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Andrea and Leighton's POV Andera's first then Leighton's

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Rolling over lazily I manage to fall from the bed, landing with a soft thud on the ground. At least I’m not drunk. Twisting over I stare at the ceiling for a few minutes, the ceiling fan catching my attention. Round and round and round, the bright blades all blurring together, that fan is probably my favorite pop of color in my room.

Standing I rub my eyes, looking at the lump that is Bob curled up under my blanket. He’d come home with me and my sister Leighton after Frank’s party last night. It was crazy and I’m pretty sure I have raccoon eyes from my failure to wipe off the excess eyeliner I used in my drag queen costume. Oh well. Pulling my black hair up into a high pony tail so the hot pink underside can be seen I walk towards my sister’s room.

The sound of her strumming her guitar lets me know she’s up and sober. That’s nice, one less person I have to get up. Pushing the door open I smile, waving to get her attention. So she might be my sister from my stupid father cheating on his wife and my mother but I don’t care. Leighton is my sister by father and she’s my best friend.

“You want breakfast?” I question with a yawn once she’s stopped playing.

She nods her bangs falling into her face, “Yes please. Is Bobert still here?”

I nod as she follows me down the hallway towards our small kitchen. Maybe the smell of pancakes will wake Bob up. I’m really not in the mood to use my usual methods; he’s gotten better at rounding the corner coming out of my room and can now catch me.

Leighton hands me the Bisquick as I pull a metal bowl down from the cabinet. I flick on the kitchen radio, turning up a Misfit’s song as the griddle is turned on. My sister and I dance around the kitchen adding ingredients such as eggs, milk, chocolate chips, walnuts…things that make pancakes well, pancakes.

“Is my lovely girlfriend making me breakfast?” Bob, his eyes half closed, asks, padding into the kitchen and sitting on the floor.

“She is,” Leighton replies pouring a little of the batter onto the griddle causing it to sizzle.

“You’re the sweetest Andrea,” Bob says reaching up to give me a hug. He’d had a lot to drink last night and I’m actual surprised he got out of bed.

“Aww, thank you Bob,” I smile, leaning down to kiss his forehead as he hugs me awkwardly not even lifting himself from the floor.

“You planning on eating down there, Bob?” Leighton asks, holding a pancake on the spatula which is suspended above the wooden kitchen floor.

Bob nods, “I don’t wanna get up.”

Nodding Leighton flips three pancakes on a plate, sets it on the floor and slides it to Bob who folds the first one in half shoving it in his mouth. His eyes water as he chews mouth slightly open.

“It’s hot.”

I laugh at how childish he sounds. Bob is an intelligent person. He should know that pancakes fresh off the griddle are going to be hot. I guess that only goes to prove that alcohol makes even the smartest person stupid.

“Do you guys have milk?” Bob asks, getting up off the floor and pulling open the refrigerator door.

“I think your carton is on the shelf,” I answer as Bob pulls out a cardboard container of milk, drinking straight from it.

“Thanks Andrea,” he says before plopping down on the floor again.

Shaking my head I grab my plate off the counter and join Bob on the floor, my hand on his plaid pajama pants knee. He’s so cute sitting there on the floor munching on his pancake, drinking straight from the carton, swaying back and forth to the music.

“I love you Bobert,” I say smiling at him.

He smiles back, pressing his lips to my cheek, “Love you too, AJ.”

“D’aw, that’s so fucking adorable,” Leighton says sarcastically as she drops to the ground, spatula still in hand, pancake in the other. “I made them all so help yourselves.”

Bob nods, taking my hand in his and twisting my ring round and round. Although I find the feeling rather strange I let him continue. It’s something he’s done since we started dating and I have a feeling he does it subconsciously now.

All three of us sit there, eating, enjoying the music and silence that fill the kitchen. Suddenly I just start looking between Bob and Leighton trying my best to keep a straight face but I fail miserably. In the end all three of us wind up cracking up, milk coming out Bob’s nose only causing us to laugh harder.

“You are so awkward,” Leighton says still laughing as she watches Bob clean up his mess.

“Thank you, dear sister,” I answer as Bob looks down at his milk covered Superman shirt.

“I’m probably gonna need to change,” he grumbles finishing off the last of his pancake.

I chew on lip ring, “Does that mean you have to leave?”

I don’t want him to go even though I know I have a shit ton of homework to get down by tomorrow and that there is no way I’ll get it done if Bob is here. I still don’t want him to go. The house is more fun with Bobert running around like a fool.

“Yeah, I can come back later. I’m sure my parents will have chores and shit for me to do,” Bob answer standing up and grabbing my car keys off the holder on the wall near the garage door.

I don’t want him to go, “Alright. Promise.”

He smiles, kissing the top of my nose, “You know I can’t stay away.”

Giggling I nod, waving goodbye to my sister as I follow Bob out to the car I share with my sister. We’ve not scraped together enough money between the two of us to buy another. We will eventually though. Crawling into the driver seat I turn the car on and back it out of the garage, the door already standing open. Dad must have taken Charlie out on a walk.

“So how many people do you think are gonna skip on Monday?” Bob asks flipping through radio stations.

“You know that bothers me,” I say batting his hand playfully away from the stereo. He just smiles at me, nodding.

“Why do you think I do it?” he answers going back to his station surfing.

“Stop it,” I whine sounding like a child begging their parents for the newest toy. “Bobert, stop it.”

“Never!” he laughs pulling his hand away as I go to push it away from the car radio. “I will not submit!”

