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Fatal Meeting

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ONESHOT you should listen to your gut feeling...or else the consequences could be fatal. meeting you so soon was not a nice encounter...

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i came up with this at 4 am when i tried to sleep. it just randomly popped into my head and i wrote it down, so the text isn't that well written, sorry. i was extreamly sleep deprived and i blame my zombie alike state for the bad humor and i'm a overdramatic bitch

yeah and shame on you if you don't know fla

i apologize for any spelling mistakes, i tyoed this on my ipod. i will beta it as soon as i'm at my laptop again

kinda frerard-ish but...i'll let you decide

i own only the plot and PLEASE don't take this serious. it's just my imagination running wild at 4 am!

i actually laughed while writing this. call me sick, but i did.

imagine following scene. gerard is feeling strangly sick. he has the weird feeling something bad is about to happen. so to take his thoughts off off that topic for a while, frank takes him to the local record store. this takes place as they leave.

Gerards POV

i tried to open the door, but the damn handle always slipped out of my shaking grasp. fuck, what was wrong with me? i've been feeling weird all day, and everyone was worried about my health. i knew something was wrong, i got that feeling of forboding settled deep in my gut, but i couldn't pinpoint the exact feeling, couldn't come behind what it was trying to tell me. it was unnerving, constantly nagging away at my conciousness. something was going to go majorly wrong, but there was just that one detail amiss that was stopping me from figuring out what it was. icy sweat started pouring down my forhead in floods. was this what it felt like having an anxiety attack? but what was causing this? 
frank had opened the door.
damn. why was he able to just walk up to that fucking thing and push it fucking open?! and more important, why wasn't i?!
'you coming gee?' franks voice echoed through my head with an amused hint and i'm sure if my mind wasn't that fogged up right now i'd be able to see that smug grin adoring his petite features. 
don't get me wrong, i love frankie (duhh:p) but sometimes that short ass of his just...gah. 
see? i wasn't even able to form coherent sentences. 
but maybe gah isn't such a bad word. 
'gah' i let it roll over my tongue to get a better feeling of it.
frank raised his eyebrows a confuesed yet slightly amused and concered look crossed his face 'gah...what the fucking yogurt pudding's that supposed to mean?'
now i was baffled 'yogut pudding frank..really?'
i swear that kid got dropped on the head... or how he says 'when god gave away the brains i was playing xbox' (that's what me and my friend always sayxD) 
'ummm yeah i somehow thought of fla..yinno that weird dutch pudding. (shame on you if you don't know what fla is!) but then i wasn't sure if it was pudding or yogurt, but i thought you didn't know what fla is so.. um' he mumbled, scratching the back of his head.
'you're thinking of weird dutch pudding while i (/what did he do??/ scrolls upxD) parttake in the highly complicate act of forming a new word as complicate as gah? i me-
'it's not my fault you don't know what fla is!'
okay i knew this was a weird day, but an argument this ridiculus was just....ridiculus. and pointless. 
'franks maybe we should just go home, i'm still not feeling that well..'
truth was, i was fucking shaking like a leave in a storm.
'oh yeah sure...'


as we walked down the small sidewalk i began to feel more and more dizzy. everything was starting to spin and the sun placed high in the sky burned down on me, pulling hot chains across my chest. my breathig was caught off, making me choke on dry air. my vision started to blacken and i felt myself fall before two strong arms caught me and sat me down against a big building which looked like it had a cafe on top.
frank had caught me. thank fuck, i'm taking everything back!

suddenly the temperature dropped about ten degrees and i started to shiver violently. 
a figure clad in all black appeared in front of me. 
it looked like a middle aged man, but his eyes were dull, grey and seemed to have sunken in. a wild stubble covered almost all of his milky pale skin as if he hadn't shaved in years. he stood slightly hunched over, greasy black hair coming out of the corners of his beanie. he wore a dirty black leather alike coat, going all the way down to his knees and his shoes and jeans were also black.

frankie seemed to take no notice of this creepy man. 

i wanted him to go away, but my mouth felt as if it was sewn shut whenever i tried to speak up.
with difficulty i raised my limp arm and reached out to tug at frankies arm. as soon as he looked at me i pointed into the direction of the man with the dark aura. it felt as if a cold breath was constantly radiating from him and his dull eyes shot daggeres through my head. 
i tried to open my mouth and get frankie to shew him away but it wouldn't budge. so i just sat there, pointing at a stranger who gave me the creeps, with big fearful eyes, hoping frank would understand what i meant.

turns out he didn't.

