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Apparently, I'm capable of anything.

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Frank's diary, puking and sympathetic Gerard's.

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You will all be glad to know that updating this story is my main priority! Having said that, enjoy the new chapter, champs. :)

"Gee, GEE!" I shake my best friend's shoulder, laughing as he falls with a thud to the floor.

"Frank!" he mumbles angrily, pushing himself up from the glossy wooden floor. He looks around, shaking his head. "Geez, when I passed out I had a horrible, horrible dream. You attacked me and-"

I feel a twang of guilt plunge into my chest making Gerard stop talking.

"It was real?" he asks.

I nod slowly, wincing.

"Yes," I whisper, looking to the floor.

"Look, Frank, it's obviously not your fault." He smiles to me sympathetically, but he still looks frightened. Well, who wouldn't be? "I said I'd show you the diary and I will. First things first, I need some Paracetamol. I've got a killer headache." He's now gripping his head, groaning so loud it echos in the room.

"Fine, come on." I show him into the kitchen, passing him a cool, icy glass of water. I shuffle through the cupboards, eventually finding the painkillers in a draw. "Here," I say, handing him the packet.

He nods his thanks, wincing at the slight movement.

I shake my head in disappointment.

"Where's Lindsey?" he asks, swallowing a tablet.

"Upstairs resting her leg," I reply.

He squints at nothing, then nods. "Oh yeah.. I remember."

"Yeah," I mumble.

My mind is buzzing, all my thoughts worried about what sort of sick things I've done. What the hell is wrong with me?! Why the hell did I go into a subconscious state?!

Gerard quickly gulps down the other pill, flushing the rest of the clear water down his throat. "Okay," his voice is hoarse so he coughs. It crackles for a moment, then turns back to normal. "Come with me," he says.

I follow him obediently to my room, where he rifles through my underwear and pulls out a small book from the back of the draw. It looks exactly like my diary.

"That's not mine," I say weakly, my head spinning.

I flick through the pages.

"The handwriting is, though.. Oh God, how didn't I notice this before?" I ask, eyes widening.

Shrugging, Gerard sits on the bed, holding is spinning head.

I divert my eyes away from him, looking to 'my' diary.

Entry 29.

"What do you want, Iero?" the barmaid scoffed, looking at me like I was dirt. "I haven't seen you since last month."

I laughed. "Sorry, where you expecting more than sex?"

She nodded, frowning. "I was expecting the relationship we had to continue."

"What relationship?!" I ask, laughing. I gulped down my drink. "Sex sex and more sex?"

"If I recall correctly, most of that sex was pressured," she barked, scrubbing the glossy worktop of the bar. Holding a bulky, clunky glass under the beer hose, she watched intently as the fizzing, golden liquid filled the glass, then topped off with the finishing foam.

"Baby please, don't talk like that. I love you," I said monotonously, smirking into my beverage.

She shook her head, growling. "You're an asshole, Frank," she said, splashing me with water.

I violently stood up, the stool crashing to the ground as I wiped my eyes. "You little bitch!" I shouted, jumping over the bar. I fell on top of her, grunting. "Remind you of anything?" I laughed coldly; I smacked her on the cheek.

"Stop, stop stop!" she cried weakly, a tear falling down her cheek. "Please stop, I'm sorry!"

"You're only sorry because I've got the upper hand," I spat. I crashed my palm to her cheek again, slamming it down again and again. My knee was crushing her ribs as I hit her, suddenly pulled off by another bartender.

"You little shit!" he said, restraining my arms. "Get the fuck outta here, you're not welcome back!" He spat, shoving me out of the door.

I still laugh remembering that day. How she squirmed, begged, cried. I still remember her crystal clear. Especially those few nights we spent together.

Entry 10.

Sweetpea misbehaved today. The damn dog pissed on the carpet. But I took care of it..

Sweetpea misbehaved today. The damn dog pissed on the carpet. But I took care of it..

"What the fuck, SWEETPEA?!" I said as I stared down at the dog, watching as she violated the carpet.

She whimpered; big, puppy eyes looking up at me in sorrow.

"I don't give a shit how sorry you are! Look at what you've done!" I indicated to the big, sopping wet patch of urine that was soaking our carpet. "How the fuck could you do that?! ARE YOU JUST SOME STUPID BITCH?!" I screamed. I swung my leg out, smugly watching as she cried out in pain and flew into the corner.

"See, this is like I'm pissing on you," I said coolly. "It'll just hurt a fuck load more."

Laughing, I kicked her repetitively. Again and again and again...

I can't read anymore, my minds spinning, heart racing. I can feel my stomach swirling, getting faster and faster; I'm staring to sweat. Dropping the book to the floor I stagger away, gagging and retching.

"Frank?!" Gerard asks, running to my side.

I shake my head violently, causing the sick feeling in my stomach to increase. Sprinting to the bathroom, I just about make it to the toilet before I'm puking my guts up. My throats burning as I get up, washing my mouth under the tap. I wipe my mouth on my sleeve and proceed back into my bedroom, sitting next to Gerard on the bed.

"I practically raped this girl. Then.. then I beat her.. and I beat Sweetpea and.. oh my God." My voice is very feeble, barely audible.

"Y-you.. Frank, you have raped someone. And murdered.."

"W-what?!" I say, picking the book up off of the floor. He shows me entries 18 and 6, then proceeds to show me entry 1, in which I beat Jamia. "Oh my God.." I say, dropping the diary to the floor and curling up into a ball. "Yhis isn't happening.. this isn't happening," I cry, rocking back and forth.

Gerard puts an arm around my shoulder. "Come on, Frank. Let's take you to a therapist."

haha! See, this one's fairly long? :D
I hope you liked it. xo
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