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The many faces of Stuart Sutcliffe

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A busy night ends with seduction

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8. The many faces of Stuart Sutcliffe

Paul was silent as he stared out of the window, as the clouds ahead turned grey and the rain began pattering against the pains. He was done with this shitty band. Besides, it wasn't like they were going to get anywhere. He just wanted to break free from this hell hole and run down that long road which led to nowhere. He didn't flinch when he felt two arms wrap around his waist and a familiar voice whispered into his ear.

"Miss me princess?"
Paul replied with gritted teeth
"Not really"
Stuart ignored this
"Well then, I'm going to have to make it up to you..." and he instantly began unbuttoning Paul's shirt, "...aren't I?"
When Paul's shirt was fully open, Stu began kissing his neck, warm little pecks over and over again. Paul remained emotionless through this act of passion. Had it been John kissing, he would have been revelling in it. But Stu...he was too sinister, too full of hate. He didn't kiss with love, he kissed with dominance. Every peck was Stu's way of telling Paul he was now his. This was one of Stuart's many faces. You never knew what he was going to be like next. Loving and caring or the cold hearted soul he really was. It was unpredictable.

He just stood there, whilst Stuart's warm velvet lips left a soft trail down towards his collarbone. He kissed it a thousand times a minute, repeatedly running his lips against that beautiful part of Paul's body.

But it was too much after a while. As Stuart's tongue slid further down Paul's chest, Paul pulled away, leaving Stuart's wandering mouth as he went and sat on the edge of the bed. Stuart, almost disappointed by Paul's action, began rubbing his lips as if they missed the feeling of Paul's soft skin. But he had to keep his guard up.
"What's wrong?" asked Paul nastily, "Not satisfied?"
Stuart smiled - which surprised Paul because it wasn't Stuart's usual menacing grin - it was a genuine smile. He looked gentle, almost friendly.

"You always satisfy me Paul" he said kindly, chuckling lightly at Paul's shocked expression, "You always have"
He went and sat next to Paul, gently folding back a lock of his hair behind his ear which he loved doing. Paul stared into those dark eyes and for a moment, almost fell for that sweet expression. But he knew he couldn't fall for Sutcliffe's sick game.
"Don't..." he said, with a warning tone in his voice, turning his head away so Stuart couldn't see the upcoming blush spreading across his face.

Before Stuart could make another move, Pete came bursting in, his eyes sparked with excitement.
"You'll never guess what!" he said in a fluster, "We've got a gig!"


Although Paul was in no mood to perform at the Indra that night, he knew he had to. For the bands sake. He felt abnormally shaky before the performance, maybe because he could still see Stu wavering in the background, his eyes locked on the younger man. Paul tried hard to ignore, hoping the music would distract him from the lust to be sick. It didn't. He found himself struggling to stand on his own two feet and by the final number he'd fled the stage and rushed to the toilets to throw up.

Unfortunately, Stuart had seen.

Brian had booked them into a hotel that night as a treat. The boys were grateful to get away from the shabby cinema screen and finally get a good nights sleep. Paul knew however, he would be awake the whole night. His stomach was turning so violently, he'd have to make hasty trips to the loo to avoid vomiting all over the carpet. He didn't know what it was. Whether he was sickening from something or just undergoing a mount of stress from the passing week. He just wanted it to be over.

He wiped the tears from his eyes with a piece of loo roll after yet another trip to the toilet. He was so exhausted, he could barely stay awake. But then he stopped when he saw Stu through the bathroom mirror. He was wide awake.
"...You okay?" Stuart asked, a hint of concern in his voice
"I'm fine" Paul replied, beginning to wash his hands. He turned the tips so vigorously, water splashed everywhere. Stuart calmly came over and turned the taps off. Paul turned around, pushed back against the sink so they were looking into each others eyes.

"You know when I said you satisfied me?" Stuart whispered, "...I meant it"
Paul made a lunge to get away but Stuart caught his hands, and ran his nose along his shoulder and up his neck until he could talk into his ear.
"I will make you mine paul"
Paul broke free and stared at Stu again. The pause was a tense one.

"We'll see about that" Paul said finally and then suddenly pulled Stuart into such a hard kiss, it almost knocked both of them over.

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