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Lowest point possible.

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Gerard POV. Regret, remorse and confusion.

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Gerard POV

Looking at the glowing screen of my cell phone to check the time, it read “02:05am”.
I have been wondering the streets since 11PM after wasting my day away at Mikey and Ashleigh’s apartment; partly sulking at what an arsehole I’ve been to Frank and partly seeking advice from my trustworthy brother.

Mikey said to talk things (properly) over with Frank and find the best outcome to resolve and forget about this situation and the position we’ve both placed ourselves in.
I’m just so confused! The most confused I’ve ever been in my whole life!
I don’t want to think about myself and what I feel best, I needed to think about Frank and how he must be feeling. Supposedly like crap after the rejection I contorted him.
Of course I was an idiot, Frank is the best thing that has ever happened to me, my only best friend, the one I could tell anything and everything to. He’s the only hope for me as I’m the only hope for him.

I was seriously getting rather bored now of walking around the empty; deserted town intending on going no – where special, so I decided it was time to go back home.

Scuffing the soles of my converse walking back to our apartment; I was trying to figure out what I should say to Frank as a sorry and hopefully we’d be/stay friends.
I know, maybe we should try out a relationship and see how that goes and hope for the best and be soul-mates forever. But honestly, I don’t see him in that way what-so-ever.
Again, I know I kissed him but that was the heat of the moment and I was seriously confused with how I was feeling. But I’ve made my decision and it’s final. This whole ordeal just makes me more desperate to go on that date with Laura already.

Yes, I sound like a selfish piece of shit but hopefully in the near future Frank will get over me and move on, maybe even fall for a woman?
Frank’s just got to see how much of a bad choice I am, I’m no good for him.
A sweet; kind; trustworthy; funny guy like Frank, deserved someone WAY better than myself.
I’m a bad influence and always have been one.

Finally, after my mind numbing progression of a conclusion I’ve thought about in my head, I’ve made it to the front door of out apartment.
Unlocking, stepping in and locking it again, the building is quiet, a little too quiet.
I’m being a bit expecting considering it’s nearly 3am, of course it’ll be quiet, and Frank would be in bed. Maybe that’s extra time to sleep on things and see how it’s all tomorrow
I creep as quietly as I can to my bedroom, making sure I don’t step on a faulty floorboard or walk into a wall on my way.
I soon notice the light coming from Frank’s room.
A stream of bright; yellow light coming from his desk lamp; shining through the gap at his door.
Maybe he was still awake then. Should I check on him? Or just leave it? He might not want to talk to me right now. But then again, I care about him a lot, and the decency to my friend I have to see if he’s okay.

I walk in the direction of his door, again not walking into anything, and slowly pushed his bedroom door open and peeking my head through the gap.
The first thing I noticed was the crimson; velvet; deep colour of blood.
Blood which had snaked down the silver leg of his desk; trickling down like a faint fountain.
A surge of fright and concern shot through my shaken body.
I pushed open the door fully to find my dear Frank; head down onto his cluttered desk; arms stretched out on either side; lathered with blood around both wrists and skin extremely pale.

Freaking out completely, I ran over to his lifeless body to check his pulse; extremely faint.
My breathing became ragged and adrenalin came over me like a ton of bricks; I had to save him!
I grabbed my cell phone from my skinny’s pocket and shakily dialled 911 in aid for an ambulance as quick as fucking possible.
After an awkward and panicking conversation with a lady on the other side of the phone call asking for our address and Frank’s current state; she sounded as if there might be no hope for him left.
Tears were stinging my eyes begging for a downpour because of this. This was my fault.
I had broken my best friend so much I drove him to the lowest point possible.
I held Frank close to me as we waited for the Ambulance.
Whispering over and over again “I’m so, so sorry Frankie”. Even though he probably couldn’t hear me from the amount of blood he’d lost, I still had some hope that he would forgive me and some hope that he will live.

Frantic banging downstairs on the door shook me out of my trance and motivated me to pick up Frank in my arms and walk as fast as I could; even though he wasn’t that heavy; he was still fragile, to open the door.

Early morning around 10am I’m sitting in the hospital with my head in my hands.

Frank was gone.

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