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"Who have you brought to our house Brendon?" The man walking down the stairs asked. Ryan thought it was Brendon's dad, which it probably was. "I found him lying on the beach. He was naked and he looked lost. I know he was cold. He can't speak so he couldn't ask for help." Brendon explained to the man. "Ryan this is my father. His name is Jon." Brendon motioned to the man on the stairs. "Hello Ryan. Do you need a place to stay? You can stay with us for however long you need." Jon didn't even let Ryan answer the questions. "First we need to put you in some clothes. Brendon's shirt seem to be to big for you. I thought he was small but you are the thinest boy I have ever seen. Brendon likes thin boys. He also will love your eyes." Jon said stepping closer to Ryan who was standing right next to Brendon. "Thanks dad. You really are good at embarrassing me." Brendon said as he walked toward the stairs still holding Ryan's arm. Brendon started up the stairs. Ryan tried but tripped and hit his knee on the stair. Ryan's knee began to bleed. Ryan had never seen blood before. His eyes got big and he looked worried and scared. Brendon went to where Ryan was now sitting. Ryan traced his fingers around the bleeding area. Ryan had tears falling from his eyes. He put his hand to his face and wiped them away. Brendon bent down to Ryan's knee and looked at the bleeding cut. He took his finger and wiped away the blood. Brendon put his lips to Ryan's knee and kissed it. He looked up at Ryan's honey gold eyes and couldn't look away. "Does that make it better?" Brendon asked. Ryan's eyes were still wide and he swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. "Can you make it up the stairs?" Brendon asked. Ryan shook his head no. Mostly because he wanted to feel Brendon's body heat against his. Brendon bent further down and picked Ryan up like a little kid. Ryan wrapped his arms around Brendon's neck and nuzzled his head into Brendon's chest. Brendon smiled and blushed. Ryan was soothed by Brendon's breathing, his chest moving up and down. Ryan took one of his hands that had been wrapped around Brendon's neck and placed it on his chest. Ryan's hands were warm against Brendon's bare chest. Brendon knew when Ryan placed his hand on his chest. Brendon looked down at Ryan who's eye were closed as he nuzzled further into his chest. Brendon walked into a room with a bed. "Ryan open your eyes." Brendon said as he carefully placed the boy on the bed. Brendon walked into a walk in closet. "I knew there was a reason I kept my old clothes. But you are a tall one. I don't know if they will completely fit in length but I know that they are small enough." Brendon was talking to himself because Ryan wasn't paying attention. He was to busy looking around. Brendon came back with a long sleeved black shirt and a pair of black pants. Brendon handed them to Ryan started to walk out of the room. Brendon too a glance back and saw Ryan holding the clothes in his hand looking at them in wonder. "Don't you know how to put them on?" Brendon asked and Ryan shook his head. "Let me help you." Brendon walked over to the bed where Ryan was sitting. He looked outside and noticed it was getting darker. They had already missed dinner, so whatever. Brendon stood up and walked back into the closet. He grabbed a pair of underwear and handed them to Ryan. "It's nighttime so I will help you get dressed tomorrow. For now put these on and you can sleep in my shirt. Put one leg through each hole and pull them up and that's it. You sleep in here. I sleep in the room right next to you. If you need anything just ask me. I am a light sleeper. Ryan put the underwear on and Brendon was already out of the room. Ryan felt lonely as he sat down on the bed. He slipped his legs under the covers and placed his head on the pillow. He took a look at the clock next to the bed. He knew how to read it but not very well so he didn't bother. He fell asleep quickly. But, not for long. Ryan woke up sweating from a nightmare he couldn't remember. He moved the covers off his body and stood up. His legs felt weird. They were long. He was a tall person. He walked into Brendon's room next door. He saw Brendon sleeping in a bed. He was so innocent looking and he looked so young. Ryan reached down and brushed Brendon hair out of his face. Brendon immediately opened his eyes. "What's wrong Ryan?" Brendon sat up and rubbed his eyes. Brendon pulled Ryan's arm so he was sitting next to him now. "I'm going to check if you have a fever. This may be odd to you but it works okay." Brendon put his hands on Ryan's cheeks and pulled him close. Brendon put his lips to Ryan's forehead and sat there for maybe 10 seconds. "You have a slight fever. But, its not that bad. Did you have a bad dream?" Ryan was still shocked from feeling Brendon lips on his head. He wished Brendon's lips were on his. Ryan shook his head yes. "Okay, Brendon lied back down and put his hands behind his head. He was thinking but Brendon was shocked when Ryan lied down next to him. Under the covers. Ryan wrapped his arms around Brendon's waist and snuggled close to him. "Is this what your family does when someone has a bad dream?" Brendon asked with one eyebrow raised. Ryan shook his head yes. Ryan felt Brendon's soft skin against his cheek and fell asleep to the soothing beat of Brendon's heart. Brendon wrapped his arm around Ryan's shoulders and rubbed them with a sigh of lovesickness. He soon fell asleep.
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