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Chapter One: A New Beginning

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Gerard: First day at Belleville High as a Junior. Frankie: Back to school, or as I like to call it, "The Hell Hole".

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A/N: Sorry for any spelling mistakes! I'm using my laptop and it doesn't have spellcheck >.< Anyway, enjoy my crappy Frerard! :')

September - First Day of School

[Gerard's POV]

That was all I could say when I looked in the mirror.
My newly cut, ebony hair is disheveled and tangled. Under my eyes are blackish-purple circles. Summary?
"I look like shit," I groan.
And today was my first day as a junior at Belleville High. "Great".
Pfft. Who was I kidding?
My mom says it's a way to start over and make new friends. A way to "fit in". A "new beginning".
Who the Hell would wanna be friends with me? In my old school, I was the "wimpy, goth, gay kid". And now, because I actually stood up for myself, I'd be starting off the new school year as the "supposed-badass, goth, gay kid." Tsk.
After spending what seems like an hour in my room brushing my teeth, straightening my hair, and scouting for clothes in my messy closet, I finally emerege wearing a black "I heart vampires" tee, black skinnies, medium-lengthed combat boots, and a Misfits sweater. My eyes are rimmed with black makeup, the bottom with eyeliner.
"Morning, sweetie," I hear my mother say. She kisses my cheek and I smile.
"Gerard," says my father, looking at me from the top of the newspaper in his hands.
"Good morning, sir," I respond as my smile fades. He was the worst father. He nods his head in approval and extends his hand expectedly. I felt like slapping it aside and scoffing in his face, but I knew better. He'd hand me my own ass. I shake his hand, making a mental note to decontaminate it later.
"Where's Mikey?" I ask.
"He left with his friends, dear," replies my mom. I groan.
While I was too busy being a loner over the summer, Mikey made friends with two kids at the park, some girl who he now has a crush on and a small boy.
"Get on to school, young man," says my father.
Shut the fuck up, dad, is my mental reply. But...
"Yes, sir," I mumble, quickly getting my bag and running out the door before he could inspect my wardrobe. Sighing, I trudge on along to school.

Belleville High.
I shiver, watching the kids climb up the stairs and into the horrific public school.
Forever alone, Gerard. Forever alone.
I sigh and duck my head, making my way through the crowded halls to the school office.
"Hello? I'm Gerard Way. The new student."
"Well hello, Mr. Way," I hear the secretary say. "I'm Mrs. Joklina."
"Hi..." I start, biting my lip. "I came to get my schedule, locker number and such?"
"Ah, yes! Here."
Mrs. Joklina hands me a school map, my PE clothing, a schedule and a list of available lockers. I smile a bit. Locker #13 was available and right near the art and music rooms. And 13 was my lucky number. After I told her my choice, I walk out and look at my schedule:
Homeroom: Mr. Steiner - Math
Period One: PE - Coach Harding
Period Two: English - Mrs. Bontecci
Period Three: Chemistry - Mrs. Oliver
Period Four: Speech - Mr. Boriardi
Period Five : Music - Ms. Ninya
Period Six: Study Period/Class or Extra Curricular club of your choice.

Great. Just perfect. I hate math, I'm unfit for PE, I can't remember anything from last year for Chemistry and I can't speak in front of people for shit. Just perfect!
Hmmm... 'Least I have a period for art and music.
I huff and nervously stumble into the Math classroom just as Mr. Steiner was calling the attendance.
"Mithcell Vicnkair?" I clenched up at the name for some reason. It was so familiar... I push the thought aside, my nervousness taking over my mind.
"Gerard Way?"
"Ummm... Here," I mumble.
Suddenly, it felt like every eye was on me. I sigh softly.
"Ah, yes. Our new student." I just nod.
"Well. Pleased to have you in my class. Hmmm..." I peek up as he sneers at a small boy.
"Sit next to Iero. There seems to be an open spot next to him."
I looked at the small boy. He was looking down at his skeleton-gloved hands and played with his silver lip ring. This "Iero" kid has on a Black Flag tee, a red and black stripped sweater and gray skinnies with black patches. His feet are cocooned in red converses with white and black laces. His stunning hazel eyes are rimmed with spiky, dark lashes and red eyeliner. His plush lips are a soft, pink color. His black and blond hair lay straight on his head, his fringe stopping short just above his eyes.
My eyes widened.
Did I just say that?
Naw... My nerves must be getting to me.
No one seems to notice, so I nod and take my seat. I glance at the small boy. His cheeks are a rosy pink.
"Hi... I'm Frank Iero," I hear him say. "I... I like your hoodie."

