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Day 3

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Brendon woke up late the next morning. Later then normal. He looked at the clock to see that it was 5 o'clock. "Holy shit!" Brendon jumped out of bed. As he got up he noticed that something was missing. Where was Ryan? "Ryan!" Brendon screamed over and over again as he ran throughout the house. It's not like Ryan was going answer he couldn't. "Father I lost Ryan!" Brendon screamed at his dad. "Oh, you didn't lose him. A lady came over to day and said that it was her son." Jn said as he walked out of the kitchen. "He doesn't have a mother." Brendon didn't know how he knew that but he was positive it was true. Brendon ran out of the house and started looking around for his friend. His lover. Brendon needed to tell Ryan that he loved him. If he didn't what would happen. He looked until the sun set. After the sun set Brendon walked to the beach and sat down. He put his head in his hands and began to cry. He could taste the salty water run into his mouth as he sobbed loudly. He felt something touch his leg. Brendon looked up from his hands to see a familiar face. It was Ryan! "What happened?" Brendon asked. A lady walked up on octopus legs. She was like a mermaid but with a octopus bottom instead of a fish tail. "You want to know what happened? I kidnapped your precious Ryan so you wouldn't be able to tell him you loved him. I knew you were going to. I can't have that happen! I always win! And you almost made me lose. Sorry sweetie. When you snooze you lose." Sarah cackled like a witch. "You see Brenny. Ryan is like me. But with a fish tail. Yup he's a merman. And where we come from there is no such thing as love. But little Ryan thinks that there is. So when he saw you on the beach one day he thought he fell in love with you. So I gave him 3 days to have you tell him that you love him. Once I knew that you were going to tell him I decided to interfere. I know that's mean but I' a witch. Did you expect me to be nice?" She cackled again. Ryan was squirming on the ground with his hands and legs tied. "You untie him now!" Brendon yelled as he ran over to Ryan. "Ryan I..." Brendon didn't get to finish because Sarah wrapped some seaweed around his mouth. "No Brendon. I don't ever lose. And your not going to change that. At midnight he gets his tail back, but I still keep his voice. Oh life's good." She said. Brendon looked at his pocket watch only to see that it was a minute until midnight. He sat there trying to untie himself. But, by the time he had it was to late. Ryan's legs glowed a golden color and combined into his sparkling tail. Ryan started to cry. "Well, okay goodbye gentleman, and gentle fish." She laughed as she swam away into the ocean. Brendon ran over to Ryan's side. "So this is what you really look like?" Brendon asked stroking Ryan's head. Ryan nodding still having tears run down his face. "Now don't cry. You probably have the best tail in the ocean. I don't know if it does anything now but Ryan, I love you. I have loved you ever since I saw you. You are beautiful on the inside and the outside. Even though you can't speak I feel like you have told me everything." Brendon said as he pulled Ryan into a passionate kiss. Ryan sat up and deepened the kiss. Brendon pulled back and had tears in his eyes also. Ryan looked to the ocean to see his father. "Son, you are naive and still young. But I can see that love exists right here. Between you and this land boy. By the way. I saw Sarah going back to her lair and I got something for you." Spencer showed Ryan the sea shell with his voice in it. Ryan smiled. Spencer cracked the shell and a golden breeze flew toward Ryan. It went down his throat and glowed in his chest. "Thank you father." Ryan said. "By the way. I have another present for you." Spencer said to his boy. Spencer took his trident and mumbled something. Ryan's felt a piercing pain go through his tail. It turned to legs again. Ryan wiggled his toes and looked at his legs. "Thank you father." Ryan said as he sat there. Brendon took off his shirt and gave it to Ryan, who was naked again. Ryan got up and ran over to his father who was sitting on a rock. "Now you still have to visit me sometimes. I will miss you son." Spencer cried onto his son's shoulder. "I promise I will. Goodbye father. And thank you again." Ryan got up and Spencer went back into the ocean. "Brendon I love you too. Ever since I saw you on the beach. I want spend the rest of my life with you." Ryan said pulling Brendon in for another kiss.
The two walked home hands glued together. And they did spend the rest of their lives together just as they had said they were going too.
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