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angels walk

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.........i give no details 4 dis 1!!!! .-. (

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Im just mindlessly gazing into party poisions eyes like an ideot.I still have steffanie,my newly discovered little sister,and shes probally one of the only things stopping me from walking over to sit by party poision.the other thing is that everybody is waking up now."hey guys,what time is it?"calls fun ghoul,only looking at party.I wasnt complaining though,you see he was the one who really,and i mean really,wanted me dead.He would probally be shooting lazers at my head if it wasnt for the promis to was smiling for some odd reason now.Almost like he had just made a lif changing decision and knew it was going to turn out okay."not much,but you missed the whole life changer!Angel here is steffanies older sister.Arent you happy you didnt kill her now?"he said in a chipper was so cute and childish.he was just have to tell him even if he doesnt feel the same.he at least diserves to know why im always staring into his eyes for long periods of wonderfully spent time.As i relized that i had the same kind of smile on my face as he does i wonder....did he just make the decission to tell me hes madly in love with me?I wish,that was it but most likey its not going to happen without a miricle.ill tell him tonight when everybody is asleep.Wow i just relized how long of a wait that is!It's only 10:24 in the im probally going to have to wait 24 minuts less that 12 hours.....till 10 tonight.i sighed with frustration and got akward looks from everyone.then Jet Star said "Hey Angel,take a walk with me?"he said with a hopfull expression on his face."Umm....sure?" I guess i made that last part sound more like a question rather a answer.he gave me a bright smile and party just looked puzzled.he looked over at kobra kid who gently got steffanie off me and into a sleeping bag.I got off and waited for Jet to start walking,to lead the way.we walked for what seemed like hours just to get so far away from camp that i couldnt see it any more.All of a sudden he stoped walking,as did i. he turned to me and said "Look i know you like him.And dont worry,everyone but me is blind to the subject."at first i wanted to play dumb and act like i had no idea what he was talking about but then i looked into his eyes.They were full of understanding and that "i already know so try somthing stupid" look.i sighed."Is it that obveous?"i asked,not really wanting to know the answer. "You hide it well,but i just have more understanding than the others,when it comes to people."he said with another brilliant smile."Well if your that good at seeing through people then what does he think of me?" i asked not trying to pry but needing more information."I cant see through him very well.Hes very good at hiding emotion.So im not really sure but i really think you would be cute together...if that even helps." i smiled a little to when he said that. "can i ask you somthing?i mean this is somthing serious." i said bitting my lip."sure...what is it?" he said timidly as if i was about to ask him a question that would determine his life or death. i smiled then said "do i really talk in my sleep?i mean i heard somone ask if i was just sleep talking when i woke up tied to a tree,wich was not very comfortable by the way." he sorta relaxed at my question "yeah,alot.You kept saying somthing about "my flame" over and over again." i sorta blushed relizing what "my flame" ment,and still means.I was refering to Party Poisions hair."I think you shoud try.Tell him how you feel about him." he said with a thoughtful look on his face. I took a deep breath."no.i cant,i want him to say it first.Im to worried that he will turn me down and laugh in my face.Then if he really does say no,our whole friendship will be lost in akwardness.But is he does like me,it will be woerd for you all." "no it wont.we've all been wanting ger-..i mean party poision to find somebody to love."he finished with a frustrated look an his face."what were you about to call party?"there was a short pause."mmmm....i was about to call him his real name." "real name...?" i asked a little confused. he let out a loud chuckle. "you actually thought that these were out real names?! No,no, name is ray,party's is gerard,fun ghoul's is frank,and kobra's is mikey."he was rolling with fresh laughter now.and i couldnt help but laugh along."oh man,were probally miles away from camp now!we better start walking back now."he said with another big we turned around and started back off toward camp.
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