[Frank's POV]

The kid who just randomly stumbled into my homeroom was gorgeous!
His raven-black, disheveled hair comes down just past his ear.
His sparkling, jade eyes are surrounded by thick, dark lashes, masked by dark makeup and black eyeliner.
Beneath his cute, button nose are slightly chapped, rosy pink lips.
Did I mention he has an amazing sense of style?
Ah, shut up, Frank. He's probably straight. Even if he wasn't, who'd like you?
My thoughts are inturrupted by Mr. Steiner.
"Sit next to Iero. There seems to be a spot next to him."
Shit! My name was Iero!
I quickly duck my head and stare at my skeleton gloves.
Jesus, here he comes!
I hear him sit down and felt his eyes on me. I peek up at him. God, he was more gorgeous up close! My cheeks began to burn.
"Hi... I'm Frank Iero," I hear myself say.
Damn it, Frank! Might as well start conversation...
"I... I like your hoodie," I add, smiling warmly at him. He returns the smile.
Too adorable.
"Ummm.... Thanks. You like the Misfits?"
"Like 'em? I fuckin' love 'em!" I blush. Since when was I so friendly?
"Me too!"
My grin grew.
"And... Black Flag?"
"Black Flag, Iron Maiden, and Misfits," he says, giggling.
He giggled. He giggled! Oh, it was the cutest sound I've ever heard anyone make, let alone a guy!
I couldn't help but chuckle.
"Oh! I didn't get your name..."
"Oh, right! I'm Gerard," he replies with a grin.
Cute name, too....
I swoon. I've just met him and I'm already swooning! Get a fucking grip, Frank!
"Nice name," I say, playing with my lip ring. "Ummm... Which classes do you have?"
Frank, you fucking suck at conversations.
Gerard groans. "I have PE, English, Chemistry, Speech, Music, and free-period. The last two are okay, I guess, but..."
I nodded. Who doesn't hate PE, Math, English, and Chemistry?
"I have Math, English, Chemistry, PE, Music, and free-period."
"Oh, cool! 'Least I won't be alone." He blushes. "I'm new, so... No friends."
"Well, you could hang with my friends and I, if you'd like. I'm sure they'd like you." I felt a huge grin spread across my face.
You're in deep shit, Frank.
"Well, sure!" I shrug. "Why not?"
He bites his lip. "Well... You don't think I'm a freak?"
"No, trust me. You're not alone," I reply, giving him a reassuring look.
Suddenly the bell rang, causing us to jolt out of our seats. We look at each other and laugh at our reactions.
"See ya' at English," he says before getting up and leaving.
"See ya'!" I reply.
"Well, well, well. Looks like the emo fag has a new boyfriend."
The populars: Aled and Luke McCauley, and Mitchell Vicknair.
"Let's have a talk, 'buddy'," says Aled as he pushes me out the room into the men's bathroom.
Clearly, this would not end well...

