul felt tears sliding down his cheeks and he held John's hand like he didn't want to let go.
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