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Everything has changed..

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Giving into your haunting thoughts.

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I sit fridgedly, fidgetting eyes gaping at the wine infront of me. The long, slim bottle is mocking me, judging me.. seducing me. It's slender, red glass is gleaming and enchanting, the still liquid inside of it staring back at me. Beads of sweat start forming on my head and roll downwards. I wipe them away, never taking my eyes off of the bottle.

Lindsey's out, Gerard. Drink it. She wouldn't know, only you would. Imagine, the gorgeous, lucious, silky liquid twirling around on your tongue, spiking your tastebuds. Can you see that, Gerard? Can you feel it? You want it. You need it. Just one sip.. one glass.. one bottle. Maybe three or four. Go on, Gerard. Let off some steam, some stress. Let your mind float away. That bottle can help that happen, it can stop your thoughts, fears, feelings. It can numb you. Put you in a world of happiness and glee.

If you drink it, Gerard, nothing would hurt. You wouldn't think. Just take it, sniff it, lick it. Remember how smooth it is? How it tangles in your tastebuds and makes you go crazy in plesure? Makes you feel sain, feel safe? Feel completely and utterly in love with it, entranced by it.. But most of all, Gerard, how it makes you go light and fluffy, careless..? It's gorgeous texture, mouth-watering taste. Go on.

No, I can't. I can't.

You CAN, Gerard. One sip, go on.

What if I pour a glass and take in it's smell. Maybe that'll just save me all together.

Go on Gerard.. It wont be enough.

I shoot up eagerly, pulling a glass out of the cupboard and placing it's fragile body down on the table.

I pull the cork out from the bottle, watching as it's flowing, sleek, red liquid slips out of it's neck and downwards.. down into the cup, sloshing around. I can already smell it's strong, mind-melting aroma. It makes me go light headed and weak.

"This is bad," I say, my voice hoarse, throat dry.

But oh-so good. You love it.. that luxurious smell..

It's like I've just killed a person. That's a good way to look at it. I've just yanked their head off and poured their blood everywhere.. It's spewing all around me, leaking over the rips in the worn and torn skin. The now pale, completely white corpse is freezing in my arms, eyes glassy and still. Their metalic blood is staining my skin, my clothes. I try wiping it off of my hands, but it never goes. I'm a murderer. That's it. That'll stop me.

But just look at it.. Isn't it breathtaking? It's gorgeous, scarlet colour, sensational aroma, shining, sleek, still surface. You want it. You know you do.

I do. I really, really do.

I run my index finer around the rim of the glass, sighing deeply.

What's stopping you?

I think for a moment...

Nothing is.

I pulll the glass near to my chest, swirling it around before downing it all. A familliar, warm buzz slides down my body and I smile guiltily, pouring another glass.

That's it, Gerard. Isn't it worth it?

The voice in my head is almost drowned out by my attraction towards the wine, but not completely gone. Glass after glass, I pour the wine down my neck.. eventually consuming four bottles. I grin drunkenly, giggling. There's one last thought before my mind slips into a drowsy sleep..

I wish I never, ever read that diary.

So, what did we think?! Rates and reviews would be very much appreciated! Thanks for R&Ring so far, guys. You're doing a FABULOUS job! ;D xx
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