I can’t help but laugh, he’s hilarious. It’s only then that I notice I’ve manage to drive too fast and that we are now sitting in Bob’s drive way, a light rain beginning to fall. I don’t want him to go home. Bob being at home means I have to finish my 500 word essay for English that I’ve barely started.

“See you later,” Bob says pushing the car door open.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” I question innocently, my eyes wide.

He nods, “My shoes?”

Shaking my head I laugh, putting my hand on his cheek and pressing my lips to his, “Those are on your feet silly. I’ll see you later Bob.”

“Of course. I’ll kiss you more when I see you next,” he says hand resting on the top of the door.

“I’d like that.”

With that the door is shut, keeping the warm air in and the rain out. I sit there for a few seconds watching Bob hurry towards his front door, fumble with the key kept in the azalea out front and then disappear inside.

I must now face my English essay…gross.

Leighton's POV

My fingers hurt a little from playing so much over the past two hours but I ignore it. I will learn this song even if it means bleeding fingers…again. So my guitar playing skills aren’t the best but with the occasional help from Frank I’ve improved greatly from a year ago when I decided I wanted to play.

I guess originally I just picked up the instrument so I could ask Frank for lessons and spend more time with him but after that I actually started to like the guitar. It’s fun to be able to play songs you like.

Just then our black lab, Charlie bounds into my room, wagging his tail excitedly, pink tongue sticking out making it look like he’s smiling.

“You already have breakfast, Leighton?” dad questions, rain clinging to what little hair he has left.

“Andrea and I woke up early and made pancakes. They’re sitting in the kitchen if you want some,” I answer before turning my attention back to the black and white instrument in my hands.

“Alright sweetie,” dad says before motioning for Charlie to come out of my room before he pulls the door shut.

I should call Frank. This song is being a bitch and without his help I won’t be able to learn it. Or maybe I just want to see his face, that bright smile and his hazel green eyes. I guess it’s a mixture of both.

Picking up my little sliver cell phone I hit one, Frank is on my speed dial even above 911 and my sister. He answers on the second ring offering up a groggy sounding hello.

“Did I wake you?” I ask. “I’d feel bad if I did.”

“Naw, I needed to get up anyway. What’s up Leighton?”

“Guitar problems,” I answer. “I was hoping my favorite midget would be willing to help me out.”

“We prefer the term munchkin and I’d love to but it’ll have to be later in the day,” Frank answer and I can hear something fall in the background followed by a string of curse words.

“Who you on the phone with?” Andrea questions, her head sticking through the door.

“Frank,” I mouth back feeling the blood rush to my cheeks.

Andrea smirks, holding her fingers up to her lips in a ‘V’ shape, her tongue poking through the opening a few times before I send a pillow flying her way. Lucky for her she shuts the door just before it makes contact. My sister has the sickest mind ever.

“What was that?” Frank asks.

“My sister,” I reply.

“Bob’s girlfriend, right?” Frank asks and I can hear the smile in his words. He’s fucking with me. He knows AJ. It was through her that we met.

“Of course. So I’ll see you later today,” I bring us back to the original topic of my call.

“Um…” a toaster dings on Frank’s end of the phone. “I’ll probably drop by around twelve. I’ve got to finish up some homework then go to the store but I’ll be by after that. Anything you want for our jam session?”

I think for a second trying to remember what we have in the pantry, “A cake, make it chocolate and barbeque potato chips. I’ll pay you back for it.”

“Nope,” Frank says. “I always provide food for out sessions. You should have figured this out by now Leighton.”

“Yeah…alright,” I respond. “See you later Frank.”

The line goes dead, leaving me listening to a low beep until I snap my cell shut. I need to clean my room. Jumping off the bed I begin to throw bras, pants, shirts and underwear that scatter my floor into the hamper in the corner. In a sad attempt to clean up my desk I move papers around, shoving some into drawers. Shutting my closet door I sigh; it’ll have to do. I’m too lazy to vacuum the carpet but I’m pretty sure Frank isn’t going to inspect it or anything.

Flopping back down on my bed I pick up my bouncy ball and start throwing it against the ceiling knowing this bothers my father who has set up an art studio in the attic. He’ll come down if he wants me to stop. I have butterflies and that results in having to get out my nervous energy. Sure, Frank and I have hung out before but I always get jittery. I like Frank even though I’m ninety percent sure he’s gay or at least bi. No guy has gone longer than him without a girlfriend.

“You off the phone with your future husband?” Andrea questions coming back into the room fully clothed in black skinnies, a grey turtle neck and a bright blue vest buttons running up to just under her bust.

“I am,” I reply remembering I’m not dressed yet. I’d rather Frank not see me in my Power Puff girl shorts and t-shirt I sleep in.

“So is he visiting today?” AJ asks as I pull on a pair of jeans with big holes up and down them, a brown tank top and a maroon zip up hoodie.

“He is, he’s gonna help me with a song and…he’s bringing cake,” I answer with a smile, running my chapstick over my lips.

“You actually gonna be able to converse this time?” AJ asks reminding me just how shy I am around Frank.

Usually I clam up for the first twenty minutes he’s here which is what brought about the whole eat before jamming thing. It gives me time to relax.

“Definitely, he’ll be over around twelve,” I answer as my sister nods.

With that she leaves me to look over myself in the mirror hanging on the closet door. I guess I look alright. Pulling my hair into a side pony tail I run my fingers through it so the black underside is mix with the caramel brown that is the top. I’m very proud of my hair.

Once I’m content with the way I look I flop back onto the bed and pull my guitar onto my stomach, running my fingers over all the strings letting the sound hang in the air. Only two more hours until Frank gets here. I can hardly wait.
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