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Chapter 34

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Amber's party goes on without her and Frank gets lucky...nearly.

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Chapter 34

‘Where the hell is, Amber?’ Alicia wondered out loud ‘She’s missing her own Bachelorette party.’

‘I’m sure she’ll be here soon’ Cheyenne said with a dismissive wave of her hand. She too was worried about Amber. Her not showing up to the party was a good sign as far as Bob was concerned but it also meant that Richard was having his heart broken.

‘She’s really late’ Sarah commented. She was Amber’s maid of honour and best friend ‘I’m worried.’

‘Don’t be’ Cheyenne said with a cheerful smile ‘She and Richard aren’t allowed to see each other until the wedding on Saturday. They’re probably spending quality time together if you know what I mean.’ She said with a wink for emphasis.

‘I know I would be and I did’ Christa laughed ‘Me and Ray were late to our parties.’

‘But it’s been over two hours now’ Alicia stated. ‘Do you think something is up?’

‘No I don’t’ Cheyenne said trying to diffuse the conversation before they all started to worry. ‘Now let’s open this "Essential Bachelorette Party Kit" and see how this shit is supposed to be done.’


‘Dude I think we’re the only people who have noticed that Richard isn’t actually here.’ Bob hollered leaning across the circular table to Gerard so he could be heard over the loud ruckus of the bar they were in.

‘I know’ Gerard yelled back ‘I don’t think anyone else cares.’

The both turned and looked towards a group of Richard’s friends who were laughing and talking loudly to each other, pushing each other around playfully and spilling their drinks. Mikey and Ray were among the group too joining in the male bonding, while Frank was occupying himself in the corner with a petite brunette.

‘Do you think she’s alright?’ Bob asked. He had quickly shifted seats so he now sat directly beside Gerard ‘I’m worried.’

‘I’m sure she’s ok’ Gerard assured him ‘she’s doing what she should’ve done ages ago.’

‘Do you think she’s crying?’ Bob asked his lips falling into a frown. He hated it when she cried.

‘Probably’ Gerard said with a shrug of his shoulders ‘I know I would be. Richard’s probably pissed too.’

‘Shit!’ Bob snapped ‘What if he’s hurt her?’

‘Don’t be stupid’ Gerard scoffed ‘Richard? He wouldn’t hurt a fly. If anything he’ll get angry and storm out. He wouldn’t lay a hand on her, unlike Frank who’s getting his hands all over that girl.’

Bob looked over to the corner where Frank was gently sliding his hand up his new friend’s thigh. ‘Whoa Frank’s not wasting anytime’ he commented.

Gerard laughed and averted his eyes. 'I'm sure we'll hear all about her tomorrow' Bob laughed and nodded his head in agreement.


Amber realised she had been talking and sobbing rapidly since her “confession” begun but she had no idea how long it had been between her first word and her last and all the while Richard stared at her with an unreadable expression on his face. She had told him that she didn’t want to marry him, that she couldn’t, but the reason she gave was a lie. No matter how much she talked she still could not face telling him the complete truth and so she settled on what she thought was a plausible excuse.

‘I’m so sorry’ She sobbed ‘I didn’t mean for this to happen. I just- I’m really scared about the future and I’m not sure that this - that marriage is what I want. I guess its cold feet.’

Richard watched Amber as she cried and told him her feelings and even though the explanation of "cold feet" was a valid reason he knew deep down that it wasn’t the whole truth. That Thanksgiving night when he had waited for her had played on his mind a lot and he was intent on finding out where she had been but as the wedding grew closer the fact that she had lied to him became less important. He ignored it because knowing that she was marrying him was all that mattered. Now as Amber stood before him trembling and crying he knew he should have called her out on her lie straight away. But he would do it now. If she was calling off the wedding the least she could do was tell him the real truth and not bullshit him with a lie.

‘It isn't cold feet is it?’ He said quietly, looking up at her. He had sat down when she started to lose control and he watched her from the sofa, his eyes shifting from their wooden flooring to her quivering frame as she rapidly fired out her decision to not go through with their impending nuptials

‘It is’ Amber gulped. ‘I-‘

‘Don’t’ Richard said putting his hand up to silence her. ‘Don’t bullshit me Amber. Tell me the truth.’

