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Car Mountain

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As we walked to find a way out I saw many people. All were wandering and looked very lost. I saw many people that were practically having panic attacks. It made me sad. I don't know why though. Maybe because I thought about how they would never see their families again. How all their friends would be wondering if they were okay. I felt Mikey pull me closer to him as it started to get crowded. I didn't want to be rude but I pulled away. He gave me a confused look and looked away. I hope he didn't take that the wrong way. We walked for a good distance until I saw it. It was what they must haver been talking about. It was a pile of cars. I saw my car scrunched and set into it. At the very top was a large ring. It looked like a big black chandelier. The mountain of cars went almost to the top.
"Well, I found your car." Frank said pointing at the burgundy ball that I used to drive.
"Thanks. I didn't see it." I said back sarcastically. Ray started to laugh and people looked over. But whatever. I wanted to know what was at the top, and I intended on finding out. I moved out of Mikey's grasp and stumbled over to the car mountain. I looked up at it and thought about how I could get up there. I heard someone walk up next to me.
"You really are thinking about climbing that aren't you?" Gerard asked, even though he knew what my answer was.
"Of course. I want to know what's at the top. And don't try to stop me." I furrowed my eyebrows tother making an angry face.
"I wouldn't dream of it. Just be careful" He said patting my shoulder. I practically jumped on him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he pulled me close. I could feel his heart beating in his chest. I felt safe with him. And these other silly men. I felt protected. I pulled away to look at his happy green eyes. He smiled at me and motioned for me to start. I grabbed old of something and started to climb. I took a few steps and looked down. I saw the four men that had saved my life more then once that day. Most of my family was dead right now. But looking at them, it made me remember that you don't have to blood related to be family. They all smiled at me and motioned for me to keep going. It made me feel amazing. I truly felt that even if my mediate family was dead, I would still have them. I kept this thought in my mind as I climbed my way to the top. It didn't take as long as I thought. I was there in no time. What I had thought was a chandelier was actually a holder. It was holding 5 glass bottles. They looked like wine bottles but were the size of class coke bottles. They all had corks at the top and were clear on the inside. But there was liquid in it. It looked like water but I knew it wasn't. I took al of the bottles and stuffed them into my bag. As I began to climb down I slipped. I felt myself dangle from my hands that held onto a car door handle. I heard them all scream from beneath me. Along with some other people. I looked down but instantly regretted it. I saw worried faces and a ground that would really hurt if hit. I put my feet onto something and ket climbing down. I heard and orchestra of cheers and sighs of relief. I climbed down until I was 6 (give or take) feet from the ground. Until my clumsy self slipped again. But this time I couldn't catch myself. I was instead caught by a pair of arms almost immediately after I fell.
"We are always saving your ass." Ray laughed at me as he set me on my feet.
"Yeah." I said brushing myself off. I seriously felt like I was going to die. I almost did twice in like 15 minutes. Gerard was standing next to me and Frank was next to him. Mikey was on the other side of me.
"Glad your okay sister. Thought you were going to get hurt again." Gerard said as he gave me a side hug. He kissed my cheek in a nothing-more-then-friends way. I giggled and hugged him back. Mikey was glaring hatefully at his older brother.
"Oh. Mikey you looked pissed." Frank said with a laugh.
"Shut up Frank before I kick your ass." Mikey said faking a step towards Frank to scare him. Frank scurried quickly behind Ray.
"Wait so what did you find at the top of your car mountain?" Mikey said leaning closer to me.
"I found nothing I expected." I took out on of the glass bottles and handed it to Mikey. He studied it carefully.
"Is that water is a glass bottle? Why would that be at the top of that?" Frank said looking at the car pile. It probably just made him feel shorter. It made me feel small too.
"I don't think it's water." I said taking the bottle from Mikey's hand. The cork wasn't in all the way, so I just pulled it out. I put my nose to the top to see if it had a fragrance. It smell kind of like popcorn.
"What the fuck?" I asked pulled my face back from the bottle. Gerard took the bottled and smelled it.
"It smells like cotton candy." Gerard smiled.
"Wait, you smell cotton candy? I smelled popcorn." This was confusing to me. Mikey took the bottle from his brother and smelled it.
"I smell Monster. You know the energy drink." Mikey shrugged it off and handed the bottle to Ray.
"Smells like chocolate to me." Ray laughed. Frank grabbed for the bottle but never got it.
"Let me!" He cried like a kid. Ray handed the bottle to Frank and he sniffed the opening.
"Fresh apple pie." Frank giggled. I guess it smelled like something you liked. Mikey looked away and said something to himself. Gerard looked at him.
"Are you serious? That means you really do... That sweet." Gerard smiled. He never finished that sentence but Mikey understood. Gerard gave me an idiotic smile and tried to still be serious. I broke out into laughter and fell to the floor. Because I fell hey all started to laugh. I put the bottle to my lips and was about to drink it but was blocked by a hand. A tattooed hand. So it must have been Frank.
"What the hell are you doing? You don't know what that shit is? Why would you drink it?" He asked pushing the bottle from my lips.
"I'm never going to know unless I drink some." I picked the bottle back up and looked at it for awhile. I put it to my lips as they watched me. I took a little sip and felt the warm liquid fall down my throat. It was bubbly, and it tasted like raspberries. I don't know why. Smelled like popcorn tastes like raspberries. How odd. I felt a pain shoot up my spine as I squirmed where I lied on the floor. I screamed out in pain and felt someone grab hold of me. They pulled me close into their chest. I felt their heart beating miles per minutes.
"What's happening to her?" I heard Mikey ask.
"I don't know it is because of the liquid." Gerard said as he pulled me closer into his warm chest. I put my hand where his heart was and noticed I had couldn't feel my heart beating anymore either.
"Her heart stopped beating." I heard Gerard say frantically as he put his hand to my chest.
"She doesn't have a pulse but she is breathing. And she is ice cold." He said as he looked up at the other men standing around him. He pulled me in closer until I had my face buried into his chest. He rubbed his hand on my back trying to warm me up. I felt pain shooting through my entire body. I screamed blood curdling screams. I heard Ray, Mikey and Frank talking at the same time. I was actually quite surprised I could hear them at all over my ear splitting cries of agony.
"Your going to be okay. I promise, you'll be okay. I hope." Gerard said as I felt his tears hit my arm. Was he crying? For me? Were the others worrying about me? I was right, I had family with me. Even though we just met, they were my family. But what was my new found family going to do to get my heart beating again?

I know more of you read this story. I want to her from all of you! What do you think? Anything you dislike or like in particular? Maybe I can fix it. I won't know unless you tell me.
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