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Note: I do not own South Park or any of its characters. Oh, and spoilers for You're Getting Old and probably future episodes. I hope Stan does come back but this is assuming he's been gone for three years.
Cartman hissed, jumping on one foot and cradling the wounded one in his hands. “Aye! That hurt you son of a bitch!” Stan didn’t reply and the doors closed again. “Well, well, well, two can play at that game.” Cartman whispered.
He hit the door open button and stuck his foot in the opening and waited. Seconds later it closed on his foot and then opened again. He hit the door close button and it repeated the two actions. Then he drew his foot back inside and pushed the button for the bottom floor. It genuinely hurt to stand on but when he reached the bottom floor he managed to limp out. Joining Kyle, they started to walk home.
“Did Stan make it up okay?” Kyle asked.
‘Dammnit, Kyle!’ Cartman thought, ‘Why the fuck to you care so much about Stan?’. Aloud he said, “Yeah. I hope he’s better by tomorrow.”
“Maybe we should have told him where to meet us.” Kyle turned back, looking at the hotel worriedly.
“Nah, he’ll just call us if he’s better.” Cartman answered, then stumbled, falling to the ground.
“Dude, you okay?” Kyle knelt next to his friend.
“Ugh, yeah, it’s just my foot!”
“Here, let me see.” The redhead gingerly pulled off Cartman’s shoe and sock, causing Cartman to whimper.
“Ow, Kahl! That hurts!” Cartman cried.
“Damn dude!” Kyle whistled. “I was barely touching it! What happened?”
“Uh…Stan stumbled over it on his way out of the elevator.”
“No way, this is way too red for that!” Kyle shook his head. Looking down Cartman saw that his foot had started to swell a bit. Damn, maybe he’d overdone it. Oh, well, at least Kyle was fooled. “What happened?”
“Oh, it’s nothing.” Cartman made sure not to meet Kyle’s eyes.
“Okay!” Cartman sighed. “I didn’t want to tell you this Kyle, but Stan was really mean once we left. He accused me of putting something in his drink and then he stomped on my foot.”
“That son of a…” Kyle trailed of and started back towards the hotel.
“No, Kyle!” Cartman called after him, making his voice sound concerned. “It’s fine!”
“No it’s not Cartman!” Kyle growled. “Look at your foot! I think it might be broken!”
“I’m sure Stan’s just jealous of our Super BFFship!” Cartman pleaded. “He probably didn’t mean to step on it so hard! Come on! Let’s just go to my house and watch Terrance and Philip!”
“No!” Kyle snapped. “I’m going to go-“
“Please Kahl!” Cartman whined.
“Okay, but we need to take you to the hospital first.” Kyle answered reluctantly.
‘Wha-n-no!” Cartman stuttered. He had imagined a day with Kyle and him relaxing in front of the TV, bashing Stan and eating Cheesy Poofs; not having to hang out in the hospital.
“Cartman,” Kyle sighed, “Your foot is all swollen, it hurts for you to walk on it, and we don’t know if it’s broken or not. We’re going to the hospital.”
“No!” Cartman protested. “We need to go watch Terrance and Philip and eat Cheesy Poofs!”
“We can do that after the Doctor clears you.” Kyle replied sternly. “Now, come on.” He reached down and draped Cartman’s arm across his shoulder and started pulling. “Come on, stand up.”
“Dumb...” Cartman rattled off a string of insults but began to put his weight on his good foot.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Kyle rolled his eyes. “Stop being a stubborn asshole and let’s get you to the hospital.” Cartman growled and elbowed Kyle lightly in the chest, but didn’t respond. Eric hadn’t planned on going to the hospital but if this was what it took to keep Kyle his, he supposed it was worth it.
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