‘I am’ She cried feeling her stomach churn as she lied.

Richard waited a beat giving her a chance to be honest and when she didn't he sighed and asked ‘Where were you on Thanksgiving?’

‘What?’ Amber sniffed. The question caught her completely off guard and she felt a cold shiver run through her body. ‘What does that have to do with anything?’

‘Where were you?’ Richard repeated.

‘You know where I was’ Amber answered ‘I was at Cheyenne and Gerard’s, we all had dinner. You were invited remember, but you had to work.’

‘Fine’ Richard said ‘You’re gonna stand there and act like I’m fucking stupid?’ He stood up and walked over to the mini-bar they had in the corner of the room. ‘Where were you after dinner?’

Amber swallowed the lump in her throat ‘N-Nowhere’ she stuttered and she cursed herself for having the word come out sounding so broken. She jumped when Richard’s hand came down heavy on the bar with a loud smack that made the glasses shake on top of the small counter.

‘Lies’ Richard yelled ‘I went there and you were not there. According to Gerard the party had been over for a short while and you were being dropped home. So don’t stand there and tell me you went to dinner and came straight home because you didn’t. So start filling in the blanks.’

Amber stood there frozen in silence as Richard made himself a drink and sat back down on the sofa.

‘I’m waiting’ he said taking a sip of his beverage.

‘Ray and Christa took me to their house. I was with them...’ Amber started. As she spoke she realised there really was no use in lying to him anymore. The truth would be the best option. ‘And Bob’ she said finally.

Richard had been looking at the floor but his eyes snapped up at the mention of Amber’s Ex.

‘You were with Bob’ He repeated nodding his head slowly in understanding.

‘Yes’ Amber said bowing her head as fresh tears fell from her eyes ‘Richard, I am so so sorry.’


Frank listened with a grin to the flirty whispers of the girl beside him. His hand rested gently on her bare thigh kneading her soft skin under his fingertips as he anticipated the evening ahead. It had been a while since he had felt anyone else’s skin under his hands other than his own and he liked the feel of it. The last woman who had felt the pressure of his palms had been Lyn and that had been a drunken mistake which he had paid for with a punch to the face. He didn’t really remember it happening but Lyn had kindly filled him in the morning after. He zoned back into the conversation his lips was having with the girl beside him, he had been talking to her whilst his mind had wondered away. It wasn’t that she wasn’t interesting it was just he had only one thing on his mind.

‘So’ Frank said licking his lips and flashing a grin ‘Are you going to let me take you home?’ He asked. He leaned even closer to her then he already was until he felt his body graze the left side of hers. ‘Or are you just going to let me take you?’ he whispered in her ear. He heard her sharp intake of breath and he felt a rush of heat between his thighs. It was a welcome feeling and Frank couldn’t wait to feel himself explode inside her.

‘Here?’ she asked her head snapping up to look around the extremely crowded room, filled with men and women both looking for a good time.

‘Well not actually in here’ Frank said his fingertips reaching up to hold her chin and bringing her back to face him. ‘Out there’ he said nodding to the parking lot where Ray’s car was parked, which he luckily had the keys to ‘Or in there’ he said turning her head gently in the direction of the club bathrooms. ‘Three options honey and the choice is yours’

With the last word he closed the gap between them and pressed his lips to hers sealing the deal. She hadn’t yet picked a place where Frank would be taking her, but it was agreed that he would take her and he would give her everything he had in return.


"Amber’s not here. I’m worried" Chey sent the message and kept the phone in her hand hoping Gerard would text back. She quickly set it to vibrate so no one in the room would know if she received a message.

Gee: “Of course she’s not, she breaking up with Richard."

Cheyenne read the reply and winced, feeling bad for Richard. "Do you think she is ok? How’s Bob?"

Gee: "Bob is worried like you. I’m sure its ok. It’ll all be over soon. Can’t wait to get home to you."

Cheyenne smiled at his words. "I hope so its getting harder to stop the girls going to get Amber. Can’t wait for you to come home either."

