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Painfully Close

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This is entirely fictional. None of them are married in this story. So if anything related to romance goes down they are not cheating in this story.

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I ran over to where the cars were lined up to enter. I started to wave my hands in the air motion to people.
"Don't come in here! It's a trap! Please listen to me. Trust me please!" I yelled at the entering cars. They simply rolled their eyes and honked their horns.
"Get this crazy girl out of the road before I hit her!" A big man in a chevy truck yelled at me.
"Excuse me?" I wanted to say something and was about to if I hadn't been yanked back. I do that a lot. Speak before I think it through. It's a curse. But I have to live with it.
"What the hell do you think your doing? Did you see how big that guy was? None of us could even take him on!" Gerard said as he pulled me back. He motioned to the rest of the guys.
"Well, if you don't like the way I act, then don't follow me. I am going to try to help these people." I said yanking my arm out of his grasp.
"I respect your courage but you don't want to get your ass kicked by some big dude do you?" He asked cocking an eyebrow.
"Thanks but I don't need you to tell me what to do if your not going to help." I said walking away and back over to the entrance to the parking structure.
"Please don't come in here. It's a trap! You need to listen to me." I shouted at the cars driving by. I cared for these people I didn't know. Why should they have to die just like the rest of the people in here. The guy that was in the chevy truck approached me.
"What are you talking about little lady?" He asked towering over me.
"This is a trap. Once you come in your can never leave. I don't know what's going to happen to all these people yet." I said making lots of hand movements.
"Why would we trust you. Your just a naive little girl." He said with a smirk. I was not a little girl. 21 ins no longer little.
"I am not a little girl, I am 21. And besides I'm probably smarted then you." I said. I covered my mouth and instantly regretting what I had just said. My eyes got wide as he stared down at me and looked angry.
"What did you just say? You should really think before you speak girl." He said getting closer. I only kept backing up until I hit a concrete wall.
"I don't hit girls, especially little ones. But you said you weren't a little girl so if you disrespect me I have the right of showing you your proper place. You need to realize that women are not running the world. I am going to show you your place." He lifted his hand like he was going to hit me. I clenched my eyes shut preparing for what I just got myself into. I knew I shouldn't have said anything but I can't help it. I felt someone step in front of me and place their hand on my arm.
"Don't you dare. You don't treat a lady that way." I opened my eyes to see two men standing in front of me and one on each side.
"Get out of my way boy. I am giving her what she asked her." The truck driver said lifting his hand higher.
"If you hit her it will be on the internet within seconds, and you will be in a cop car in at least an hour." The man in front of me said.
"Did you hear what she said to me? I'm just giving her what she deserves." The truck driver said. He lifted his hand and smacked one of the men in front of me. He fell to the floor. I grabbed the man standing next to me and buried my face into his chest. He put his hand on my back and tried to comfort me.
"It's okay. He snaps back like a rubber band." Said the man on the other side of me. I looked up to see a mess of curly hair and a smiling Ray. I looked at the person who was trying to comfort me to see Frank smiling at me. Gerard was lying on the floor his red hair all disheveled.
"If you get in my way you blonde headed kid I will hit you too." The truck driver said to Mikey.
"I don't think that's a good idea because the guy you just hit is actually 34 and he is going to hurt you." Mikey said with a crooked smile. Gerard jumped up off the floor and looked pretty pissed off. The truck driver lifted his hand and was swung it at Mikey. Mikey dodged it and I hid my face back into Frank's chest. I was too scared to see what was going to happen. I didn't want to see any of them get hurt.
"What is wrong with you? How could you let what a young girl said get to you?" Mikey said to the truck driver. He seemed to be getting more angry. I opened my mouth to say something but Mikey put his fingers to his lips to shush me.
"Don't say anything. We don't want this situation to get any worse." Frank said to me. I have to agree I had gotten myself into a pretty bad situation.
"Just leave it alone man. This girl has 4 guys that are going to protect her. I really don't think your going to win." Gerard said crossing his arms and smiling.
"Fine. But if you say anything else then I will have no choice but to show her, her place." The truck driver said and walked away.
"Asshole." I mumbled under my breath and Ray sapped his hand over my mouth. The truck driver looked back with anger in his eyes. They simply smiled at him politely. After he turned back around I stuck I flipped him off and growled a little. Gerard slapped my hand down and made a serious face. He was warning me to chill down.
"I realize that you don't want to be fucked with but you need to know when to step down." Gerard said pointing his finger at me.
"I can't it's not in my nature. I don't back down." I said putting my hands on my hips, making a sort of superman pose.
"Oh, feisty." Mikey laughed.
"Yeah, it can be a vice or a virtue. That's my mom used to tell me." I said and they looked at me.
"How about no more trying to save lives. Try to find a way out." Gerard said to me. It just made me think. This question needed to be asked. Or I think I might explode.
"Why did you guys help me? I was doing fine on my own." I scrunched my eyebrows and stomped my foot.
"Oh yeah your were doing fine. Right as you were about to get hit by a scary trucker guy. If we hadn't come you would be lying on the floor right now holding your face." Gerard pointed to the floor.
"That didn't answer my question. And because of your heroic actions you got hit too." I said pointing to the bruise forming on the side of his face.
"It was the right thing to do. You don't let anyone treat a lady that way. And you seemed pretty nice. None of us wanted to see you get hurt. Even if we didn't know you we would have helped you." Ray said pushing his fluffy hair out of his face. I felt great that there were good people like that in the world. It made me feel safe. But with this situation. How long could I feel safe?
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