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Valerie makes new friends and go shopping. Someone visits.

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I walked with Brendon to third period. We were late so we had to take the seats in the front. We didn't get to sit together either, which meant i was actually going to have to do some work today. I had to sit next to this one girl that wore a lot of eye liner and had really big eyes. she noticed me starring at her and smiled.
" Hi." she said looking away from her work.
" Hey." I replied smiling.
" I'm Nina. And you are..."
" I'm Valerie." I said shaking her hand.
" You're the girl that got a detention the first day of class because of talking back to the teacher right?" She asked.
" Yup."
" Well, let me tell you that you have some balls to be able to do that. If I did that my parents would kill." She continued on and on about how her mom hates her and that she has a cousin Chealsy who has been in jail before or something like that. he talked a lot, but I liked her. By the end of day we had become good friends. She had introduced me to some of her friends, Alicia and Lindsey. We had also agreed on going shopping later that day for the dance.
" So I'll talk to you later?" Nina asked.
" Sure. Text me." I said.
" Okay." Then we said bye and parted our own ways. When I got home I saw that there was an unfamiliar car parked in front of our house. Visitors maybe? I walked into the house and stopped right in my track.
" Valeria!" Screamed my cousin. She ran towards me and hugged me. Heidy and I had grown up together.
" Ahhh! Que aces aqui chica? Pense que no hivas a venir hasta el proximo mes!!" ( Ahhh! What are you doing here girl? I thought you were coming next month!!) I asked her.
" Ya se pero te queria ver!" ( I know, but I wanted to see you!) We pulled away from the hug and smiled at each other. Heidy was my favorite cousin she understood me the most and was the most like me. " Oh ya se engles!" ( oh and I know english!) Turns out this was a surprise visit for my birthday that was coming up. She had taken english for the past year so that she could speak well over here.
" Oh my god! I cant believe you're here!" I said hoping she understood me.
" I know me neither!" She spoke it perfectly. " Guess what!" She said jumping up and down.
" What?!" I asked.
" I'm staying here for the school year!" My jaw dropped.
" What?! Thats great! I can't believe it!" Then I realized that I was suppose to meet up with Nina, Alicia, and Lindsey. " Mom I'm going to show Heidy around!" I yelled.
" Okay." came a shout from the kitchen. I pulled Heidy out the door and we left for the mall. When we got there Nina and the girls we already waiting for me.
" Hey guys sorry for the wait. My cousin Heidy came her today from Mexico and we got too caught up in the moment." I said.
" It's fine let's just get going." Alicia said. I nodded and we began our shopping trip. We wondered around into shops and talked to Heidy explaining about the dance and about Gerard. We all got along great and By the end of the day our feet we killing us, but I had been able to buy everything I could possibly need for the dance.
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