Gee: "Make sure the girls stay away from Richard’s house. Do your best. I love you xo"

‘Love you too.’ Cheyenne replied.

‘Who are you texting?’ Alicia asked. She had noticed her sister-in-law was no longer with them.

‘Amber’ Cheyenne lied ‘Just making sure she ok.’

‘And?’ Sarah asked taking a large gulp of her red wine.

‘I’ll let you know when she texts back’ Cheyenne said with a shrug of her shoulders.

‘Well come on then girl its your roll of the dice.’ Christa said to Cheyenne.

‘Who are you texting?’ Alicia asked. She had noticed her sister-in-law was no longer with them.

‘Amber’ Cheyenne lied. ‘I’m just making sure she’s ok.’

‘And?’ Sarah asked taking a large gulp of her red wine.

‘I’ll let you know when she texts back’ Cheyenne said with a shrug of her shoulders.

‘Well come on then girl it’s your roll of the dice.’ Christa said to Cheyenne.

Cheyenne rolled her turn and moved the bouquet shaped piece four places until it rested on the square marked "Truth". All the girls "oohed" and Cheyenne rolled her eyes as she picked up the little card from the truth pile.

‘During intercourse with your boyfriend/husband have you ever fantasised about another man? And if so who?

Cheyenne hid her grimace as she read the question allowed to the room.

‘Well of course she has’ Alicia said with a laugh ‘who hasn’t?’

‘I know I have’ Sarah chimed in ‘Richard Gere.’

They all laughed.

‘Alicia, you have?’ Cheyenne laughed ‘Who’s your fantasy guy?’

Alicia blushed but shook her head ‘I’m not saying.’

‘Oh come on you have to’ Christa pleaded ‘Its part of the game.’

‘It’s not my truth’ Alicia said with a grin ‘so I don’t have to say.’

‘It’s probably handsome Don.’ Cheyenne laughed

‘Ew! Your father-in-Law? Alicia that is gross.’ Christa giggled

‘It’s not him’ Alicia cried ‘I never said it was him. Fuck off.’

‘Oh she’s getting all defensive’ Cheyenne giggled ‘Can’t wait to tell Mikey just to see his expression.’

‘Please let me be there’ Christa giggled

‘You guys stop teasing her’ Sarah chimed in ‘And you can’t tell, these are secrets of the party.’

‘Thank you, Sarah’ Alicia said rubbing her baby bump with a pout.

‘So Cheyenne, you have to answer the question' Christa said mirroring Alicia’s actions and rubbing her own growing stomach.

‘Yes I have and Johnny Depp’ Cheyenne said crossing her fingers as she lied while the others girls nodded their heads in approval.

Cheyenne kept the small smile on her face as she thought about the real answer to that question. Her heart gave a painful beat as she thought about Frank and his "new girlfriend". She wondered what the other woman looked like. Was she younger, prettier, smarter, were they together right now or would they be hooking up later? Cheyenne couldn’t stop the frown appearing on her face. On one hand she told herself that it was good that Frank was moving on but on the other hand it hurt like hell. Suddenly Cheyenne was no longer in the mood to entertain or to celebrate. All she wanted to do was crawl into her bed and feel sorry for herself and the situation she had gotten herself into.


‘You’ve made a Goddamn fool of me, Amber’ Richard screamed and paced as Amber trembled by their living room window.

‘It wasn’t m-m-my intention’ Amber stuttered. Between the tears and her fear she was becoming less and less articulate. She had never in the three years that she had been with Richard seen him so angry and it unnerved her to no end. How do you react to someone you know when they show you a side of themselves that you’ve never seen before?

‘Yes it was’ He cried ‘How long were you going to put off telling me that you’ve been having an affair with your Ex. How long huh? What was your original plan, to wait until we were at the alter in front of our friends and family?’

‘No’ Amber wept ‘I would never do that. I didn’t want that. I was just scared to tell you, I didn’t want to hurt you…’

‘Well good job on that’ Richard spat sarcastically ‘cause I’m not hurt at all.’

‘I’m so sorry’ Amber repeated.

‘Stop saying that.’ He raged ‘stop saying how sorry you are because it doesn’t mean a fucking thing.’

