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okay its still going to b in pov's just they are going to be asleep.

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Me and party poision are out in the woods.But wait,how did we get here.How did i get into this long white evening gown?I dont remember any of this.He's sitting on a rock about 5 yards away.His hair long and red,blowing in the wind.He's wearing what he always is.Some dingy jeans,t-shirt,and a zip up vest.I start to walk toward him,well run is probally the more appropriate term.I was amazed how I didnt fall in my white high heels(wich matched my gown perfectly).In no time I was right behinde him.Surprisingly i wasnt out of breath at all.I sat down right beside him and looked over at his face.He slowly turned his head in my direction,then he had me locked in his gaze.I was staring into his beautiful hazle eyes once again.And i was captivated.He lightly placed his hand on top of mine, and moved in slowly.I couldnt breathe as his perfect lips got closer and closer to mine.When they met his came down with a crashing force.It was a kiss of a bunch of emotions.There was urgency,passion,and most of all the longing that was like a blazing fire,finally getting what it wanted.I ran my hands through his soft hair and pulled his face closer to mine.His hands were resting on my jaws pulling my face up to his his.He was so perfect and i finally felt as if he was mine,and no one could take him away.When we pulled away i was gasping for air,as was he.he WAS mine.He was my party poision,and i loved him.I couldnt avoid the fact any longer.His eyes smoldered into mine for about 5 seconds,then his lips crashed back into mine.It was heaven but there was somthing i had to say and i couldnt say it while he was kissing me.So i did what i REALLY,and i mean really, didnt want to do.I put my hands on his cheeks and pulled him away.He gave me a confused look and said "am i really that terrible at it?" with a grin.His voice was silky as could be.I was lost in the sound of it.but i had somthing to say and it needed to be said. "no,thats not it at all!"he smiled very big at my shocked tone.I took a deep breath to steady my voice. "party poision?" i asked. "yes?" he said with another briliant smile.and i couldnt help but smile to. "I...well you." i managed to croake out.He smiled wider than before and said "finally you admitt it!I love you to.More than you could ever imagine." then i woke up.i gasped as my eyes snaped open to the desert night.everyone was asleep still.Thank god i hadnt woken anyone up with my gasp.But wait someone was,two,three....where's Party Poision?And what am i laying on,its definally not ground.then i looked down,only to find party poision sound asleep beneeth me.His arms were behind his head,supporting it.He was wearing his mask,and he was smiling.I wonder what he's dreaming about that is making him so happy.i decided not to think much about it and i layed my head on his chest and drifted into a peacful sleep.


We were still sitting down were we had been after she attacked me with a hug.leaning up against a log.she was drifting into sleep.I could tell because her eyes were drooping and her breathing got real slow.She looked so peacful and happy in whatever her dream was.She said somthing that sounded like "Party Poision" and even though i wasnt entirly sure if that was even what she said my heart started racing.i decided to drop it and try to get some sleep.I tured my body,carful not to disturb angel,till i could lay flat down on the soft desert sand.i folded my arms behind my head for support and drifted off into my own little sleep.we were at the was a very beautiful day,but no one was there besides us.We were sitting on a beach blanket with a big umbrella sheiding us from the hot sun.Her beautiful brown eyes were staring straight into mine.If i didnt know better id say she was looking into my soul.She was playing with a pink sun hat,smiling.I couldnt help but smile back.she put the hat on my head and giggled in such a way that she truly sounded like an angel.As our eyes locked again i started to move forward.At first the kiss was soft,as in my lips barly brushed hers soft.It sent tingles down my spine and i couldnt wait any longer.I lurched forward into her lips.Under the kiss i could feel her smirking.Almost like she had planned on that happening.She was running her hands through my hair.I grabed the back of her head and pulled her into me even more.then she pulled away,kissed me on the cheek,looked me dead in the eyes and said "i win." i was about to ask what she ment by that but then she stood up.She looked back at me and reached out her hand in my direction,apperantly wanting me to take it.I stood and took her hand.We slowly walked to the waters edge and when we got ther she put her head on my shoulder.I turned to where i was facing her and put one hand under her chin.I lifted her face up to mine and kissed her but this time it felt i was putting an end to the longing that i kept bottled up inside me to kiss her.Her lips were soft and warm against mine.Then her arms locked around my neck pulling me even closer,if that was possible.This time i was the one who broke away."Angel?" i asked. "Yes?" she asked,eyes smoldering into mine again. "i have somthing that need be said.I cant deni it any have to know the truth." "And what is the truth,party poision?" i loved the way she said my name. "i love you.And i never want to let you g-" but before i could finish her lips crrashed down upon me once again.and i loved it.When she pulled away sahe looked very happy and said in a bell like tone "its about time you admited it!I love you to." Then she tackled me,and right before i hit the ground i wake up.My arms were still folded behind my head.Every one was still asleep.But most importanatly,angel was still lying on top of me sound asleep.her head was on my chest,ad so was her hands.she looked so peacful and so cute.I'll have to ask her what she drempt about tonight.
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