'what gee? what the fuck is there? i can't see anything! gerard, are you sure you're not ..halluzinating?'

'b-b-buu..but t-t-th' i couldn't. i just couldn't. it was as if all the words i wanted so badly to get out were mingled together in my throut clumping up to a huge lump stuck in my throat. 
i wasn't halluzinating. i couldn't be.

hello gerard. nice to meet you said stranger spoke to me. his voice was hoarse and raspy. a deep menacing drawl stained with a thick accent which i couldn't assing to a region. somehow it sounded foreing or even as if it were from a different period of time, each words being pronounced extra harsh making them into a raw growl matched to the dark glint in his bloodshot eyes that put me on edge.
finnaly i could speak again 'who...who are you a-a-nd how do you know me?' i questioned the figure.
'what the fuck gee?!! noones fucking there! c'mon lets get you home.' frank sighed heavily, annoyance dripping from his voice as if he was talking to a stubborn child.
what was going on? why couldn't frank see? was i really going mental? panic surged through my exhausted body as i stated to rub my eyes franticly. i scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed but the misterious man was still there.

awww does little gee not believe his eyes? he sneered coldly at me, tiny droplets of slimy spit spewing out of his bearded mouth and flying right in my face.

i'm death gerard. and you're coming with me

wait what? i...i'm dying? that couldn't be right. 

a new wave of panic and nausea swapped through me, numbing my brain completly and freezing me to the spot.
what about frankie. frankie. frankie. it echoed through my head like through a cave drained of all material. hollow with place for just one thought.
'what about frankie?'

'what about me gee? what is going on?' he looked at me with concern obvoious in his shiny hazel eyes. he was trying not to cry.
'you're scaring me gerard, please tell me whats going on. please.'

but i couldn't. i had to make sure he left frank alone. my little frankie must be save. 

oh mhh he doesn't see me yet, so he still has a chance to get away. but that will change very soon if he doesn't leave this place death laughed, sarcasm in his voice, his manicial cackle ringing in my ears.
slowly my brain processed what he just said. frankie still had a chance! 
frankie needed to leave. NOW!
turning around abruptly i started to scram. i needed to get him away from here!


he looked utterly taken aback by my sudden outburst and i couldn't blame him. but he needed to leave immedeatly!

'but gee-'


'i-i-i'm not just gonna leave you gerard, dammit!'

my voice failed me, cracking at the last word. tears threatened to spill but i wouldn't let them fall. 
why can't he just go?

all the while death was having his fun watching us, and evil grin twisting his face into a gruesome mask of pure malice. i could still hear his crackle in the back of my head and it send chills running through my body all over again.

too late

i paled. all color was drained from my face and i felt faint and lightheaded. no...

'no n-no you didn't NO!' too late these words were all it took for me to completley break down. i was sobbing hyterically by now, cursing my stupidness and my inability to get frank to fucking leave. too fucking late why didn't he just leave?

i felt frank stiffen next to me, grabbing hold of me quiet forcefully. 'gee...? what? what is that?'

it seemed as if 'death' was having the time of his life, watching us die must be so damn hilarious.

oh frank! you should've listened to gerard. now you're going to die..too bad for you he cracked up again.

'death' i cut frank off, a grave look plasterd all over my face 'we're gonna die frank...why couldn't you just leave' softening my features i began to cry again. silent tears running down my cheeks in rivers, pouring onto the dry sidewalk.

slowly it dawned on frank (omg i know like worst time ever to interrupt but i accidently wrote wank instead of frankxD) what i had just told him. he was going to die. both of them. but instead of the hysterics i would have expected him to go into he smiled. 
no sobbing. no pleading. no blaming. no nothing.
just a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips.
disbelievingly i stared at him, wondering how the hell he could smile in this situation. 

'it doesn't matter gee. i'll never leave your side. 

let us die...together' 

and with that he enveloped me into a tight hug, squeezing me to his chest. i could faintly hear his breath brush my ear and feel his chest raise and fall against my own at a steady pace.

that's when i realized. he was right. it didn't matter, because he was with me. and he always will be.

at that moment 'death' swung the scythe.
a bench came crashing down onto the hugging couple and crushed them.
they were dead immediatly.

i am so sickxD nah whatever shrugs R&R, it makes me happy :D

xoxo katie
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