The room fell silent except for Richard’s angry breathing and Amber’s quiet weeping.

‘Why didn’t you just leave me if you didn’t love me?’ He asked his own tears now forming in his eyes ‘Why’d you lead me on like this. Why let things get so far?’

‘I don’t know’ Amber whispered ‘Its not that I didn’t love you. I did and I still do. I wanted the future we talked about. I was ready to be your wife but…’

‘Then he came along’ Richard finished for her.

Amber nodded in confirmation but didn’t speak. What else could she say?

‘Amber, listen to me’ Richard said the soft tone of voice catching her attention. ‘I love you’ he said walking to stand before her ‘And you still love me’ he smiled. ‘Lets not waste-lets just forget about this and carry on as we were. We’re supposed to be getting married on Saturday. Less than forty-eight hours away.’

‘We can’t’ Amber said stepping away from him ‘It wouldn’t be right.’

‘Why wouldn’t it be? We can get married and go to England like we planned and just start over. It’ll be a fresh start. You said you wanted that future let me give it to you.’ He said reaching for her.

‘No’ Amber replied shrugging out of his embrace ‘It wouldn’t be fair to do that to ourselves.’

‘But we love each other’ he exclaimed ‘You love me you just said so’

‘But I love Bob more’ She admitted ‘I love him more’

Once again the room fell into silence and Amber didn’t dare look at Richard, she didn’t want to see the wounded expression she knew he wore at that moment. She wished he was angry instead.

‘Amber please-’ he began. He was cut off by the loud whirr of Amber’s mobile vibrating on the hard wood coffee table.

Amber’s eyes grew wide through her panic and the fear wasn’t lost on Richard. Suddenly they both raced to reach the phone. Amber got to the table first, she reached over to snatch the phone up, when she felt Richard’s strong hand shove her violently. Amber tumbled across the table, her hip slamming to the ground as she landed in a heap on the floor.

Richard fumbled with the phone turning it in his hand to see the name displayed on the front

‘Its him’ he said in disbelief ‘Why is he calling you now?’

Amber didn’t answer straight away. She was stunned from the fact that he had actually pushed her and from the sharp pain in her right hip. ‘He’s waiting for me’ She replied eventually.

‘You whore! Richard hissed his face red with rage as he saw the situation for what it truely was. ‘You were going to walk out of my life and into his arms tonight’ he yelled. ‘No grieving period, no waiting out of respect for MY feelings, just out of our bed and into his.’

‘You wouldn’t have known’ Amber cried refusing to raise her head to look at him ‘You weren’t supposed to know. I was trying to protect you from the truth.’

‘Protect ME’ Richard laughed maliciously. ‘It’s your precious Bob who needs protecting.’ He spat. And with those words he turned on his heel and stormed towards the front door grabbing his car keys on the way.

‘Wait!’ Amber called after him struggling to her feet, her hip aching as she stood. ‘Richard!’ she screamed as the front door slammed.


Richard closed the driver's door with a loud bang and threw Amber's phone onto the passenger's seat. He thrust his key into the ignition and started the car pulling out of the drive way without even bothering to put his seat belt on. He had only one thing on his mind and that was to find Bob. Richard gripped the steering wheel tightly as his mind raced from the events of the evening. He felt a fresh wave of humiliation wash over him as he imagined what his friends and family would think at his wedding being called off two days before it was meant to be. He thought about how much it had cost to plan and how much money and time had been wasted. He got angry as he thought about the gifts that their friends and family had shopped for and had hoped to present them with on Saturday. How could she do this to him? How could she cheat on him and kill their future right before it was due to begin? Richard suddenly slammed on his breaks grateful that he was the only person driving along the residential road. He grabbed his head and screamed in frustration at the injustice of the situation. What had he done to deserve this? What had he done to deserve this kind of hurt? Richard removed his shaking hands from his head and leaned back against the headrest closing his eyes and taking a breath to calm his heart rate. When he opened his eyes again they fell on his Amber's phone and without hesitation he picked it up and typed in a message and sent it.

Its over. Where are you?