[Gerard's POV]

It was lunch time now.
I look around nervously when I finally spot him at a table with a girl and slightly familiar guy.
"Frank!" I wave. He waves back, motioning for me to join his table.
"Hey guys. This is-" starts Frank.
"Oh, hey bro," interrupts the other boy.
"Mikes? Whoa, hey! How do you know Frank?"
"We met during the summer. Remember?"
I blink. Oh.
"Oh... This is..!? Gah!" I facepalm.
Mikey shakes his head. "You never remember anything I tell you when you freak over the smallest things."
I felt my cheeks burn.
"Whoa, wait... You're THE Gerard Way?" says the girl.
I hear Frank gasp.
I look at him and the girl. Both of them have big, starry eyes and their jaws hit the ground. I glance at Mikey as he shrugs. "I don't know. I've been confused about that, too."
I sigh softly.
"Ah! You're, like, a legend, man! You're a hero to all us 'freaks'," said the girl, making air quotes with her fingers.
I blink.
"I'm Blaire Williams, by the way," she added, smiling nervously.
Now I saw why Mikes liked her. She was very pretty with her clear, blue eyes and blood-red, straight hair. Not to mention a great sense of style.
"Nice to meet you," I reply, smiling warmly.
"What's for lunch?" says Mikey.
"Meatloaf!" replies Frank.
We all groan. Honestly. This school couldn't get any more aggravating.
"Guess I'll pass for today," I shrug.
For a reason I don't even know, I glance at Frank. His lip is busted and a bruise is beginning to form across his cheekbone. He has scratch marks on his arm and his eyebrow is deeply cut.
"Holy shit! Frank, what happened?"
He ducks his head, hiding behind his fringe.
"It's nothing," I hear him murmur.
Mikey looks at his feet nervously while Blaire gnaws on her lip.
"Frank?" I ask again.
"Bullies... The populars... Aled, Mitchell and Luke," he finally murmurs in a barely audible tone.
I clench up. I absolutely hate bullies. And now? Now I'm not afraid to kick their asses.
"C'mon. We're going to the nurse," I say, reaching for his hand.
Mikey sighs and smiles. He knows I have a big heart.
"Aw, no, Gerard. I mean... It's fine," he replies, playing with his lip ring.
"No, it's not. We're going."
I take his hand and drag him out, taking him up the stairs. He was actually instructing me and protesting, but I took him anyway. Despite my burning cheeks and pounding heart at our hand holding, we made it.
Gerard, Gerard! What're you doing? Why do you care so much? He's probably straight.
I sigh.
He probably was straight.

I stand outside the gates of Belleville High, glancing around nervously. Frank asked me to leave him and meet him here later on.
I was such a mess: trembling, swearing and promising to hurt the "populars". Unfortunately, Frank managed to stop me with those beautiful, pleading eyes of his.
Damn it...
I did promise, however, to kick their asses if they provoke us. I was not stepping down. Frank sighed in defeat and nodded as the nurse tended to his wounds.
So here I was, waiting for Frank.
Five minutes turned to ten.
Ten to twenty.
Twenty to an hour.
"The Hell is Fra-"
"Gerard!" I hear him call.
"Hey, Frank!" I reply, turning to face him as he pants and catches his breath.
"Hey. Sorry. I sort of fell asleep," he says, ducking his red face.
Honestly! Frank couldn't get more adorable.
"It's fine," I say with a smile.
"No, it's not... I'm gonna make it up." He looks up at me with his eyebrows furrowed, biting his lip hard.
"Gee..? D-Do... You um... Wanna hang out... At my place..? M-Mikey and Blaire are uh... Going to watch Gothika at Blaire's place, so..." He ducks his head again, blushing violently.
Okay. He got more adorable.
'Gee'? Fucking cute!
I chuckle. "Gee?"
He plays with his lip ring. "Um... Nickname... If you don't like being called that, I-"
"Nono! It's real cute!"
Fuck, Gerard.
My cheeks were on fire, but I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.
"Really?" He peeks up at me and I nod.
"Really, Frankie." He smiles at me and the new nickname I gave him.
"Thanks! So um... My place?"
"Yeah! Let's do it!"
Gerard... You better not fuck up.
And with that, Frank leads me to his home.
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