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"Where on earth are they?" I growled to no-one in particula but of course someone answered "I have no idea,but they should be back soon."said my barly younger brother kobra kid.I just rolled my eyes and slumped down on a log.Then Fun Ghoul said "Well speak of a person...and the person shal appear." in a very gloomy tone.My resting eyes snapped open to see JS and Angel walking toward camp.I wanted to jump up and run to her,just to make sure she was ok.It was hard so i gripped the log from underneath to keep myself down."Finally." i breathed.It felt like an eturnety before they reached camp.When Angel was in range i could feel her eyes lock onto mine.She opened her mouth to say somthing,but then quickly closed it.Her eyes droped from mine to the ground,and she hesitantly walked over to sit beside me.I could tell she has alot on her mind.She sat down right besinde me and crossed her legs.Her hands were on either side of her and they were palm up.I droped my hands from under the log so that one was right beside hers.As i inched it closer to hers, her eyes shot up to mine.She opened her mouth again but,closed it and started biting her lower lip.I wonder how soft and warm her hand i inched my hand closer to hers,I swear i saw hers move and inch closer to mine too.I heard a small gasp come from behinde me and then i relized my hand wasnt the only thing moving closer to her.Apperantly my subconsoionce though it would be a good idea to try and kiss her.As soon as i relized it i droped my eyes,put my hands in my lap,and took back the distance i had closed between our faces.
We were only about a foot apart!Im to teriffied to say anything!Why couldnt i just wait untill tonight?We sat there for about twenty minuts till she broke the silence we had all fell under " did things hold up while me and ra-jet were gone?" then she clapped her hands to her face and let out a sigh.We were all staring.Had jet star told her his real name? "It's okay Angel.Guys i told her my real name..and coughyalls too.cough"he said with a weak smile that seemed to be apologizing for it.I stood up walked over to him. "Its okay,Jet.I mean she was going to find out sooner or later." then he sighed in relief.Then i looked at angel and said "got a pretty awsome name dont i?" she smiled really big and looked down letting her brown hair fall and cover up her face.I think I saw her blush!So she likes my name,thats great!I really wanted to be sure she blushed before i got to excited though."Angel?" I called wanting her to look up.She slowly raised her head...oh my god,her cheeks were as red as my hair! "N-nothing." i said with a big smile on my face.She looked kind of dissapionted then looked back down.Great..I made sad.


We were still about ten feet away from camp but my eyes had already found his.I got closer and noticed his hands were clutched tight under a log.For what?I opened my mouth to ask but couldnt find the words.No snse in leaving my mouth open like an ideot,so i closed it really quick.I hesitantly got my ft to shuffle toward were he sat then i plopped down right beside him.I decided to try and figure out if he liked me.So i turned my hand beside him palm up...mabey he would take it?Then his hand dropped from the log.Oh god,this is it!He's inching his hand closer to mine...i cant help it!I moved my hand a fraction of an inch closer to his to help close the distance.....OMG HE'S MOVING HIS HEAD IN!!!!Why cant i move?Im my mind playing tricks on me?OH GOD,I hope not!then i heard someone gasp from behinde ger-i mean party poision.he closed his eyes sighed and pulled his hands up into his lap,and it looked like he pulled his head his head had moved in?!Well big thanks to whoever did that!Retard!We sat in utter unbearable silence for about twenty minuts.I couldnt take it any more. " did things hold up while me and ra-jet were gone?"Uhhgg!I clapped my hands to my face and sighed.then jet said "It's okay angel.Guys I told her my real name....and coughyalls toocough" with a weak smile.Then party poision got up and walked over to him. and said "It's okay jet.I mean she was going to find out sooner or later."then jet let out a relieved sigh.then party asked me "got a pretty awsome name dont i?" and i couldnt help but smile real big and look down allowing my hair to fall and cover my blushing cheeks.A few silent seconds went by then he called my name "Angel?" i slowly lifted my face feeling my cheeks turning fire red and heat rushing to them.After he stared at me for a second he stuttered saying "N-nothing." and i felt real dissapionted and look down.What was i exspecting him to say?Seriously,like he was just going to say "I love you do you love me to?".That would never happen,not infront of all these people at least.He was too shy for that.After that we all sat around and talked for a couple hours.Then i offered to cook lunch and so they pionted me toward the food stash."Are you serious?You have one skillet,one spatula,and every thing to make panckaes...a million times!" Every one was quiet for a few seconds and staring at me with that "oh yeah" look on their face.then fun ghoul talked to me...and without the bad attitude "well...their fast and eay to make,plus we all like you?" It took me a minut to process his positive attitude."Umm..yeah..who doesnt enjoy good old panckaes?" i said with a big smile...mabey he's starting to warm up to me!Great now all i have to do is get kobra kid to like me."Fine,...who wants pancakes?" "Oooh,I do!"they all said at once.I got out enough supplies to make three for everybody.Wait wheres steffanie!I froze mid-step. "What about steffanie?shouldnt we ask her if she wants some too?" then party said "yeah sure.Go wake her up and ill get the fire started." then he took the supplies from my hands.Our skin touched briefly touched and tingles ran up and down my spine.My skin burned where he touched me.He was so dangerously close."Umm..i better...umm...go find steff." i mumbled before walking off.When i got to the tent she was curled up in the corner,wide awake,looking at a photo.without looking up she said "Yes,i do want a pancake,Angel." how did she do that?"Umm..okay.watcha lookin at?"i said walking over to look at the object she held.It was a picture of two grown ups,me when I was about 14,and a little child that looked exactly like steffanie.Wait that must mean that..."these are our parents arent they?"i asked sitting down beside her."Angel?"she said in a shaky voice."Hm?" i asked looking down at her."I miss them so much!"then she looked up at me with big tear filled eyes.As i pulled her close to help support her i started to cry too."Well,think of it this way.You have memories of them.........and i dont.My memories have been whiped clean."but that just made her cry harder.sigh"Its ok.Ill make new memories here with my new family.I still have you and thats all i need.Plus,the killjoys are our family too,now."she stoped crying and it slowed to a low wimper,where as my tears and sobbing got heavyer.then party poision came walking into the tent."Hey Angel we got the fire going so you c-"then he stopped mid-sentance,and a worried look came over his face.i was still hugging Steffanie close to me,rocking her back and forth.He crossed the tent very quickly and knelt beside me.I flinched(in a good way) when he put his arms aroumd me and hugged us close to him.Steffanie in my arms and me in his."Whats wrong ,dark angel?"i loved how he said my killjoy name!my eyes flashed from his to the picture in steffanies hands.He followed my gaze and said "oh.Its ganna be okay.Both of you.We are your family now."Me and Steff. smiled at him for a second.His cheeks were cute!I kept one arm around Steff.and i took the other one off to wrap around partys neck.I hugged him for a second then I stretched up and whispered in his ear "thanks,you dont know how much this means to ....both of us."then his cheeks glowed even hotter and mine started to blush as well. "okay,well i think we all need the magic healing of brokeness that pancakes can offer right now!"i said then got up,pulling steff. up with me.But then Steffanie said "Gerard,can i have a piggy back ride?"His name shot tingles through me.And i had to catch my breath.He smiled,said sure,and flung her up onto his back.Now she was laughing and giggling.I was happy for her but at the same time jelous of her.
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