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"Not Guilty"

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George sees more than he's supposed to

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7. "Not Guilty"

When John found Paul, he looked like death warmed up. He was sitting on the floor of the hallway, his back leaned against the wall, watching the wall opposite him. He didn't know what to do, what to say. It'd be like talking to thin air. He slowly sat down beside Paul, copying his hunched up body language. The silence that followed was a long one, words circling through John's head like a cartwheel.

"What's going on Macca?"
Paul didn't reply, just stared harder like his eyes were laser beams
"We promised we'd be straight with each other, remember?" he said, putting an edge to his voice, "You're my best mate. I love you Paul, so you need to tell me what's the hell's been goin on"
Nothing left from Paul's lips. His obnoxious silence began to annoy John to the point where he knew he'd have to use force to get Paul to talk.
"Macca, look at me!"
He caught the side of Paul's face and jerked it towards him, looking into his hazel eyes which were far away in another world. Some of his hair flopped sideways, revealing a small but noticeable scar running along his cheekbone. The anger was pushed from john's eyes and replaced with a timid, concerned expression. The blurriness from Paul's eyes cleared and when he blinked he saw John's finger reaching out and gently stroking the horrid scar on the side of his cheek.

He turned his head away, horrified that John had seen his face, how disgusting it was. He didn't dare turn his head around, even when he felt John's hand on his shoulder.
"Paul...who did that to you?"
He could feel Paul stiffen, not from anger but from bitter memory.
"Just leave me alone" Paul whispered coldly and stood up, ready to try and make a move for the bedroom door. John wasn't ready to give up yet.
"Don't even think about it" he snapped and caught Paul by the wrist just as he was about to open the door. When he touched Paul's arm, he felt a slight dent in his skin. `When he pulled up Paul's sleeve, there were more scars, some big, some small, travelling all the way up his arms. Paul didn't bother tugging his arm away. He knew that John had seen. That it was too late.

John felt his eyes welling up, as he knew what he was looking at. And for a moment, he faced the reality that Paul really had gone mad.
"...Christ Macca"
Paul said nothing. He gently pulled his arm away from John's grasp and closed the bedroom door behind him.


Byt the time John had made it back to the sitting room, he was as white as paper. The others had been waiting anxiously for the outcome of John confrontation but now, when they saw the look on his face, they could tell it hadn't gone well.
"Well?" Pete asked as john walked in, "What did he say?"
John felt his stomach churning like a broken dishwasher when he thought of those scars on Paul's arms. The thought of Paul doing that to himself was unbearable. He couldn't stop the tears from flowing and all on a sudden he was on his knees, sobbing like a lost child. Pete gave George a nervous glance, before boldly making a move to comfort his friend. He rested john's head on his chest and did his best to calm him, running his fingers through john's hair like a mother with a sick child.

"He won't talk to me" John wept, trying to pul himself together but at the same time not caring, "It's like he not even there anymore. What's happened to him?"
George squatted down next to Jon and gently nuzzled his head against his shoulder. He too wanted to find out what was bothering Paul but from how John was reacting it was pretty bad. He'd never seen John in such a way. When John eventually calmed down and just sat there on the floor, rubbing his red eyes, George stood up and made towards the door.

"Where are you going?" John asked, his voice still choked from crying
George turned his head and John could see the seriousness in his child like eyes
"I'm going to sort this out"


The first thing George heard as he walked down the hallway towards the bedroom was Stu's voice. the door was ajar but only just and the closer he got, the lighter his footsteps became. When he reached the door, he peered through the gap, blinking at the two figures inside the bedroom.
Paul was squatted on the bed, looking at the floor, while Stu was pacing in front on him, his voice getting more frantic.

"You swear to me, you didn't tell him a thing"
"I swear"
"Cos if you have-"
"I didn't tell him anything, god dammit!" Paul snapped, his head jerking up, angry tears steeping down his face
"Don't start getting bitchy with me macca. It's not my fault you decided to turn into some self-harming maniac!"
"Not your fault? ALL of this is your fault! Just cos you were jealous of me an John!"
"Maybe I wouldn't have been jealous if you hadn't have been such a stuck up little git all the time"
"You raped me!"
"And I'll bloody well do it again if you don't shut the fuck up!"
He pushed Paul down on the bed till he had him in a straddle position, pinning his arms to the bed so there was no chance of escaping.
Paul watched him with wide eyes
"You wouldn't dare?"
Stuart smiled through gritted teeth.

George let out a gasp loud enough for paul to hear. His eyes diverted to the child crouched behind the door. When their eyes met, George could sense Paul telling him to get out while he still could. When Stu saw Paul's eyes were no longer on him, he followed his gaze and turned his head around to see George through the gap of the door. George felt his blood freeze and suddenly he found his legs, his footsteps echoing down the hallway.
"Shit" Stuart muttered, clambering off the bed after him. Paul felt the fear returning.
"Stuart, if you dare touch him...!" he yelled as Stuart disappeared out of the door and after George

When he caught up with the kid, George had already reached Brian's office, about to turn the handle. He pulled his hand off and seized him by the shoulders.
"What you saw in there, you forget, okay?"
"You're a liar"
"Keep your voice down Harrison!" Stu hissed
"You're a liar and you're an animal! How could you do that?"
"Listen Harrison" he said tightening his grip so George went limp in his grasp, "If you ever want to have children, you forget everything you saw. If you dare utter a word to anyone about this, I will make your life such a misery you'll wish you were dead" he shook him a little to make his point and pulled him closer to his face until the tips of their noses were touching.

"You're the quiet Beatle, right" he whispered to the terrified child who could only whimper in reply, "Well I suggest you stay that way"
At that moment the door to Brian's offcie opened. Stu instantly let George go and both looked at Brian with innocent eyes.
"Everything alright?"
Stuart shot George a warning glance
"Everything's fine" said George in a small voice
"Good. Now George, I want to talk to you about something" Brian put his arm around George and led him down the hallway.

When George turned around, the last thing he saw was Stuart place a finger against his lips.
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