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The aftermath is secondary!

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Lindsey's home. Uh-oh.

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THREE CHAPTERS in one day! I fucking spoil you!
But it's okay because you're amazing readers. :) xox


The rain is bashing down on the window as I drive on, keeping my tired eyes focused on the road. It's deserted apart from myself, my full-blown headlights illuminating the glistening tarmac. The dark, clouded sky is misty, the eerie, silver moon just breaking out through some of the clouds.

I sigh deeply; tonight was not fun. Alicia and Mikey had constantly fought. We were playing Monopoly in teams. Frank and I in one, the 'happy' couple in the other. Then, things went downhill. It was stupid, very, very stupid. Mikey had taken credit for their winning so far and Alicia had insisted they were winning because of her.

"What the fuck are you implying?" Mikey snapped, getting up and flinging his arms in the air.

"I'm saying you couldn't do shit if it weren't for me!" Alicia countered, furiously pushing herself up from the chair.

Mikey scoffed. "I was managing JUST fine before you came!"

"What, with your fucking depression and all? Oh yeah babe, you were doing so, so well! Good on you!" She rolled her eyes, standing with her hands on her hips, frown growing heavier.

"Fuck you, Alicia! That was not my fucking fault!" Mikey spat, furiously walking over to her.

"Oh god. I'm so sorry, how insensetive of me." Her laugh wasn't genuine.

She pressed a firm finger to his chest saying, "Just like you when you call me a fat cow in every single one of our arguments."

Mikey grunted. "You [/are
a fat cow!" he said.

At first, Alicia looked very hurt, confused and taken back: Mikey looked like he wanted to hug her, kiss her, tell her he was sorry. But then, as infuriated, upset tears leaked over the rims of her eyes, she glared at him.

"Well I'm so fucking sorry I can never be good enough for you," she said. Her voice wasn't strong, but instead it was very, very quiet and feeble.

Mikey's face softened and he took his wife into a huge, bone crushing hug. "I'm sorry." he whispered, kissing the top of her head. "You are perfect. You're so perfect. And you're not fat, you're beautiful and lovely."

Alicia's tears were gaining in number as she violently pulled him into a deep, heated kiss./]

She was still angry when she kissed him, that was obvious, but she loves him and that's all that matters. Fights are nothing, barely audible through the strong amounts of love people felt for each other. At least, that's what I think before I enter my home.

"Gerard!" I shout, his half-asleep, limp body spread over the sofa moaning. "What have you done?"

I feel hot tears of anger, disappointment and pain drip down my face; I don't even know I had started crying.

"Lindsey, I'm s-s-orry.." he slurs, his drunken body leaning up and swaying over to me before embrasing my tightly. His breath stinks of alcohol and I push him away, spying the pain and regret in his eyes.

Scattered on the coffee table are four wine bottles and a couple of beer bottles, and a glass sitting on a mat.

"How? How could you do this?" I wail, staring at my beautiful, red-haired husband.

He wants to tell me something, I can see it, but he doesn't.

"I can't t-tell you.. I'm so sorry," he says.

I shake my head. "You're brother will be so disappointed in you," I mumble, tears still falling steadily down my face. I quickly wipe them away. "Even more so than I am," I continue. "Think next time, Gerard. I'm going to go ring him."

"Moikey?" he slurs. "No! No Lindzey, please don't tell him!" He's sobbing now, completely breaking my heart.

"I have too," I say. I pull my mobile out of my back pocket, clicking his number in. There's a few rings before he answers.

I can barely see Gerard through my watering eyes.

"Y'ello?" he says.

"M-Mikey!" I sob. "Come round, please!"

"What? What's happened?" His voice is urgent and worried.. But oh-so ignorant.

"Gerard's.." I can't force myself to say it: the truth hurts. "He's.... I can't Mikey! Please, please come over!" I'm bawling into phone by now, my cries panting, desperate and struggled. My heart is thumping, mind whirling nonsensically.

"I'm on my way," Mikey replied quickly, before he disconnects the call, leaving my with my thoughts and the menacing sound of the loud, continous beep at the end of the line.

Do you like? Sorry it's shorter. xx

And I know I've got to stop apologizing! XD
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