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that night in angels pov

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2011-03-31 - Updated: 2011-04-01 - 611 words


As we had ate our soup,we filled the space with amusing conversation.At first it was about how we were going to slaughter all the dracs.Then it was about how much we hated Kourser,wich i was (mabey over) involved in,by saying things like "I would just love to watch him burn in achohaul lit fire!" just for the enjoyment that somthing he loved more than me,his own (now EX) girfriend.At first they all gave me strange looks but then burst into uncontrollable laughter.What i didnt get was why they were laughing at that.I meant every word of it.It must have been at least three hours because it was now darkish(but not totally dark thanks to the fire)and people were yawning.It seemed to spread like a disease when Ghoul did it,then Jet,and finally Kobra.Steffanie had already fallen asleep.We had put her back in her sleeping bag a while ago.Jet was the first to say "Night",give me a "just do it!" nod siggnifying that the time to tell party how i felt was drawing closer,and saunter off to the sleeping bags.He was fallowed out by ghoul and kobra.After a few minuts passed by and we heard some snoring,Party Poision looked over to me and said "Angel we need to talk." I just nodded my head in agreement."You should know that I...well that I....."But then he stopped and looked down. "Its ok.You can tell me anything,Party." i said hugging him around the shoulders.I felt my heart rate increase with the simple touch.Then i heard his breathing go did mine.He exhaled a sharp breath and began again "Angel,....I" but then he looked up at me and stared me straight in the eyes.His head started moving toward mine,but this time i found the ability to move.Slowly we closed the inches between us one by one.When his mouth found mine an electro current shot through me.This was more electrifying than the simple hand touch,him hugging me,everything was so far behind this.I reached up and wove my fingers into his hair.His arms locked around my back and pulled me in closer.I was no longer sitting on the log.I was sitting in his lap.I had no idea how i got there but i didnt want to move at all.His tounge traced the outline of my bottom lip.He was asking for entrance.I smiled into the kiss and parted my lips granting his request.Soon our tounges were engaged in a fierce battle for dominace.When i finally won he groaned with defeat.When i pulled away gasping for air,his mouth found my throut.He went down,then back up my throut.When he came back up,I pulled his face back to mine.This time i was the one to ask for entrance.Of course he allowed me in and we were back to battle.He won this time though.Only because I let him.I wanted this moment to last forever,but of course it cant.he slowly pulled back,holding my face between his hands."I nnever got to say what I wanted to." he said with a smile."Dont worry.....I love you too." i said.Blushing in his hands.the biggest smile iv ever seen spread across his face.He was glowing with happieness.He pulled me into a giant hug and squeezed me.I was perfectly content as i fell asleep in his arms.
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