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Gerard's POV

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She’s fucking adorable. Her pale face with dusted pink cheeks buried into my car seat, her hand on top of mine, the other curled into a ball resting by her head, raven colored hair falling in her face just a little, rose colored lips set in a sort of a pout. Gah, I’m too in love with this girl.

“Babe, baby girl, Amanda,” I whisper almost not wanting to wake her. “We’re here.”

I love watching this animal sleep; she always looks so peaceful…like an angel. She also whispers, sometimes little bits of her dream, other time just song lyrics, my favorite is that little whisper of my name and the smile that follows.

She stirs yawns and sits up, rubbing her eyes with her right hand, the left still covering mine. Her hair is a bit messy and her costume has slid over a bit, revealing part of her left tit. Smirking, I kiss her cheek before fixing her top. Those are for my eyes only and also I hate for her to be embarrassed by having to figure it out for herself.

“Wardrobe malfunction,” I answer as she gives me a quizzical look, the lights from the house illuminating half of her face.

“Or did you just wanna touch my boob, Gee cause that can be arranged,” she giggles, pushing the car door open.

Sighing I look down, “You caught me.”

Amanda just giggles some more, kissing my cheek before stepping out into the chilly night air. Winter is coming on fast. The year is almost over. I don’t really think I’m ready for it. Everything seems to be going on top speed and I just feel like I’m standing still in the middle of it all.

I bite my lip, pushing my fears to the back of my mind as Amanda pulls me towards the lights and music and booze. Parties at our little hide out in the woods have always been killer. In the summer and spring there are martinis and piña coladas and the pool is open. During the fall and winter there is eggnog, shots, spiked hot cocoa all that good stuff. The large cabin offered a safe place for people too drunk to drive home and also just a place for couple to come even if no party was thrown.

I miss coming to the cabin, spending nights here with everyone. Summer will bring that all back. Amanda hands me a half full shot glass and I tip it back, the liquid burning the back of my throat.

Amanda is the queen of shots. It’s almost like the alcohol being consumed, no matter how much, has little to no effect on her. This girl could go forever. As I move onto my second she sets down her fifth class, being handed her sixth. A small group has accumulated, some to take up her challenge others just to see how many she could take before pulling me to a room inside.

Sex with Amanda isn’t really the greatest when she’s drunk but I don’t ever turn it down cause most of the time I’m pretty drunk too. I smirk, thinking about this, finishing off my fourth declining another one asking for a beer instead. Shots have never really been my thing.

Amanda now has a nice collection of about fifteen glasses set out in front of her, and I watch in mute fascination as the collection grows, her opponents getting tipsy and giving up one by one. After about twenty minutes, and twenty five shots for Amanda the last boy nods and stumbles off.

“I win again,” Amanda smiles, planting a kiss on the corner of my mouth; she’s teasing me on purpose.

“I should really have cut you off along time ago Amanda,” the dark haired bartender says, smiling at me brightly.

Amanda slides off her stool and into my lap, shooting daggers at the girl. Her brother is best friends with this chick but I’ve never actually gotten the sense that my baby girl likes her very much. This could stem from the fact that she practically takes all her clothes off every time she sees me or it could just because Amanda hates all girls who talk to her older brother.

“I can handle it, I’ll take a Dirty Girl Scout and Gee will have another beer,” Amanda answers before attaching her pierced lips to mine.

I suck on the cold metal threaded through her bottom lip, glad she’s not being impatient tonight and lets me have my fun. Ever since she’s gotten this thing I’ve been slightly fascinated with it; the cold metal against my warm tongue turning me on slightly. Amanda is patient for almost a minute before flicking her tongue out to meet mine, drawing it into her mouth. My hands intertwine with her hair as do hers with mine. We stay together until there is a light cough and our drinks are pushed towards us.

Amanda smiles as sweetly as she can at the bartender in her own grade who batting her long eyelashes at me. Although she’s pretty and if I wasn’t happily with Amanda I’d go for her, I’m just not interested. I’ll let her try if she wants. In a way it’s kind of adorable.

