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Tongue-tied and oh so squeamish!

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Two entries from Frank's diary are revealed.. and Gerard's almost choking from what he's reading.

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I'm keeping this at PG-13 because I don't actually describe the rape.. And I do not mean any offence against prostitutes. I know some of them are forced or have to so they can live. Okay.. let's just get on with this.

You're going to see a whole new side of Frank, children. And it just gets worse and worse..

I hurry through Frank's dresser, carefully picking up pens, pencils, cloths and clothes until finally, right beneath his underwear, I find it. The small, leathery book. It's got a popper button to keep it closed and as I hold it tenderly in my hands, my gut is swarming with anticipation. I'm being so harsh, so wrong.

But it feels oh-so-good. So, I pry the book open, flicking through the wrinkled pages..

Entry one.

Something was very wrong with Jamia today, I can't place my finger on it, but there was. I asked her, persistently might I add, but she insisted nothing is wrong. Told me I was crazy, being stupid.

So what was my response when I saw she got a text from some 'Josh' fellow?

He thanked her for last night. Said it was his best time. Best he'd ever had.

I actually felt my gut writhing in anger, my face turning red, hands clamping and un-clamping, mind spinning. I confronted her about it, very calmly, and there wasn't one look of regret on her face. There was just deep thought and emptiness. No sorrow, no tears, no apology, no concern, no anguish, no uneasiness and certainly no regret. And that's what bugged me most. She didn't regret sleeping with some fucker she picked up at a bar.

I lost my top; I started screaming at her, shouting at her..

"Jamia!" I screeched, hands flying about in the air madly, "How the fuck could you do that! You stupid motherfucking bitch! Why the fuck did you marry me? Did you want to hurt me?"

"No.. No Frank please I-" she tried, but I simply spoke over her.

"You married me knowing you were going to sleep with several other men? Who the fuck does that? You sick, sick bitch!" I smack a long, hard blow to her right cheek, listening smugly to her whimpers.

"Frank I'm sorry!" she splutters.

Now she's crying. She's crying because she sees I'm in control, and that scares her.

"No you're not." I spit, smacking her other cheek twice as hard. "Go upstairs, I don't even want to see your face. You make me sick!"

I stare in bewilderment at the book. I'm left gaping at it's crisp pages, wondering if it could possibly get any worse. But it does.

Entry 6.

Some fucker down the club tried to sell their body to me tonight, stupid slut. Didn't she see my wedding ring? I was apalled that someone would want to buy some bitch who's been streched so far they could fit earth up there.

"Hey handsome.." she purred, slinking her arms around my neck. "You need a date for tonight?"

The woman lent into me, whispering silkily into my ear. Her arms were resting lightly on my chest, swirling a finger down my top. She started kissing my neck, nipping at the white flesh and grinning softly.

I flashed her my wedding ring, my disgusted face hidden from her view.

But, she simply grinned and let out a small, choked giggle. "That just makes it so much more naughty, baby. Come on, there's an alley way outside. It wont cost you much," she murmured, kissing my ear slobbily.

I shivered, feeling pent up anger spill into my body.

"Especially for you.. I promise," she mumbled, pulling away from my neck.

Still fuming, I chuckled, turning around to face her. "It doesn't make it more 'hot' or 'naughty' it just makes it fucking wrong, first off. Secondly, I don't go around buying trashy whores for sex, you stupid, stupid bitch!"

She looked appauled, but confiding in her acting, her face still tried to seduce me.

I growled, "You know what? Come with me." Yanking her by the wrist, I pulled her into the alley she mentioned a few minutes ago.

She's smiling. "You change your mind sugar?" she asked.

I laughed coldly. "No," I spat. There's a ghostly, horrible silence.

The gloom of the alleyway crowded around our two figures, the endearing silence only broken by my sharp breaths and her even ones. She looked cold, arms enveloping herself as she grinned seductively at me, but her eyes looked nervous.

Taking one, large step towards her, I smirked, "I'm going to change yours."

I slammed her to the floor, listening to her whimpers as I sat on her, pulling off her top and bra and she started wriggling uncomfortably, regret and fear flashing wildly in her eyes.

She knew what I was going to do. You could see it in her eyes, hear in in her whimpers and cries, each sharp, uneven, panting, desperate breath her over-used, filthy mouth spat out.

She knew that I was going to fuck her, not pay her, and leave her.

She knew it.

"Please!" she begged. "Please, please don't."

I grinned down at her, eyes glistening as I unbuckled my jeans. "Should of considered what you were getting yourself into, sugar."

I gulp, swallowing the lump in my throat. Frank's not that cruel. He wouldn't do that.. Frank's Frank. He's.. that's just not him.

But apparently, it is.

I thought I knew him.. I know that he wouldn't do this. He wouldn't ever even think about it.. he wouldn't consider it.

But, somewhere in the back of my head, my mind shrieks, "But do you really know him?"

Haha! More entries in the next chapter.

They'll get worse, my little minions. They will definitely get worse. I'd also really like to know if this is too much for anyone? Give me all your opinions, positive and negative. Please?
..and keep rating, please. :D x
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