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The Little Merman

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A twist on a well known children's story. Rydon.

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"George Ryan! Get your tail over here." Spencer yelled. "Yes father?" Ryan asked. "My dearest son. You are my only son. I want you to grow up big and strong. But you stay inside all day and write. Not even in the right tongue. I cannot change who you are but I do ask that you go out and do exercise every once in a while. Okay?" Spencer asked caressing his son's face. "Yes, father." Ryan had a hidden talent at being a song writer. He also sung his own songs. Only to an audience of one though. His one and only friend, Algae, who is a dolphin. But Algae liked his songs. And his voice. Or at least thats what Ryan thought. "Exercise?" Ryan said to himself. He was planning on swimming to his rock and then sitting for a while. He started off only find that he was being followed. By Algae. Which didn't bother him one bit. It only made him happier. Now he had company. "I'll race you to my rock?" Ryan said and Algae took off. "No fair! That's cheating!" Ryan shouted as he caught up. In the end Ryan won. Ryan popped his head out of the water to check and see if anyone was there. He didn't see anyone but he wasn't looking hard enough. For in fact a little ways down the beach a prince was taking a walk. Prince Brendon to be exact. Ryan didn't see the prince for if had he wouldn't have gotten out of the water. Ryan sat on his rock and started to sing as he looked out across the ocean side. There was a palace. Similar to his. Ryan wished he could stay above the water for his entire life. As he thought about ho wonderful that would be he looked down at his tail and lat out a sigh of sadness. He began to sing once more but this time a little louder. But he didn't realize that someone could here him. Prince Brendon heard the lovely voice and took out someone binocular that he had in his bag to look for the source of the sound. He saw a dolphin with his head popped out of the water. The dolphin was staring at the rock near by. There was a young man sitting on the rock. Brendon thought he was about as old as himself or maybe a year older. But it was no ordinary boy. The boy had a large fish tail. With beautiful scales that reflected the sun. Ryan's tail was silver but when he moved it looked purple or green. Brendon dropped his binoculars in the sand. It wouldn't make much noise but Ryan heard it. He looked in that direction to see a beautiful creature bending over to pick up a seeing object. Ryan didn't want to look for to long so he jumped into the water, and hid behind his rock. The land prince picked up the binoculars and looked only to see an empty rock. Brendon walked back to his palace in disappointment. Ryan then swam as fast as he could back to his own palace. "Daddy, Daddy! I saw the most amazing creature.!" Ryan said twirling in circle. Spencer held onto his son by his shoulders to stop him from spinning. "What is it son?" Spencer asked, "Have you been looking at the humans again?" Spencer asked and his tone of voice changed. "Yes, daddy. I'm sorry." Ryan said hanging his head and watching his tail make small circles in the water. "What have I told you! Don't go any where near them! They are bad creatures! Do you know what they would do to us if they knew we were here?!" Spencer screamed at Ryan. If they weren't underwater you would have been able to see his tears. "But daddy, this one was different. It was beautiful I could have stared at it all day." Ryan said and fluttered his eyelashes. "Ryan, don't tell me you think you love this creature. Love doesn't exist boy!" Spencer yelled at Ryan who was sobbing at this point. "But it does father! It does!" Rya yelled back and swam off into his room. In his room were two electric eels. They seemed to be waiting for him. "Sarah wants to see you. Follow us." The eels said in unison. Naive little merman. Ryan followed the eels who were talking amongst themselves the whole way. Sarah was the sea witch. She was also a brilliant con artist. They go to her lair and Ryan stepped inside. As they walked down the dark hallway Ryan noticed that the wall were lined with little jars. The jars were filled with souls and lives she had won. Or taken away. "it sea prince let me tell you my idea." She motioned toward a chair. He sat in the chair and was strapped down. No matter how much Ryan squirmed it was no use. "Okay. I see you have an attraction to the land prince. I will give you a week for him to tell you that he loves you. This will prove that love exists and you can keep having legs. Oh yes, I am exchanging you legs." She said with an evil smile. "In exchange for what. Anything." Ryan begged. "Anything?" She asked. "Yes, you just name it." Ryan said. Ignorant little merman. "In exchange for you voice. You have a beautiful singing voice. Okay deal. You have a week and if he doesn't say the three words you get your tail back, but lose your voice forever. If he does say it then you can keep the legs and have your voice back." Sarah took out a small shell that started to glow gold. It sucked out Ryan's voice. It tickled and tingled. Sarah got him out of the chair and out him outside her lair. For what was going to happen now she didn't want to see. He started to squirm as he felt his tail being ripped in half. But he saw no blood. The two halves of his tail turning the same color as his chest. He wanted to scream in pain but he couldn't. After it was all over he was exhausted and fell asleep.
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