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Not good enough?

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Frank's hopes are held high only to be smashed down?

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Gerard POV

“Common Frankie, we’re going to miss the movie if you don’t hurry the fuck up!” I shouted impatiently. Frank always took ages to get ready but for some reason today it was taking longer than usual.
I’m really eager to get to the cinema quick, not just for the films but to see the girl who worked there; at the candy counter.
She was amazing; long brown; straight hair, sparkling blue eyes and a winning smile which could win anyone over, especially me.
I love the way she looked, dressed, her personality is phenomenal and she has this cute laugh which you just can’t resist.
You can tell that I’ve been crushing on her for a long time now, but to be honest I haven’t built up the courage to ask her out on a date, or have a real general conversation with her either.
Frank’s quick footsteps down the stairs woke me from out my thoughts; he stood in front of me and asked “why are you blushing?” I was blushing?
I went to the mirror in the hall way and examined my face, yes I was indeed blushing.
Running the surface of my fingers down my near to scarlet cheeks thinking of occurring thoughts about how much of a pansy I was.
“Doesn’t matter” I slowly replied back making a turn towards Frank who was standing by the door awkwardly biting his lip. (I don’t know why but he seemed to do that a lot).
“Ready to go?” I asked him gesturing to open the door. “Um… yeah sure” Frank replied whilst opening the door and stepping out into the night sky of NJ, me following and locking the door behind me.

Frank POV

As we made our way to Gerard’s shiny; silver car, I watched as Gerard walked to his side and opened the door for himself, he seemed to be in a rush to get to the cinema and I knew fully well that the movie wasn’t so much of a production to be excited about.
I stopped and starred at him whilst he prepared himself in his seat before looking to his left; towards me out the window with an expression plastered across his face as if to say ‘why the fuck are you still standing there?’. I silently answered his expression and quickly walked around the car to the passenger’s door and entered.
On the way to the cinema I was feeling a little on the edge, not due to the speed Gerard was driving; making it extremely obvious he was in a rush for something… maybe someone?
I kept my hands in my hoodie pockets and kept my head down, starring deeply into the material of my jeans trying to rack my brain of what or who Gerard wanted to see so badly.
Deep in thought I found myself chewing on the material on my hoodie’s zip, possibly looking like a moody teenager sulking for God knows what reason.
Sensing Gerard’s eyes on me (instead of the road) I wondered what I had done now, wasn’t being quiet good enough for him? Or was he just admiring the colour of my hair?
I heard a quick sigh from my left side, “are you okay Frank?” calmly spoken words from Gerard glazed my ear lobes, did I looked tense or out of character?
Hesitantly, not wanting to look up from out my deep stare I lifted my head slowly whilst turning to my left facing Gerard, who had his eyes on the road but still in tune with the sudden conversation.
“Uhh, yeah fine, why wouldn’t I be?” I questioned blankly, trying to hide as much curiosity in my voice or hidden annoyance.
I kept my eyes on Gerard waiting for an answer; I could tell he was trying to conjure up something sensible and (I guess) smart to say. I could possibly imagine the cogs and levers working up in his mind, processing words into sentences good enough for me to pass.
Finally, he had thought of something to say. “You just seem quiet, that’s all” replied Gerard with a subsidised face.
I looked back down at my lap feeling smaller than ever, I guess he’d get used to these down falls sometime though.
Ever since… what happened in the past with my family and personal issues, I’ve been developing these kind of… moods?
Basically, one time I’d be normal me, happy and joking about occasionally without a care in the world but if the smallest thing happens (preferably bad but not extremely) or something so good happens which, could be too much for me to take in, then I’d become quiet, shy and not really social.
As if I would just like to block out the rest of the world and be left by myself, my own company would be gold and I’d be feeling like it for at least a couple of hours, but the worst cases have been for 2 weeks once, I had gotten so out of sync I just couldn’t find my Barings to cope with myself; let alone the rest of my family wanting to know what the fuck happened to me.
Gerard had picked up on this several times in the last 4 years, he kind of understood and would leave me be because he knew what it was like to want to be left alone to ponder by yourself, but other times he’d be concerned and constantly hinder for me to speak up and explain how I’m feeling, what happened or even what he had done.
It hurt me to know what Gerard sometimes thinks it’s his own doing, when in reality anything he could do would NEVER make me fed up or upset, maybe he was just perfect or a real good friend in which I could count on whenever.
Struggling to let out my reply, I mumbled “sorry…” and hoped he would leave it there.

The car was put to a sudden halt, I looked up to see we were finally in the car park at the local cinema and Gerard was already out of the car waiting for me.
I removed my hands from my pockets and unclipped my seat belt before opening the latch for my door and stepping out onto the black; damp tarmac, the smell of rain infiltrated into my nostrils almost immediately, I took a deep breath taking in the fresh air into my lungs, shutting the car door and taking in my surroundings.
“Ready?” questioned Gerard with a cheeky smile on his face, at least he was trying to make an effort to lighten to the mood up which I had brought with us.
“Onwards we go Mr. Way” jokingly teasing Gerard using his last name.
“Last one there’s a horse” bellowed Gerard before shooting down the car park at top speed making his way to the entrance of the cinema; practically beating me to it before I could even register why he said horse.
Eventually I entered the cinema, (walking obviously) and straight away saw the back of Gerard at the candy counter. I smiled to myself knowing how much of a friend he really could be (and not bdcause he was buying Skittles) and walked over to the counter and stood aside of him.
Right then I felt my heart tear into a thousand pieces, this might sound over dramatic and silly but I was literally feeling something die inside of me. Was it hope? Or maybe the last straws in my happy tree destroyed as I was watching the typical beginnings of male species routine attire begin?
Gerard was holding a piece of paper with a phone number on, and judging by his facial expressions and the way he was acting in front of the girl who worked at the candy counter, that was her phone number he was holding, meaning he was asking her out on a date.
“Thanks, I’ll call you” he smirked finishing the conversation he was having with the candy girl before and pushed me along with him to the theatre doors.
“What was that?” I asked curiously, wanting to know what he was doing with a girl’s phone number, but I think I already know what was happening.
“I have just gotten her cell number! We’re going on a day one day next week, hence why I have her number to call her about it!” Gerard cheered excitedly with a very cute face to go along with it.
“Oh…” disappointedly I said, had everything we just built up been demolished in front of me?
Gerard looked at me questionably; he was waiting for me to finish my sentence with a “well done man!” but really, I didn’t want to lie to him.
“Cool” I partly smiled to him making his cheek bones extends with the amount of happiness spilling from each corner.
“This day just keeps getting better and better” he finished before leading me through the double doors to the cinema screen.
Maybe for you Gerard, no certainly not from where I’m standing.
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