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Is This the End of Us?

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A dramatic romance I've mustered up the courage to write in about an hour. A drama/romance I've wrote between a lesbian and her female lover (of course) Enjoy! :D

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Is this the end of us? It's almost as if I kiss you, you pull away, like you want nothing to do with me. It makes me sad, it really does. When I try to make love to you, when I touch your breasts, Nikki, you smack my hands away and turn's like you can't stand the sight of me; you just don't want me as much as I do you.

"Please don't do this. I don't want to do this. I'm not ready." You say, pushing my body away. "Not today."

"Why not, honey?...Nikki...?" I ask, but you just turn over to avoid my questions. It feels as if you've found another woman in the place of me. I feel lonely and unloved, and I don't believe you care. Not about me. It's funny, because I'd tread through the fire and flames for you, but...would you do the same? Is this really the end of us? I think so, unfortunately.

You mean the world to me, Nikita! Why can't you understand that? Why can't you believe in me like we have in the first place? What happened to the "so what if we're two women in love" statements you've always said when we were together in public?! Now, in barred doors, you don't care to love me. It's almost as if...that quote you've always mentioned many times before is imploding on itself. What happened to our love? Why can't it be "us" or "we" instead of "that girl and me", or, "she and I"? It tears me up inside!

As much as I try to answer my own questions, I can't. As much as I love you, you won't ever feel the same. So I thought that...our lives'll be better if you'd just forget me, if I jumped off of this bridge. I can't find the true identity of you. I can't analyse you, and...I can't find that beautiful goddess I had fallen in love with before. I just can't go on! Not anymore; not like this!

So, with this...goodbye. I want to stay, but all I could ever wish for is your happiness. I'm sorry. Don't ever forget how much I loved you, or how much I've always cared for you. After you'd get home from your tours, I'd always meet you with a smile and a full dinner, just to reward you, but...I'm sorry. You don't know how much I can say that enough. All you should know, is...that I'll love you and watch over you in the afterlife. As I die, I'll be gone with a tear running down my face. For you, Nikki, baby.

Ich liebe dich fur immer,


...and that was it. The news that Natascha Bechenbeuer spread throughout the world, and the one who was affected with the news the most was none other than Nikita Mitsushima herself. She was devastated, cancelling many of her band, Rising Dawn's shows to cry her heart out while heavily drinking to cure her sorrows. After reading the letter Natascha left her, and after visiting Natascha's grave one last time, she understood why and asked to herself out loud, "why didn't I love her more, why couldn't I had loved her better?". She killed herself two weeks later, only in yearning to join her lover again, this time in the afterlife. The last words she had muttered were, "I'm sorry; you didn't deserve this." She died next to Natascha's grave; they were only twenty-one years old.

"Next time, we can both love each other again..." Nikita thought as she widened her mouth, sticking the gun far inside. " there'll be no regrets."

She pulled the trigger.

They had left this world, but they will never be forgotten.

Hope you liked it! Kinda sad, I know ~sobs~ This was actually based on a dream that I had with me and my girlfriend D: So I'm pretty sad about that. :( Please review; how can I make this and other stories better if you don't? :D
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