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I read the news today

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A catch up with Stuart's ghost may lead Paul to the end

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I have to admit, this chapter is very depressing. I'm still unsure whether to make this the ending or to add another chapter that can lighten things up a little. I don't know. Tell me what you think and I'll change it if you don't like it

10. I read the news today

It was all hysterical after that.

When Paul finally grasped what was going on, he hurtled down the hotel stairs and into the street, where he fell to his knees and cradled Stuart's head, the blood from the wound oozing all over his white blouse. He cried like a maniac, waking half the street as he screamed and ran his fingers through Stuart's hair. People peered out of their houses to see what the commotion was about. Brian came running out and pressed a finger against Stuart's neck in false hope that there was still a pulse there.

George and Pete came running out of the hotel door, stopping dead on their tracks when they
saw their lifeless bandmate lying in front of them. George immediately ran to Paul's side,
trying to pull him away from the gruesome scene in the middle of the road. And when Pete
glanced upwards, all he saw was John staring out at them through the window.

No, he wasn't staring at them

He was staring at the blood on his hands

And he was still staring when the faint sound of a siren came closer and closer.


Things had changed a lot in eight years.

Pete had left the band after Stuart's death and joined another band somewhere in the North of
London. Since then, the band had found a new drummer, a pint size lad who went by the name of Ringo Starr. Despite the traumatic events that had happened over the years, the Beatles
decided to put their misfortunes behind them and carry on through their music. by 1967, they were the most popular band in history.

Looking back.Paul could hardly remember his childhood days. When he was living on the brink of poverty and literally played to pay for his next meal. Now here he was, a millionaire at
twenty four. After Stuart died, he was given physciactric help booked into a rehab where he was slowly cured in a matter of weeks. He'd never forget what Stuart did to him but there were still times when he'd lie on his bed and fall asleep thinking about the band mate who'd almost made him kill himself, seduced him, and very nearly destroyed the relationship between him and the man he loved.

But now everything was behind him and he could finally move on with John and be happy for a change

Or so he thought

It was a bright afternoon in 1967 though it was a cold January afternoon. Paul and John were having a lie in as usual, Paul waking up first and gently nuzzling into John's warmth. He loved it when John shaved and his skin was smooth to rub his cheeks against. But the morning show of affection was aroused when Paul remembered he had to be at meeting with the press, away from the other Beatles. He tried his best to wriggle away from John without him noticing but nothing got past John Lennon.

"Five more minutes" the older man grumbled
"I have to go now, John" Paul moaned as he slipped on his clothes. John pouted like a sulky child and rubbed his top lip when his moustache used to be.
"Well you owe me some time this evening then" he said
Paul grinned and placed a kiss on the older man's lips
"I promise" and he left out the door still grinning

Paul dug out his keys from his pocket and was about to get into his car when he saw someone standing at the front of the driveway, staring right at him. Thinking it might be a fan, he got properly our of the car to beckon the child over. But then he recognised that face. Those eyes.

It was Stuart

Paul felt the colour drain out of his face as he leapt into his car and turned the key with trembling hands. He drove out of the driveway so fast, it was a miracle he didn't kill someone. He didn't know where he was driving. He didn't care. he just drove like a madman, all the while, looking behind him to see if there were any ghost boys hot on his trail.

When he was sure that no one was following, he let out a sigh of both relief and fear. But the fear was soon to return.
"Hello Paul"
Paul felt his eyes widen till he thought they would pop out. Cautiously, he lifted his eyes to the rear view mirror, only to meet that familiar glare.
"Remember me?"

Out of nowhere, another car came hurtling into paul's direction. He swerved, doing his best to get out of the way and completely lost control, leaving the car to drive on it's own until it crashed into a stone wall.


John's eyes opened immediately. Because he felt something was wrong.
He got up and got dressed and looked at the clock. Half four.
Paul should have been back by now.

He walked into the living room to see a now twenty three year old George curled up on the sofa, sleeping like he was still a small child. John smiled at this but anxious to see if Paul was back, he began his search again. He called the place where the press conference should have been and felt his blood freeze as they explained that Paul hadn't turned up. Having no luck, and now convinced something bad had happened, John got into his own car and sped off.

He drove for hours, stopping every now and then to see if Paul had stopped somewhere. He stopped at a phone box to call Jane, one of Paul's close friends if he'd gone to see her. Tired, hungry and ready to give up, John was about to drive when he saw something that made his soul float out of his body and rise into the air above him.

A car, that looked exactly like Paul's, lying in ruins beside a stone wall.
His legs shaking, he ran to the destroyed car and peered inside. The windows were smashed, with massive cracks reaching along the windscreen. The cars bonnet was squashed and dented against the stone wall, the engine in full view. And there, his face pressed against the loose steering wheel, his face coated in blood...was Paul.


John stared at him...took a few steps back and then was violently sick


George felt his heavy eyelids open when he heard shouting coming from outside. Ringo came running in, his face grey, his eyes sparked with tears. He said nothing, just took the young man's hand and led him down to the entrance of the hotel. At first George didn't get what was going on, but before he could ask, he saw what had stunned everyone to silence.

John was walking down the driveway, bloody handprints staining his face, his clothes also soaked with the red moisture. In his arms he was carrying Paul whose head was as limp as the rest of his body, the blood now dry on his skin. John walked past the crowd of people, not looking at them, just staring at the floor in front of him, in case he could blink and this nightmare could be over.

In the end, the burden was too much and John sank to his knees, trying to overcome the sobs that arose in him. Brian immediately ran to his side as two men gently took Paul from his arms. George almost collapsed as they carried his friend back into the hotel and would have also fallen to his knees had Ringo not been there to support him.
John was past himself now, brushing Brian away, trying to get back to the man he loved, to be with him, to comfort him, to say goodbye...

When he glanced upwards, the tears blinding his half blind eyes, he saw Stuart, staring down at him, with his chilling eyes.
"I told you" he said, "If I can't have one will"
And when John looked down at his hands, he saw they were covered in blood

Just like all those years ago

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