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That's It

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I felt a hand on my back as I crouched down. It made me jump, I wasn't really scared but seeing that snake everything made me jump. I turned to see Frank kneeling behind me.
"Sorry." He said to me with a smile.
"It's fine." I said back. I peeped up a little to see the snake. It was huge. I don't know exactly how big but bigger then any snake on record. I felt myself start to shale. I also felt my hand being squeezed by Gerard who had never let go. I looked over at his scared face and felt fear. I was already scared but Gerard's fear radiated. I could feel everyone's fear. It was weird. I went to stand up but was pulled down. I saw Mikey holding my arm. He had a worried face. Gerard hadn't let go of my hand and he was pulling me back too.
"What the hell do you think your doing?" Mikey asked me in an angry tone. I crouched next to him and he tightened his grip on my arm.
"I was going out to take a better look." I said to him wiggling my arm free from him.
"Are you completely insane? That thing could kill you." Mikey said pulling me into him. I didn't want to move away from him, but I had too. How else would any of us know what to do to this creature if no on knew a thing about it. I took out my red lipstick and carefully put it on my lips.
"I'm going to be fine. I will be back. I promise." I said rubbing the side of his face. He smiled gently as I started to walk away. I felt me arm being pulled back again.
"What now Mikey?" I asked as I got a little angry. I looked back to see that Mikey didn't pull me back this time. It was Gerard.
"What's wrong Gerard?" I asked seating myself on the floor in front of him. He looked at me and tilted his head.
"If your not going to say anything then I'm off." I said moving to get up but was stopped.
"Wait!" Gerard yelled as he grabbed my arm again.
"What?" I asked as I crossed my arms in frustration.
"Your going to get yourself hurt again. I don't want yo to get hurt. You have gotten hurt enough today." Gerard said with a light smile. I smiled back.
"I really do appreciate that you don't want me getting hurt but I am not going to this time. I promise. Thanks for looking out for me. Brother." I laughed and hugged him tightly. I pulled back and left a red kiss mark on his cheek. He smiled and rubbed my head. I heard Mikey growl from behind me. Frank came over and gave me a hug too.
"Good luck." He said to me. He put his hand on the back of my head as he hugged me tight. I hope they didn't think I was dying anymore. Ray came over and hugged me. He was very strong, I felt like I was being crushed. It didn't bother me, I knew he wasn't doing it on purpose.
"Good luck kid." He said letting go of me. I turned to Mikey who was looking at the ground.
"I didn't forget you." I said putting my arms out for a hug. Instead he pulled me close and put his lips to mine. He had his hands on my back trying to pull me closer. I didn't want to pull away but I knew I had to. Otherwise I would never do what I wanted to. He looked down into my eyes. He gently turned up the corner of his lips.
"Good luck." He said shyly looking back at the ground. I giggled and ran my fingers along the edge of my lips to fix my lipstick. I looked at Mikey and saw that his lips were now red too.
"Thanks." I said back. I waved goodbye to them and walked over to a car. I ducked behind it. I looked up only just enough to see the snake. I saw it swallow a person whole. That was enough to make me start shaking. It started eating people one by one. I saw all the employees start to leave. I got scared as the snake started getting closer and closer. All the workers left and just let the snake eat anyone. And everyone it could get it's mouth on. As it slithered closer I swear I felt my heart skip a beat. Which meant my heart started beating again. I couldn't tell where it had gone so out of a mix of fear and instinct I ran. I ran over to where the guys were sitting. I ran over to them and fell. It didn't hurt bad, I actually slid and grabbed Gerard. Which meant that I yanked him back with me. He fell next to me. We were laying next to each other when he sat up and looked at me very worried. His red hair was all in his eyes.
"What happened?" He yelled at me. I didn't say anything. I was breathing to hard to make words. He shook me a little before doing something that made Mikey very mad. He straddled my hips and took my shoulders in his hands. He shook me up and down trying to get me to talk.
"Say something! What did you see?" He yelled putting me back on the ground. I shook my head and looked up at him.
"That thing is huge! And is devouring anyone in it's path!" I screamed at him wrapping my arms around his neck. I pulled him down into me and hugged him tight. I was to scared to let go. I saw Mikey glaring at Gerard and as he crossed his arms. Gerard sat up and looked at me with fear in his green eyes.
"We need to get to a different level of this structure." He said looking around. He stood up and helped me to my feet. We looked around for awhile until we saw the stairs for the next level. We all sighed in relief. As we walked towards the stairs we were approached by an unexpected thing.
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