His breathing came in short sharp blasts as he waited for a reply and when it came he felt sick to his stomach.

Bobby: At Sinner's Bar with the guys. Do you want me to come and get you? Are you alright?

Richard growled as he read the message, letting out a loud string of profanities at the same time. Not only was Bob fucking his fiancé but he was at HIS bachelor party too. It was the last straw. Richard literally stabbed the keys as he typed one final message.

‘No. Stay there. I’ll come to you. See you soon.


‘Going somewhere Frankie?’ Bob asked pocketing his phone with one hand and grabbing Frank’s arm with his other.

‘For a smoke with Anna’ Frank said casual smile. He knew Bob knew exactly where he was going and what he was going to do but he tried to keep the dignity of the woman beside him.

‘See you in five then’ Bob replied with a smirk

Frank grinned and led Anna out of the bar. They walked without conversation to Ray’s car in the parking lot. It wasn’t a secluded spot at all, people were coming and going through the bar constantly but Ray’s car was parked nicely between two other cars giving them a pretty good cover. As soon as they got to the car Frank spun Anna around and pushed her up against the hood. He grinned as she giggled at the unexpected force of his action but he quickly silenced her with a kiss. Her giggle didn’t sound like Cheyenne’s and so he didn’t want to hear it. He had a goal tonight, a reason to be at the bar. It was to get laid and now he was. But he didn’t want to fuck Anna and think about Anna. He wanted to fuck Anna and think about Cheyenne and it would be easier if Anna made no sounds other than moans and gasps.

Frank kissed Anna with hard and eager kisses. He wanted her to know that this would be a fuck and not a romantic interaction. He wouldn’t be taking her home afterward, not to his home anyway and he wouldn’t be calling her either. It was a one time deal and he wouldn’t let her think otherwise. He dragged his lips down to her neck and bit on her soft skin as her head fell back to give him better access.

As Frank ravaged her skin and Anna praised his lips on her neck, he thought about Cheyenne and the times they had been together. He thought about the day they made love on the living room floor with Cheyenne spread out beneath him whilst he buried himself deep inside her and he moaned and ground his hips against Anna.

‘You’re so hard’ Anna grinned. She lowered her hand between them and gripped him softly, massaging his arousal in her soft palm.

Frank moaned in approval as her fingers stroked him through his jeans. ‘Get on the hood’ Frank whispered into her ear as his hands held tight to her hip. Anna nodded and with Frank’s help perched herself on the hood of Ray’s car.

‘That’s much better.’ Frank praised as he parted her legs and settled himself between them, dragging her forward until she was pressed against the bulge in his jeans. ‘Much better.’

‘I thought we would be inside the car at least’ Anna smiled at him as she ran her up over his chest and around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss.

‘Me too’ Frank shrugged with a grin. He reached up and removed her hands from his neck. He was calling the shots, not her. He gripped both of her wrists in one of his hands and lowered her back onto the car so she was spread out before him just like the image he had of Cheyenne in his mind.

‘So beautiful’ Frank said not seeing the girl in front of him but the one etched into his mind. He didn’t see Anna’s blush and he didn’t care, the compliment was not for her anyway.

Frank looked down on the woman sprawled across the hood but only saw the object of his affection. ‘Open your shirt’ he breathed ‘I want to see you.’

Anna moaned at his direction as her fingers popped the buttons on her shirt and then went one step further and unclasped her bra. She moved the materials to either side of her body and displayed herself to him.

Frank’s heart rate sped up at the site of Anna’s breasts, naked and bare in the moonlight, waiting for him to caress. Her nipples stood to attention in the cold night air and Frank wasted no time getting acquainted with them. As his tongue licked across her left nipple Frank sighed in contentment at the feeling that rushed through him, his left hand squeezed her ample breast further into his mouth as he suckled and imagined it was Cheyenne beneath him. As he worked on Anna’s chest Frank’s mind wandered to earlier in his bedroom and the conversation he had had with Gerard. Cheyenne had wanted to invite Frank and his new girl over to dinner. What did that mean? Was she over their situation, over them? She couldn’t be, she loved him. But she had chosen Gerard so maybe she was.

