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I didn't open my eyes to see where they were taking me. I didn't really care though either. I felt myself being set on the ground. I was cold and I could still feel blood dripping from my lips. I was lying flat on my back until someone lifted me up. I felt my back rest on someone's leg and my head was in their arm. I felt them brush my hair out of my face. With all this happening I wanted to know who it was but I didn't want to open my eyes. I felt them put a cloth to my forehead and dab my face with it.
"Is she okay?" I heard someone ask.
"Is she alive?" Another person said.
"Of course she is alive you dumb ass. See how she rises and falls. That's called breathing." Yet another person said sarcastically. I felt them put something to my lips and I got scared. I shot up and smacked my head into there's.
"Dammit!" They yelled as they rubbed there forehead. I opened my eyes to see Mikey holding his head where it had hit mine. Ray, Gerard and Frank started to laugh. I looked up and saw Gerard holding my head. He was really warm.
"What happened?" I asked sitting my head up out of his arms. I put my fingers to my lips to see blood. My eyes got wide and I looked around frantically.
"You challenged a big trucker guy and he beat the shit out of you." Frank said as he fiddled with his fingers. I looked at the floor to see a little blood next to where my head was. I looked at Gerard's leg to see that I had bleed onto his leg.
"Sorry." I said biting my lip.
"It's fine. Makes me look tougher." He smiled.
"I thought my sister was here. Someone said that I was there sister." I said trying to find my sister.
"Your sister isn't actually here. I said That you were my sister because they wouldn't let me take you if I was some stranger. They might think I was a rapist." Gerard laughed.
"Well aren't you?" Ray laughed at him.
"Well then who lifted me?" I asked looking at them.
"I couldn't. I can barely lift the bar for the bench-press." Gerard laughed.
"It was Ray. He is the biggest and the strongest." Frank said pointing at Ryan. He was looking at the floor and twirling some of his hair between his fingers.
"Oh. And sorry for hitting you Mikey." I smiled at him hoping he was alright.
"Hey it's okay. Now most of us have bruises on our faces." Mikey said rubbing the newly forming bruise.
"Well what were you doing that you were so close?" I asked and he looked away. I could tell he was blushing.
"I was trying to clean you up, you know all the blood." He said showing me his bloody towel. Frank starting playing Pansy out of boredom.
"And because I wanted to be..." I couldn't hear the rest of Mikey's sentence as he mumbled. All eyes shot over to him. I guess they had heard what he said. Gerard waggled his eyebrows and made a clicking noise with his tongue. Ray scruffed up his perfect blonde hair and Frank patted his shoulder.
"What did he say? I didn't hear him." I said looking at all of there faces. They all broke out in laughter except for Mikey. He turned bright red and stormed off.
"Is he okay?' I asked them.
"He is just romantically frustrated." Gerard said waving his hand in the air.
"Why?" I asked . I didn't get it. Why would he be romantically frustrated? He was a good looking famous boy in America. He must have girls crawling all over him. Mikey came back once he gained composure.
"Sorry about that." He said sitting down in front of me.
"I just want to say thanks to you guys for saving me, yet again. I really need to just chill." I said crossing my legs.
"Finally she gets it." Frank said throwing his hands in the air. I tried to sit up straight but was stopped by a pain shooting throw my spine. It started in my stomach and went upwards. I lied back down not wanting to feel the pain again. I let out a quiet scream and held my stomach.
"What happened are you okay?" I heard Mikey ask me as I curled up on the floor. I lied on my back and say all their faces above me.
"He kicked me in the stomach didn't he?" I asked them. They all nodded a simple yes.
"Did it bruise your tummy?" I heard Ray ask. I felt my shirt being lifted slightly. I pulled it down as fast as I could.
"What's wrong? Does it hurt to move the clothing?" Frank asked me.
"No. I just don't want you to look at me like that. I'm fat." I said feeling a little to self conscious.
"Your not fat. I used to be fat. And trust me your not fat." Gerard said to me with a smile.
"Yeah. Some people are really fat. Your not one of them." Ray said.
"Your perfect." Mikey whispered trying not to let me hear. But I did. I lifted my shirt part way so that they could see the bruise.
"That's pretty bad. Can you get up and walk?" Frank said pulling my shirt back down.
"I don't know let me try." I said trying to sit up. I was aided by Gerard and Mikey. As soon as I got to my feet a pain shot to my head. I would have fallen if Mikey wasn't in front of me.
"Woah there. I don't think you are able to walk." Mikey said staring at me with those gorgeous dark green eyes. I knew I wouldn't be able to walk now, I was probably weak at the knees. He let out a light laugh and helped me back to my feet.
"Thanks." I blushed and looked at the floor.
"No problem." He replied adjusting the bass guitar that hung on his back.
"Back to finding a way out of here." Frank said and my eyes shot over to him. I held my head as it throbbed.
"What's wrong this time?" Ray asked putting his hand on my shoulder.
"My head hurts. From where that guy hit me and from where I smacked Mikey." I said smiling at him.
"If you mom was here she could kiss it and make it better. But she is doing that from her newly found home." Ray said to me. That made the death of my parents a little less painful.
"Until then you have to settle with Mikey." Frank laughed pointing at Mikey. His eyes got wide when he heard what Frank had said.
"Wait what?" He asked being a little awkward.
"Kiss her forehead and make her pain go away." Frank said motioning towards me. Gerard had a dreamy look in his eye as he knew what was going to happen. I looked up at the blonde man standing in front of me. He cupped my face with his warm and hands and pulled my head to his lips. He put his soft lips to my forehead and pulled away.
"Better?" He asked with rosy cheeks.
"Maybe." I said looking up at him. He smiled showing his white teeth. I couldn't help but smile back at him.
"Her lip is cut too. Why don't you kiss that and make it better?" Frank laughed. Gerard smacked his arm and gave him a scolding look.
"Can I?" He asked looking dreamily at me.
"Please." I said desperately. As I stood waiting for his lips to meet mine. He bent down gently and put his lips to mine. I closed my eyes and ran my fingers through his perfect blonde hair. He pulled back and looked at me with a loving look.
"Better?" He asked as his eyes looked around.
"Hell yeah." I said to him with a smile.
"Yeah!" Frank cheered and Mikey shot him a mean and threatening look.
"So now can we figure out how to get out of this hell hole?" Ray said sounding a little impatient.
"Yeah." I said. I still couldn't walk so Mikey put his arm around my waist and helped me with my walking. We were off to find a way out. Or something to help with it.
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