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Day 2

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Brendon woke up early the next morning (as he usually did). Ryan had fallen asleep with right next to Brendon. In fact Brendon couldn't even move he was being held onto so tight. One of Ryan's hands was on the upper half of Brendon's chest the other was right above his pants. Plus, whenever Ryan shifted his hands moved around. Every time Ryan moved his hands it aroused Brendon and he couldn't get up. As Ryan's hands slowly got lower Brendon got worried. He was hard enough already he didn't want it getting any worse. "I wish he would wake up, he has such a tight grip." Brendon whispered to himself. What he didn't know was that Ryan had been awake for a while. So Ryan moved his hands. Brendon got up and looked at Ryan with a disapproving tilted head. "Have you been awake the entire time?" Brendon asked as he got out of bed. Ryan was to distracted by Brendon's bare chest that he didn't even nod. Brendon was pale, very pale. But Ryan didn't care. "Okay never mind that. What shall we do today?" Brendon asked as he slipped a shirt on. Ryan frowned for he was enjoying the view of Brendon. Ryan shrugged his shoulders. What could he say. Then he looked down and noticed that the thing that he had found between his legs was hard. What the hell could that mean. Ryan had no clue. But it didn't feel wrong. Ryan stood up only to fall down. He fell on his knees still not used to walking. "Are your legs okay? You seem to have a hard time walking." Brendon walked over to where Ryan was kneeling. Brendon put his arms under Ryan's armpits and pulled him off the floor. As Ryan put pressure on his legs to try to walk he fell forward into Brendon's arms. Ryan's eyes got big as he looked into Brendon's coffee colored eyes. Brendon pulled him up again and helped him walk. Brendon held Ryan's arm and with each step Ryan's got stronger. In the end Brendon let go and let Ryan walk to the stairs. Before Ryan could take the first step down Brendon stopped him. "You tripped on the first stair yesterday, let me just take you down myself." Brendon offered. Ryan shook his head and tried to take a step but fell. Luckily Brendon was fast enough to catch him before impact. "Really let me help you." Brendon picked Ryan up with ease again and took him down the stairs. Ryan sat there with a frown on his face. Ryan loved being this close to Brendon but he wanted to walk on his own. When Brendon put him down Ryan leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Brendon was shocked but he liked it. Even though it probably just meant thank you. Brendon was developing feelings for this boy. If only he knew hat Ryan felt the same way. Brendon lead the way into the kitchen. Brendon picked up and apple and handed it to Ryan then picked one up for himself. Brendon took a bite into it and licked his lips. Ryan felt something going on, he didn't know exactly what it was but he liked the feeling. hat Ryan was experiencing we know as fantasies. Or just dirty thought about Brendon making him very aroused. Ryan was scared of this feeling now but later he learns to like it. "I will be right back." Brendon said as he bolted up the stairs. Brendon came down stairs with the stack of clothing he showed Ryan the night before. Brendon took another bite of his apple. Not knowing how else to do anything Ryan took the round red ball and bit off some of it. The juice ran down his face and onto Brendon's shirt that he was wearing. Brendon set the clothes down and went to get a napkin. Having Ryan as a house guest was like a having a toddler. Except Ryan was having bad thoughts about his care giver and visa versa. Brendon took the napkin and wiped some off the juice off Ryan's face. Then thinking that Ryan would taste like an apple Brendon started to lean in closer to him. But Brendon cleared those thoughts out of his head as he leaned back to just sitting here. Ryan was disappointed. But he couldn't say it. Brendon finished cleaning Ryan up and picked up the clothes. "There aren't any windows in here. I can help you dress right here." Brendon said as he picked up the pants. Ryan wasn't wearing pants at the moment but Brendon had to help him put some on. Ryan was sitting on a tall stool. Brendon picked up one of Ryan's legs and slipped it inside the pants leg. The he picked up the other. Brendon paused for a second to look at Ryan's legs. Ryan's legs were very thin, a little feminine but they fit perfectly. After the pants were on they went about mid-shin on Ryan. He was tall and thin, and Brendon knew that the clothes might not fit him height wise. "Do you know how to undo buttons?" Brendon asked Ryan. Ryan just shook his head no. "That's okay. I didn't think you did." Brendon put his hands on Ryan's shirt. Well actually his shirt that Ryan was wearing. He started to unbutton the white shirt that cover the boy. When the shirt was completely unbuttoned Ryan slipped it off onto the floor. He was the most comfortable without a shirt on, but thats not how humans dress so he had to get used to it. Brendon picked up the black shirt he had for Ryan to wear. Then noticed that the shirt was on the floor. "Brendon don't think like that. It's not right." Brendon thought to himself. But he couldn't help it. Ryan was thin but his chest was so tan and pretty. Not rely tan but tanner than Brendon's. Brendon walked over to Ryan and put his hand on his chest. Ryan looked confused but liked that Brendon's warm hand was touching his bare skin. Brendon removed his hand and slipped the shirt over Ryan's arms. Brendon buttoned it and stood back. "You look great!" But Brendon was thinking about taking all f Ryan's clothes back off no matter how good he looked in them. "I have an idea! Lets go to town square!" Brendon yelled.
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