‘Ugh!’ Anna cried out as Frank’s teeth sunk into her skin a little harder than he intended too. His thoughts had grown angry and so had his actions.

‘Sorry’ he mumbled licking the spot he had bitten ‘Got carried away.’

‘Make it up to me’ Anna challenged combing his hair away from his eyes.

Frank smirked at her boldness ‘Lift your hips’ he commanded running his hands over her breasts and down her side to her hips. His hands snaked under her skirt and Anna moaned as his fingers gently brushed over her most intimate area. She lifted her hips as Frank asked her to and he gently tugged her underwear down her thighs, the cold metal of the hood made Anna moan as her hips fell back into their former position.

Frank then lifted her skirt and exposed her to the night and was pleased to find that she was already wet. He could see the proof of her arousal on her soft lips, the moisture visible under the moonlight and Frank couldn’t wait to be inside her.

‘You like what you see?’ Anna smiled. She didn’t need the question answered she could see the hungry look in Frank’s eyes ‘what are you waiting for?’

Frank’s hands shot to his belt buckle as Anna sat up and captured his lips in a hard kiss. Frank didn’t care as he hurried to free himself. She could kiss him all she wanted now because in a second he’d be buried inside her and her lips would be too busy begging him for more to be able to kiss him.

Frank shivered as the cold night air licked his hardened cock. He stroked himself as he watched Anna’s eyes grow wide at his thick swell. Frank grinned as he reached into his back pocket and stilled when his wallet didn’t meet his fingers.

‘What the fuck?’ He breathed twisting awkwardly in an attempt to see his back pocket. Where the hell was his wallet? ‘Oh no’ he groaned.

‘What’ Anna said sitting up to see what the cause for his distress was.

‘I left my wallet in the bar. My condoms are in there. Fuck!’ He said pulling his boxers and his jeans up over his aching hard on ‘Wait for me?’ he asked. As cocky as he had been before he did need Anna to satisfy him and he didn’t think he’d have the patience to start over with some new when he had been so close.

‘Of course’ Anna smiled. After seeing what he was packing she would be stupid not to.

Frank pulled her into a sweet kiss and lifted her off the hood. He took Ray’s keys out of his jeans and unlocked the car.

‘Wait in there, so you’ll be warm. I’ll be right back.’ He promised.

‘Hurry’ Anna pleaded. She took his hand and pushed it under her skirt and between her thighs and they both moaned as Frank’s index finger slid smoothly inside her.

‘Fuuuck’ He hissed easing his hand out from the warm wet stickiness between her thighs. 'Get in the fucking car and finger yourself’ he said opening the door as she climbed in the back seat ‘I want my cock to slide into you as easily as my finger did. Get to work.’ Frank closed the door and took a deep breath, he started towards the bar willing his erection away as he walked across the lot. He kept his head up as the cool night air filled his lungs and even though Anna was waiting he walked without hurry to his destination. He looked back towards Ray’s car to make sure Anna was ok and when he looked back to the bar’s entrance he saw Richard on the opposite side heading for door.

‘Finally’ Frank muttered to himself ‘Richard!’ he yelled ‘Hey, Richard.’ The other man didn’t turn to acknowledge Frank’s yells but Frank was pretty sure he heard him. Frank watched as Richard threw open the outer door to the bar causing it to hit the wall with a loud bang. Richard marched inside and disappeared from Frank’s sight just as the door slammed shut behind him.

‘What the hell?’ Frank said his eyebrows furrowing. What had gotten him so angry? Frank sped up his steps in a hurry to find out what was up with the guy. Not only was he hours late to his own Bachelor party, from the looks of it he was in one hell of a mood too. Frank’s body came to a complete halt and a shiver ran down his spine as a thought crossed his mind. Had Richard found out about Bob and Amber?

‘Oh shit’ Frank exclaimed as his body snapped into action. He sprinted towards the bar’s entrance and like Richard did before him he threw the door open. Frank raced through the crowded bar to their table carelessly pushing people aside. He made it to Gerard’s side, his mouth ready to shout that Richard was there when he saw Bob’s body crash into a table and hit the floor with a thud.

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