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the title is almost meaningless...i had a block so i just put the first thing that crept into my mind.if i find a better title ill change it...mabey ill put tacos in the story somewhere....

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okay i no its been a while since ive updated and im sorry...iv had a lot heres the next chapter.


What is everybody laughing about back there?I looked back and caught Party staring at my

butt.Wait,what?I winked at him when he finally looked up to my face.He blushed a little at the

fact that i had caught him.I grabbed the ingrediants and skillet to make brekfeast.As i walked

to the fire place i groaned in aggervatio. "Who someone like to do the honor of lighting the

fire?" i called to them.Party jerked his head around,and scrambled to get up.He then ran

over,stumbling a little wich made me giggle,then held a lighter to the logs that were a little

burnt.He circled around the fire to me and whispered "Did you hear what i just said?" his warm

breath sent tingles down my back and i said "No." he breathed a sigh of reliefe sending yet

another tingle down my back. "Good." he breathed.He kissed me on the cheek and went to sit on

the log opposite of me.He gave me a dazzling smile then stared into the fire.My lungs were

burning for so i sucked in a huge gulp of it.I sat down and started cooking.When the smell

traveled to them,they all flocked over to find a seat.Steffanie sat right beside me,and rested

her head on my shoulder.Was she tired again?She always seemed to be sleepy....did she sleep at

night or did she pretend?


Angel had a very frustrated look on her face,like she was thinking very hard about

somthing,then she looked down at Steff. and asked her a question that was inaudible to everyone

but her.Steffs. eyes got really big and she sucked in a sharp breath of air.Angel bent down and

said somthing else inaudible and steff. sighed very sadly and shook her head signaling "O.K."

then she cuddled closer to angels arm before she said "Pancakes anybody?".I then noticed that i

wasnt the only one who had noticed this little exchange.They all hesitantly pushed fordward

their plastic plates,wtaching her causiously,as if she would bite them.I knew better,so

i ,without hesitation,pushed my plate toward her and she happily plopped 3 pancakes down on

it.When everybody saw there was no danger they heaved their plates up to her and she did the

same to them as she did to me.When she was done with them she fixed her plate and Steffanies

plate.Steff. ate hers very slowly as if trying to delay the future.What did Angel say to her?

as you may have noticed:the formation of the paragraph is different(dont worry you wont die),and it is short...mabey to short but oh well,i have ileap testing in morning so,yeah...bye!
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