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Stolen Life

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I hung up the and knew that this was going to work. At least thought it was going to work. All I had to do was wait. My parents didn't live to far away. They would be here in less then 5 minutes.
"I'm not that short am I?" Frank asked looking at his feet. They started laughing because he was short. But his height issues were of little importance to me at the moment. I could here my dad's truck coming from a mile away. When I saw it at the intersection a huge smile appeared on my face. The light turned green and they came through the intersection. But not all the way. They were hit, on the drivers side, by a huge big rig truck. I felt my heart sink and my eyes widen. My jaw dropped in shock of what I had just witnessed.
"NO!" I yelled and tried to run forward. I was stopped by someone grabbing me. They wrapped their arms around my waist to prevent me from going into the moving cars. I was flailing my arms and trying to hit the person that was stopping me from helping my parents. I saw them move. Maybe there was hope. My mom and dad crawled from the truck and onto the ground. Blood coming from the sides of their heads and lips.
"Let me go! I need to help my parents!" I squirmed and tried to get free. A door in the side of the truck opened and I stopped moving. Out of the truck came a huge reptile tail. It grabbed both of my parents and pulled them inside the truck. I felt tears spilling from eyes and my jaw drop even further. The person that was holding me back let go. And I instantly fell to my knees. I didn't care about the pain that shot through my body when my knees hit the concrete. I wanted to go save my parents.
"How could this happen? I could have saved them." I turned my head to see who was directly behind me, the person that had held me back. It was Mikey. I stood up.
"Thanks to you they are dead. I could have saved them!" I yelled. I wanted to hit him. I went to hit him. I was about to hit him but someone else held me back. I wasn't going to actually hurt him. I was probably going to slap his chest a couple times and collapse to the ground again. But instead I was held back.
"It's okay. It's not Mikey's fault." Gerard said as he held me back from smacking his younger brother.
"It's not his fault, I know. It's mine." I stopped squirming and didn't move. It was my fault. I could have gotten away from his hold if I had tried harder.
"No it's not your fault either. It was their time to go. It's no ones fault." Gerard said trying to comfort me. It just wasn't working. I slid down to my knees again. I held my head in my hands trying to forget what happened. But it was know use. I was crying to hard to see that Gerard had kneeled in front of me.
"There nothing any of us could have done." Gerard said tilting his head to try to look at me. I looked up from my hands to see him. I know he was trying hard to make m feel better but it just wasn't working. I threw my arms around his neck and gave him a tight hug. I buried my head into the crook of his neck and cried. I was drenching his yellow shirt but he didn't care. He put his hand on the back of my head and the other on my back. He pulled me in closer trying to hold me like a child. After all I was a child compared to him.
"How can you say I couldn't have done anything? I could have saved them. They could be alive now." I cried into his neck. I stroked my hair and tried to shush me. I was crying pretty loudly.
"There is nothing we could have done. I'm sorry for your loss. And I'm sorry you had to watch it happen." Gerard said and pulled me closer. I felt like a child. I shouldn't be crying this much. I am a grown women crying. But over my parents death so I had the right to be a total wreck. He let go and I pulled back to sit on my heels. He smiled at me and it made me laugh. I giggled and he smiled bigger. I wiped tears from my eyes and stood up. Gerard stood up after me and patted my shoulder.
"Thanks. I feel a little better now." I said sniffling a little.
"Good. I did my job then." Gerard smiled.
"Sorry about that Mikey." I said walking over to him. He opened his arms and gave me a hug. Probably because I just witnessed my parents death.
"It's okay. I think I would have done the same if someone held me back to. I have a temper, it gets pretty bad some times. I'm so sorry though. But I did it because we didn't need more people dying. If you had gone out there you could have died too." Mikey said as he rested his head on the top of mine. He let go and placed his hand on my shoulder.
"I'm so sorry." Ray said giving me a hug. It was hard to hug him because he was taller then me. It med me feel sort. Probably how Frank feels. Considering I am only 3 inches taller then him.
"Don't apologize. You didn't do anything." I said to him. He let go and gave me a friendly smile. Frank hugged me next. He was the only one that didn't make me feel small.
"It will be okay." He said rubbing my back.
"Eventually." I said back. He let go and I could see tears in his eyes too. It made me feel better to see him crying a little bit too.
I heard a pitter patter and saw something shiny by my feet. I bent over to see that it was my mother's wedding ring. It must have come off. The wind probably blew it over to here. I picked it up and looked at it. A teardrop fell onto it and made it sparkle in the slight sunlight. I tilted my head and looked at it from every possible angle. I knew it was hers. I had never seen another ring like it. I felt a smile creep onto my face.
"I guess she wanted you to have it." Frank said to me with a truly happy smile. I gave him another hug just because what he said made me so happy.
"Maybe now we can work on a way out." Ray said.
"No. Give her time to take this in. She has the right to mourn." Gerard said shooting Ray a rather mean look.
"No. I'm fine. He's right. We should find a way to get out of this place." I said wiping tears off my face and looking around.
"Are you sure?" Gerard asked me putting his hand on my shoulder.
"Yeah thanks." I said avoiding eye contact. I felt a certain connection between me and him. Like he was my brother. But I barely knew him. It was a safe feeling. Homely.
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