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Day 1

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Ryan opened his eyes. He thought to himself how bright it was as he fluttered his eyelashes. He was lying on the sand of the beach. He sat up against a rock that was conveniently placed behind him. He he wasn't wearing clothes. He never wore clothes but now that he had legs he kind of had to. His tail was gone and in place there were two long and thin things that he knew to be called legs.t here were also strange things between his new legs that he had no clue about. It was only his first day on land, he didn't want to worry much. The coastal breeze made Ryan shiver. Something he had never done before. But he didn't like it. He curled himself into a ball and just sat there hoping that someone nice enough would help him. He couldn't cry for help or make any noise at all. All he can do is wait. But he didn't have to wait for long. Prince Brendon took strolls on the beach everyday. He did it to get away from the royal life. He didn't want to be king. It didn't matter though he had no choice and his father was still young so he had time. So, on Brendon's stroll he happened to stumble across Ryan who was curled into a ball, leaning against a rock, naked. "Oh dear. Are you okay?" Brendon fell to his knees as he tried to help Ryan. Ryan tilted his head not wanting to let Brendon know that he couldn't speak. How can you fall in love with someone who doesn't talk? Ryan took his finger and wrote in the sand. "I can't speak." Brendon read aloud. "Your mute. That's okay. Are you able to walk?" Brendon asked. Ryan shrugged his shoulders. Brendon then noticed that Ryan was not wearing any clothes. Brendon immediately took his shirt off and wrapped it around Ryan's shoulders. Ryan slipped his thin arms through the sleeves. The shirt was long enough to cover everything that was not supposed to be exposed. It went about to Ryan's knees. Brendon took Ryan's arm and tried to help him to his feet. Ryan was unsteady at first but soon got the hang of walking. Ryan was walking and looking around like he had never been to a beach before. He bent over and looked at every little thing. Brendon was slowly walking behind him. He watched Ryan like he was his father and it was Ryan's first time to a beach. Ryan lit up at every new thing he saw. Ryan walked back over to Brendon and laced his arm through his. Brendon patted Ryan's arm. "So what's your name and how old are you?" Brendon asked. Ryan ran away and came back with a large stick. Ryan slowly wrote his name in the sand and his age underneath it. "George Ryan Ross. And you 25. Very cool. Your only a year older then me." Brendon said, "So do you go by George or Ryan?" Brendon asked. Ryan took his foot and drug it through the name George so that only the words "Ryan Ross" were in the sand. "Okay. Well then Ryan, my name is Brendon Urie. Do you have a place to stay?" Brendon asked and Ryan shook his head no. "Well that just won't do. You can stay with me and my father." Brendon said. And Ryan smiled know that it was going to be a good week. They walked back to Brendon's house which was actually a palace. Brendon walked inside holding Ryan's arm. Ryan looked around and was shocked and amazed. The palace was gorgeous. "Father, I'm back. I brought someone with me." Brendon shouted and heard his echo back. Rya heard footsteps down the spiraling stairs and saw someone. He was scared but he didn't know why.
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