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Gerard POV of after the movie, what's really up with Frank though?

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Gerard POV

Right now I’m over the moon! After finally getting a date with Lauran things are looking up for me.
I’m fed up with not having a girlfriend, someone to hang out with, feel happy inside; enjoying eachother’s company, sharing secrets and thoughts with and most of all someone to love.
This might seem selfish wanting someone like that when I already live with my best friend but he’s a dude and I honestly don’t think of him in that sort of way other than friends.

I might sound like a hypocrite considering 4 years ago I thought I had feelings for Frank, but I’ve realised I am straight and always will be.
I was confused back then, I mean – I was a teenager and that’s the sort of thing teens my age doubt and get confused with, but I overcame that in time and moved on.

Other than bagging a successful date for next week the movie was brilliant and spending time with my best friend made it all the better.
But there was something in Frank’s tone of voice and body language which begged to differ.
From proudly announcing that I’m going on a date and all the way through the movie he’s been sort of off with me.
Very quiet, still and half in his own little world.
I was used to this sort of behaviour from learning over the years of living with him taking into account of his teenage years – ect but this time it was as if it was my fault; I was making him behave like this. He didn’t even seem too thrilled about the date, just shrugged it off and carried on.
I am determined to get to the bottom of this.

The car ride home from the cinema was quiet, but that wasn’t unusual because I couldn’t exactly talk and drive at the same time (weird right) but every now and then I’d look at Frank from the corner of my eye and he’d be in the same position as before.
Hands in his hoddie pockets and staring at the dashboard. If only I knew what he was thinking?
When I parked outside our apartment he got straight out of the car without even making eye contact with me and walked quickly straight in before I had gotten out of the vehicle myself.
Well, at least he left the front door open for me.

When I got inside our apartment Frank was nowhere to be seen, he must be in his room then.
I felt one of my cravings again, cravings for coffee and Ramen.
I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight from the excitement from earlier and just general having trouble to sleep, which was normal for me.
I turned the coffee maker on and retrieved my Ramen from the cupboard and placed it upon the counter waiting for the water to boil for both my coffee and noodles.
Whilst waiting I went to check on Frank to see if he was okay.
I do tend to worry about his mental state sometimes and because he was my friend and I cared so much for him.
When I stood in front of his door about to nock for entry I noticed his light was off, maybe he went to bed early?
Thinking about it I didn’t really want to disturb him from his sleep because a sleepy Frank is an angry Frank, and considering his mood earlier – it wouldn’t be a happier one if he was tired. So I just went back to the kitchen to make my food.

Next morning arose quickly; once again I fell asleep on the sofa.
It was a daily occurrence for me because I fall asleep easily in front of the TV and because I was too lazy his drag myself to bed before closing my eyes knowing I was going to fall asleep sometime.
I sat up on the sofa yawning and stretching my arms out with a few bones clicking in the process.
I stood up and ran my hand through my hair untangling the messy knots produced over night from tossing and turning.
When I was settled with how I felt I walked over to the kitchen directing myself straight to the coffee machine, but noticed Frank sitting on the kitchen counter, swinging his legs back and forth reading the morning paper.
He looked happier I suppose. Eyes focussing on the paper and by the looks of his legs swinging; isn’t that a positive sign?
But then I noticed something different.
His clothes were the same; yes, a normal T-shirt and jeans but there was something different about his arms.
He was wearing a sweatband around his left wrist.

This was odd. I haven’t seen him wear that wristband in 4 years, the first time I saw it was when he flew over to America for the summer holidays, and I certainly knew then why it was there.
Could he have possibly done it again? Done that same thing that has scarred him ever since?
Was he really that unhappy from last night that he has to make a reminder onto his skin, there forever?
So many negative thoughts were circulating through my mind that I had completely forgot I was standing there staring at him. Staring at his band covered wrist.
I was drawn out of my thoughts by Frank’s soft; calm voice.
“Gerard? Are you okay? You’re staring at me…” I looked up to find him looking straight at me with a worried look on his face. I should be the one worried; I was the one who made him do this to himself. But yet – I had no idea how and why.
“What? Oh, yeah I’m fine, just lost my train of thought, that’s all” I let out a small smile, trying to reassure him I was perfectly fine before making a start on my morning coffee.

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