“Any plans for tomorrow?” Amanda asks me over the rim of her glass filled with a disgusting looking liquid.

Shrugging I set my half empty beer glass down, “Sleep off the hang over I’m going to have, walk over to my girlfriends house, listen to some MGMT with her as we dance around in our underwear, watch Dawn of the Dead, ask her pretty please to make me dinner then spend the night.”

I love watching her entire face light up as I lay out my plans for tomorrow. After a year of dating I thought she’s get over being ecstatic every time I decided we need to hang out (almost every day). She’s adorable.

“I like those plans,” she says trying to sound cool about it but I know her insides are going crazy with excitement.

“So do I,” is my reply as she melts into my chest, her hair tickling my chin.

Just as the song blasting over the stereo system flicks from one to the next Amanda’s friend Zayna appears. She’s dressed as a rave girl, rainbow sort skirt matching her bikini top along with her leg warmers. Underneath those are blue thigh high fish nets and red shoes. She’s wearing the biggest smile ever as she pushes a few strands of her red and black hair out of her face.

Amanda squeals, getting up out of her seat to hug her half naked friend. Those two are like sisters but different. Zayna was the first girl Amanda met here. They’ve spent every Friday night at each other’s house since.

“Oh my God, you’re back!” Amanda smiles, once they’d let go of each other.

“Fuck, I wouldn’t have missed one of Frank’s birthday parties. They’re the best. Where is the little ass crack anyway?” Zayna asks still smiling widely and I know as soon as Amanda was pulled towards the dance floor I’d lost my girlfriend for the rest of the night.

Sighing I turn to the bartender who has a cherry between her teeth, an evil glint in her brown eyes. She pulls the cherry past her teeth and lips, letting it pop before slipping her tongue out and running along her red lips. I’m used to Lola’s sexual ways.

“How’s life treating you Rox?” I ask really just wanting someone to talk to.

She frowns, giving up on trying to seduce me, “Frankie hates me.”

I nod. Her friendship with Frank has been on the rocks ever since she swore she’s steal me away from Amanda. I feel bad for her but at the same time Frank is just being an older brother. He’d die if Amanda was hurt even a little bit.

“Could it be ‘cause you’re using the nickname strictly reserved for his sister?” I questions simply putting it out there. Frankie is really an Amanda thing started when she was young and wanted his attention; it kind of just stuck.

“You’re fucking hilarious,” Lola scowls. “He’s mad at me because of you.”

“Stop trying to steal me away from Amanda. Frank will go back to being your best friend after that,” I answer bored by the conversation already as I spot Amanda out on the dance floor with Zayna.

“But,” Rox whispers leaning over the counter a little bit, “I want you and sooner or later you’ll figure out you want me too.”

“So much,” I answer sarcastically. “Why don’t we just fuck here, ya know, get it out of the way just to make sure we really do like each other as much as you’re claiming.”

“Whatever you want baby,” Lola says jumping onto the counter her chest in my face.

I turn my head to watch my girlfriend on the dance floor, dancing in a circle with Frank, Zayna and some other girl I’d not seen before. Maybe Frank found himself a girlfriend.

“We both know you’re all talk,” I answer handing her a ten. “That’s so you can cover the cost of some of the alcohol Amanda drank.”

And at that I get up and walk away. I get it, she likes me and I shouldn’t toy with her emotions and shit. So, I won’t…too much. Leaning against the brick support for the house I light a cigarette, enjoying the feeling of the smoke filling my mouth and filtering out my nose. This is yet another bad habit Amanda got me started on. I didn’t drink or smoke before she rolled into town. I don’t much mind. She’s a bad influence but I don’t mind being badly influenced by a girl that is as beautiful and funny as Amanda. Actually, I quite like it.

Author's Note: Gah, sorry if there is stupid mistakes my mom is riding my ass about not being packed for Spain yet (I leave on the 7th of August) she's threating to sell my MCR/Blink-182 tickets on ebay so I've got to pack. I'll try and update one more time tonight.

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