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Tears of an angel

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Paul makes a promise

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Tears of an angel

It was walking on air alright. John had never felt so good.
It was better than the love they'd made back when John was a human. It felt like every happy thing was being pumped into his body, every dull moment of his life was washed away as John kissed his tender neck and ran his nose across his chest. It was a feeling he didn't want to end. Even though he knew it was only a matter of hours...

He gasped as John withdrew himself and they both lay there, Paul in a deep sweat, John not even spilling a drop. After all, transparent people don't sweat. Paul smiled, a satisfied smile, the way he used to after one of their daily acts of love. But when he turned to look at John he saw he wasn't smiling. He was staring at the ceiling, his eyes lost in another world.

John turned away, hunching up so his chin was resting on his knees. Paul sat up, almost afraid of turning to look at John's face. But then he saw water dripping down it. Water as white as paper, streaming down John's cheeks like a fountain. John looked as startled as Paul was as he tried desperately to wipe the tears away. He didn't understand. Angel don't cry.

"John..." Paul whispered
"I don't get it" John said frantically, his voice shaking like a leaf, "We can't...we're not supposed to..."
"Ssssh" Paul said soothingly, bringing the older man's head to his chest and gently stroking his back. He could feel the wetness of the angel's tears on his skin but he didn't care. He just did his best to hug, kiss, comfort the man in the best way he could. John closed his eyes as he felt Paul's fingers begin stroking his hair. After Paul'd felt him relax in his arms, he asked daringly;
"John, what happened. Why are you so unhappy?"
There was no reply
"Didn't you like it?" Paul asked lowering his voice

"No! No, it's not that at all" John said quickly, "It's just..."
Paul waited
"...I miss them so much..."
"Who?" Paul asked, though he already knew
"Julian and boys" John buried his head harder into Paul's chest, "My boys"
"It's okay John, don't cry. They're fine, both of them. They're happy"
"I know but...I let them down, Julian and Sean. I wasn't even there to see them grow up"

"No, you weren't" said Paul, then he pulled back and looked into John's eyes, "But I was John, and I can tell you they thought of you everyday. They didn't blame you for anything and they still don't. It's not your fault you died"
John shivered, returning to Paul's arms. The word "death" was like a curse to an angel.
Paul felt his cheek burning
"What was"
John closed his eyes again and took a deep breath.
"It was so warm" he whispered so quietly Paul could barely here, "One moment it was adrenaline and the next...ecstasy"
Paul smiled, glad to see John's humour hadn't died along with him.

But then John pulled away again and looked into Paul's eyes once more.
"You've always looked after them" he said to Paul, "And you'll still look after them won't you Paul? You're their dad now. Promise me"
"I promise" replied Paul, but then he kissed John tenderly on his nose, "But you'll always be their dad. And that's one thing that'll never change"

Paul was still holding John in his arms as he watched the sun setting. It was almost gone, the orange light still blazed across the sky.

They had only a few hours left
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