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An issue with the television set

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This is what you get when you don't pay attention

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5. An issue with the television set

All was well back at Abbey Road studios. Paul and John were happy, George and Ringo were more than happy and Brian...well his happiness was soon to be short lived

"Well I'm glad you boys have let bygones be bygones" he said as he walked into the lounge, "Now the concerts in half an hour so I want you all in the car by 6:00. Don't be late"

"Yes Brian" they all said in unison, though none of them were looking at him as George was too busy watching John and Paul who were too busy gazing into each others eyes.

"Good" said Brian before glancing around the room and noticing a body was missing, "wait a minute. Where's Ringo-?

He was cut short when there was an explosion and Ringo came crashing through the wall. He coughed as he emerged from the rubble, covered from head to toe in soot and dust. He staggered over to the others who were now also covered in debris and their clothes were torn to rags.

"God, I think these Western movies are getting more realistic" Ringo gasped

"Alright, who didn't tell Ringo about the TV?" Brian said, putting his hands on his hips

There was a pause before everyone turned to look at George

"Ah... I guess I was so caught up in recent events I forgot to mention that"

"Question is, who gonna fix it?" asked Ringo

"I nominate Brian!" said Paul, "All those in favour?"

"I" they all said (apart from Brian of course)

"Well now that's all cleared up, what shall we do?" John asked Paul

"Attempt to have children?"


And they left with their arms around each other. George turned to Ringo

"Hey I just heard there's a 50% discount down at the bowling alley. You know what that means?"

"Open lanes!" they both shouted

They left Brian standing alone in the middle of the room, staring at the destroyed wall

"You can still become a gardener Brian" he said to himself, "it's not too late..."
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