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All Hallows Eve

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Just another stupid story about the MCR guys in highschool trying to make it through...or is it. I hate having to do summaries.

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“Frankie,” I giggle, being pulled through the dark forest.

Trees, the crunch of leaves, a twig snap, the far off howl of the coyote, the smell of rain hanging the late night autumn air mixed with the smoke billowing from Frank’s lit cigarette. Childish giggles emit for a few others in the group as a twig snaps nearby, someone screaming.

“Frankie I’m sure Mikey’s just fucking with us. The clues didn’t even say to go this way,” I continue to laugh as a low branch scrapes across my face.

So sneaking through the woods on Halloween to seek out a rumored psychopath probably isn’t something a normal group of teens would do but ever since I’d moved to Belleville, New Jersey and become friends with Gerard and a bunch of his other riff – raff friends six years ago it’s just been something we do. Its fun and no ones ever really found anything. I think if we had in previous years we’d have put a halt to our nearly harmless Halloween fun.

“You’re being a chicken, Amanda,” Frank accuses tugging me forward towards the abandon cabin in the woods.

Frightened really isn’t the emotion I would put towards this situation. In truth I’m a little wary. We’ve explored the cabin before but no one has ever claimed to have seen someone. Yet, just five minutes ago, Mikey had sent us a message saying they found him. Alright, maybe I’m shitting my pants.

A few howls are let out by some of the other members that race through the woods trying to get to the cabin before the psycho disappears or kills everyone. Mikey. I think of the little dirty blonde who’s hair is always most hidden by a beanie and the little you can see plastered to the side of his face by his glasses. We’d all be crushed if we lost him. Gerard. His dark hair always hanging in his face, his honest hazel eyes, and his soft lips always in a straight line across his pale face, the corners turned up. Bob. His stupid dislike for the camera that he could never seem to stay away from, his kind words of advice, he was like a second brother. Ray. ‘Fro man, a little quirky and irrational in most of his idea but he always made us laugh. I tug Frankie along faster as my mind flicks through the image of friend after friend being dead; killed by a crazy man.

“Alright,” the voice of a familiar teen says as the group of about ten to fifteen of us comes to a halt. “He’s in there.”

It’s Mikey and I can’t help but give him and awkward one armed hug, Frank refusing to let go of my hand. He’s just about the biggest chicken I’d ever met though he does his best to hide it.

“We have to be quiet or we’ll wake him,” Mikey whispers leading us in through the side door, into a room with a man hunched over in an arm chair. I shiver wishing we had just staid home with Halloween; celebrated Frankie’s birthday like mom and dad wanted us to then invited Gee, Mikey, Ray and Bob over to watch scary movies. Frankie insisted we couldn’t break tradition. I bet he’s wishing we had now.

Once everyone is in the small one roomed building, the door slams shut with a low thud causing a few people to scream, the man in the chair stirring. I can feel my heart rate increase, the pressure from Frank’s hand growing. I’ve never been so scared. Suddenly, the chair tips over and the psychopath is yelling at us, running around the room with a bloody fork in his hand. He looks awfully familiar.

Just then the lights are flicked on and laughter fills the room as Gerard stands in front of us, his pants torn, one shoe on one off, his shirt hanging off his shoulder, hair crazy with a fork in hand. He’s smiling like a mad man, his eyes locked on me. I can’t help but blush.

“Not fucking funny,” Autum says still looking around the creepy old cabin, her dark brown eyes wide.

I have to admit they took this one just a tad far. Never in all my six years of doing this thing had anyone been so elaborate with it. Something just didn’t feel right about it. I want to leave but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon as a few people are sitting down, talking excitedly, a cooler filled with beer pulled out.

Gee moves over to me, his hands finding my leather covered hips, smiling widely at me. I frown not at all pleased with his little stunt. I almost had a heart attack. It’s apparent a few other people almost did too.

“You look so sexy,” he purrs, forehead resting on mine, eyes boring into the ones on my face.

I try and stay mad but it’s so hard, he’s just so…forgivable, “Thank you, Gerard. I’d say the same thing for you but….”

I smiles, running the fingers of my free hand through his dark hair, my other still occupied by my older brother Frankie’s. Sure we’ve gotten the incest thing a few hundred times a month but we’re close and nothing people say is going to affect that.

“But what?” Gerard asks fear passing through the beautiful hazel pools set in his face.

I smile, pressing my lips to his, enjoying the feeling of him gently biting at my lip ring, “But –” kiss “– nothing.”

