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pancakes and a nap

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I had just started the pouring the pancake mix.Everybody was sitting around the fire eyeballing the pan.I cooked three at a time,and sice i was giving everybody three,thats 18 pancakes to make.But im not complaining,there easy to make and fast,like fun ghoul said.The first three went to steffanie,then kobra kid,jet star,fun ghoul,party poision,and then me.I was fine with being last,it was comforting to know everybpdy had some to eat.Then me and party poision went to sit by a tree to eat.I was still on my first pancake ,and he was on his second."Hey,party po-"but he cut me off."Stop right there.Now that you know my real name,I think you should call me by it...if you want to."I felt my cheeks blush a little."Okay,gerard....what was campsite....earlyer?I mean...someone gasped aabout somthing,and i have no clue what about but you looked real......shaken."You see i had decided to play dumb and make him spill first if that is possible.He just looked down letting his red hair fall infront of his face "oh,umm..."he said,not making eye contact with me.Was he really this shy?Or does he just not like me that way?I have no idea what to do now." are your pancakes?"I asked.he was imedeatly happy again,probally with the change in subject."Theyre great!I love them!"He said.All I could do for a second was smile then i said "well thanks,your really nice.Just like what you did for Steffanie earlyer.I just wish i had memories of my parents."he put his hand on my shoulder in a sympathetic way.My heart rate is increasing so much i think it might just thump out of my chest!Im biting down so hard on my bottom lip but i cant feel a thing."Its going to be fine.Were your family now,and nothing can seperate us."he says with a gleaming smile.then i notice that iv been eating my pancakes absentmindidly.Im was lifting the last bite up to my mouth.But i put it back down,because i also just relized i was stuffed.I stood up and started to walk back to the camp fire cooker to throw away my plastic plate,or i should say to burn it.When i turned around to go sit back down part-...gerard was right behinde me.I looked up a few inches to his beautiful face that was staring down at me.I blushed and walked around him,back to the spot we were sitting at.When i sat down i pulled my knee's up to my chest and wraped my arms around them.Oh great,it was inly about four in the after-noon and im tired?!As i lay my head back against the tree i feel a cool hand come to rest on my arm.My eyes shoot open and i draw in a sharp breath as i see who it was.but then i relax in the comfort of who it is."Oh,im sorry.I didnt mean to startle you,Angel."said know what?to heck with this."Im having an unbelievably hard time calling you gerard."i said smiling at him "Can i just keep calling you party poision?"i asked.His eyes were still soft,if not softer."Of course."he said in a polite tone with another smile."Well thanks,and im tired so guess what." he gave me a lopsided grin and said "what?" I LOVE THAT GRIN!its just so cute.The only drawback is it sent me a million miles away "umm..well...come here." He moved closer with curiosity swelling in his eyes.When he was close enough i layed my head on his shoulder and said "im taking a nap,and your going to be my pillow."Then he wraped his arms around me and i drifted off to sleep.The weird thing is i thought i heard him say somthing but i have no idea what.I just snuggled closer into his side.


"Well thanks,and im tired so guess what."she said.I pulled a little grin upon my face and said "What?"But then she stammered in her words."Umm..well...come here."she said.I was surprised by this.What could she want me really close for?I studied her face as i moved closer slowly.Then she laid her head on my shoulder and said "Im taking a nap,and your going to be my pillow." I was a little surprised by this but i liked it.She was so cute when she was asleep,but then when is she not cute?Never,thats when.I wraped my arms around her and she snuggled closer into my side."Good night,my angel" i said,but then i wished id left out the "my" part because everybody,apart from the sleeping angel,was staring at me. "What did you just ca-" Jet started to say but i cut him off "Nothing!" i yelled.I was surprised i didnt wake Angel.They all just stared at me for a second then went back to talking.I exhaled a sigh of relief and looked down at her.She looked,and at peace.I let my hand run up and down her arm,feeling her smooth skin and started humming to myself.I slowly started to rock her in my arms.I wonder is she will sleep talk again.What can she be dreaming about thats making her smile so big?But like i spoke the magic words she started mumbling stuff."no....dont go....i love you....please.." I had just relized how long we'd been sitting there.When i looked over at the sun,i noticed it had creeped down lower into the sky.It was near around six.she'd been asleep for nearly two hours.then jet called to me "Hey,wake Angel so she can cook dinner.We have all the stuff to make canned soup!" sarcastically.I laughed at them and gently shook her shoulders."Wake up.those ideots need your help to cook canned soup." I said with a grin.She opened her eyes slowly and hugged me really tight when she saw me."Your still here!"she mumbled into my chest.Wait..was she dreaming about me?That must mean she said she loved me!Wow all this does is make tonight even easier."Yes,why wouldnt i be?" i asked tring to play dumb." reason..just a bad dream."but then she got up and looked back down at me,and stuk out her hand.(What does this remind me of?)I took it and stood up with her.The problem was once i was up and balanced she droped my hand.Why did she have to do that?When we got there she said "Okkay hand me the soup."and sat down by the fire.She got out the skillet and put the un-opened cans in it and held it over the fire for a few minuts.Then she put the skillet down and looked at me. "Gimme your gun."she said,holding her hand out.It took me a moment to remember how to move but then i got out my gun and handed it to her.She aimed at the tops of the cans and blew a hole on each top,handed back my gun and said "okay,let them cool down then drink your soup."
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