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All things must pass

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Paul´s behaviour threatens his place in the band

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6. All things must pass

"He´s so weird now. The other day I asked him for a pencil and he came back with this mouthful of abuse"
George and John stared at Pete as if they were watching the words dance out of his mouth. Paul had been acting strange lately but they never thought it would come to this. It was like he was a completely different person. Whenever you tried to speak to him he´d come back to you with a mouthful, half of it not even making sense. Either that or he bit your head off for no reason whatsoever. He´d stopped eating so he was literally a walking skeleton and at night he refused to sleep. If you were up in the early hours of the morning you would hear him wandering around the hallway, singing a ghostly chorus under his breath to keep himself awake. He was giving everyone the cold shoulder. Even John, who´d over the past few weeks tried to find out what was bothering his best friend. But no one could get through to Paul. He was in another world, all on his own.

"Well someone has to do something" said Pete, "He´s lost it, I´m telling you"
"I think there´s more to it then that" said George, "Somethin´must be bothering him. Or someone"
He couldn´t help flickering his eyes towards Stu who was sitting smugly on the couch on the other side of the room. He didn´t know what it was. He just had some feeling, a sixth sense, that Stuart had something to do with Paul´s odd behaviour. Whenever Paul was around him he seemed unsettled, almost frightened of the older man´s presence. But George didn´t dare say anything. In case he was wrong.

"Should we tell Brian?"
"Nah. He´ll just make im´see a doctor or something" said John
"I dunno. Maybe he does need to see one. He´s losing his wits. Even you can see that John" said Pete
"Maybe if we talk to him, he´ll tell us what´s up" said George
Pete rolled his eyes
"Yeah, like the last time. Come on guys, get real. Brian needs to know"
"We can´t tell anyone. They´ll think he´s gone nuts"
"I think he´s gone nuts"
George intervened
"Look guys, this isn´t helping. We just need to tell Paul-"
"Tell me what?"

They stopped short when they saw Paul at the doorway. He really looked awful. Messy hair, panda eyes, wearing the same clothes he wore yesterday. George was right. They needed to do something fast. Paul watched them with his tired eyes.
"Brian wants you all in the lobby at six" he said hoarsley
The others glanced at each other. John smiled at Paul
"You didn´t need to trouble yourself by coming to find us" he said softly
Paul frowned
"If it I knew it was going to be any trouble, I wouldn´t have bothered" he snapped harshly and he swept away, his light footsteps pouding up the staircase. George started chewing his lip.
"Now do you see what I mean?" said Pete after he was sure Paul was gone.
"Your right" said John slowly, "We need to do something"
"Question is, who´s going to do it?"

John paused, then stood up from his seat.
"Paul trusts me" he said through he seemed doubtful, "He´ll talk to me"
He walked towards the door and paused before opening it.
"And George?" he said without turning around
John looked over his shoulder at him
"If I don´t make it, tell my aunt I love her"

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