Gerard pulls away, pouting a little but I can tell he’s not mad; he plays these games when I don’t tell him things. In truth he looks amazing in his zombie costume, lines drawn down his powdered face in eyeliner to make him look older and dead like. I tug at his hair a little, silently asking for more lip action.

Frank is perfectly fine that I’m dating his best friend he just doesn’t exactly prefer to watch us kiss in front of him and he thinks it disgusting when I ask Gerard for kisses though it’s something the both of us find perfectly normal. Frank has a theory about kissing; you don’t ask for them, they happen, out of the blue, that’s what makes them so special. I wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend yet.

Smirking Gerard kisses the tip of my nose, laughing a little as I grumble as silently as possible, craning my neck a little; trying to reach the older boys lips. He’s frustrating me.

“Gerard,” I grumble as he takes a step back, hands still on my boney hips, a cocky smile set on his lips that I want connected to mine so badly.

“Yes?” he questions innocently, looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

Sighing I decide just to say it, “Gerard, please kiss me.”

Frank looks over at me, shaking his head though he wears a smile, his teeth showing, “He shouldn’t make you ask, Amanda.”

“Can it Iero,” Gerard murmurs before pressing his lips to mine, his tongue finding my lip ring and playing with it before sliding his tongue into my mouth.

I struggle to get my hand out of Frank’s so I can tangle it in Gee’s hair, pulling at it just enough to get him to moan gently into my mouth. I smile as we continue to kiss, Gerard’s hand between my shoulder blades, holding me to him.

“Oh get a room,” Bob says walking past us ruining the moment, “We’ve got to go.”

Sighing, Gerard snakes his arm around my waist, leading me out of the cabin and back through the woods where all the cars are parked. We’ve got a party to go to…Frankie’s 17th birthday party that we’ve thrown together for him. I’m beyond excited.

“Do you like my costume, Gee?” I ask innocently referring to my black leather jump suit, the top dipping low, the entire back cut out of it. My cat ear headband, tail attached to the outfit. The actual costume came with shoe covers but I opted for my thigh high black boots. I’m freezing but I hope Gee thinks it’s nice.

He smirks, stopping in the middle of the woods to kiss me, “I already told you I though you looked sexy.”

Nodding I continue on wishing I had a jacket. The light wind blowing through the trees is chiller that it was when we left for trick – or – treating. I can tell winter is trying to rush fall this year. I wish it’d stop.

“You excited for your brother’s party?” Gee questions just to make small conversation. I don’t remember the cars being this far off.

“Hell yes,” I giggle. “We had cake at home but mom burnt it again because she refuses to buy the store bought one’s. Frankie was sweet and ate a piece anyway.”

“Let me guess, you refused,” Gee cuts me off.

I smirk, “You know me too well.”

“Amanda,” Gerard says as if he’s actually shocked, “You little bitch you.”

I giggle and lean on his arm a little enjoying the warmth radiating from his milky skin. Gerard is always warm and soft and cuddly. He’s the best boyfriend in the world even if sometimes he’s a little hard to read.

“Amy!” Frank calls using this annoying nickname he made up years ago. “Are you coming?”

I frown, dropping Gee’s hand so I can walk over to Frank, “Frankie, I’m gonna ride with Gee.”

He mirrors my frown, “I’m gonna have to go all by myself on my birthday?”

I shrug before hugging him tightly and hurrying back to Gerard who is hold the passenger side door open, his lips meeting my cheek as I climb in. I feel bad that Frank will be all alone in his shiny new car on his birthday but I want to be with Gerard. I haven’t seen him since he got back from vacation and I feel like it’s been too long.

“I love you babe,” Gerard says, with a smile his eyes on me instead of the road.

I blush, “Love you too, Gee - Gee but watch the road I don’t wanna die on my brother’s birthday.”

“You’re more attractive than the road,” Gerard grumbles but flicks his eyes onto the illuminated street following the blue van in front of him.

It’s about an hour drive from the woods out to the party house, deemed that mainly because we have all our major or minor parties out there cause no one really knows where it is and the cops won’t be called on a noise complaint. The warmth of the car mixed with the feeling of Gerard’s hand on my leg and his soft singing slowly lulls me to sleep.

“Wake me up when we get there,” I yawn, snuggling against the seat wishing it was Gee.

“Of course, baby girl,” Gerard replies before continuing to sing softly.

Author's Note: So the first chapter to the story you guys auditioned for is up. :) I hope you like it and I swear it'll get better as it goes on. These first two or three chapters are just kinda to introduce characters and such.
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