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Mikey the BFG HAHA!!

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PG-13 for the time being. Hoping to write more chapters people hehehe:D Basically It's pairing Ray and Frank, (Because we all know that Ray is da shit) Might not be everyone's cup of tea but, Hell,...

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Gee's P.O.V

Thump...thump...thump...THUMP..THUMP!! Bang!!

"Oh my Goddddd!!" I shifted of my bed, falling in the process. Like Mikey couldn't answer the door. I stumbled to my feet and shuffled my way out of my 'Bat layer' as it had most recently been called. By the sound of the knocks...I'm guessing it was Frank, best friend of my brother, Mikey. I looked at the clock; 11:55am. What the hell was that kid's problem? I made it to the door...eventually! And revealed, the very annoying knocker. To my expectations it was Frank standing there; A small, lean, tattooed teen, with a lipring..and very revealing pair of skinny jeans. I looked at him. He was a little...I mean...A HELLA LOT! Excited, practically humping my leg....well I wouldn't say that he was doing that literally...but he looked like he'd been doing crack laps for the past two hours or so. I took one last glance at him, (which was sort of like a what-the-fuck! kinda look...get my drift? No? Didn't think so..aaannywaaay, back to the story.)
Before moving aside to let the young man through, I then padded to the bottom of the stairs.

"MIKEY!! Your friend's here!!" I looked over at Frank again he smiled. Of course I was going to smile back...I'm not that heartless!!

"Hey, I'm going back to my Bat Lay- err...My bedroom to like um, get some sleep cuz it's like um, what twelve in the afternoon?" Frank looked at me puzzled....what a freak....

"Um..Okay, then, where's Mikey?"

"He should be down in a minute..." I went to walk down the stairs...I was going to say something to him but...I kinda forgot..Don't look at me like that! It's 12pm....Look, Ugh I don't care what you say.

"H-hey, Dude, You okay there?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah, me? I'm fine." I mumbled before stumbling off to my 'Bat Layer'.

Mikeys P.O.V

OMG! Frank's here!! Frank's here!! Before you ask? No. I do not have a crush on my bestfriend...that would just be wierd!! I laughed...Oh shit, yeh! Frank's downstairs.....UGH see you? You made me laugh. I raced downstairs...well when I say 'raced' I meant...shuffled downstairs. I was wearing my tightest pair of skinnys and my Anthrax t-shirt,(...yeh nothings's different, I'm always wearing the same top...Gerard's started to get worried about me...Well I don't why though, I'm not the one that sits in that 'Bat Layer' All day, drawing, Listening to Nirvana, Fantasising over young emo boys.) and my Xx Hi Converse. Hell YEAH! They were new ones. I can't wait to show Frankie..Oh yeah!! Frankie's downstairs!!! Better get there quick!!

"HEY, FRANKIEEEEE!!" I squeeled, jumping on his back.

"Woah, WOAH! Hey, there, get off me BFG, I'm only 5ft 4!! Christ!!" I blushed. The burst into hestyrics.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm just haaapppyyy!" I said getting off Franks' shoulders, standing like a normal human being again.

Frank laughed. "So yeah, your brother....he was being...kinda wierd just there now."

"Just there now?"

"Yeah, like I was just standing there waiting for you to come down, when he told me he was going back to bed, then he turned round and sort-of like zoned out."

"Okay..and what time is it?"

"It is now...12:13pm."

Ahh, that was the reason why. "Oh yeah, it's too early for him." I said shoving him. I wish I hadn't done that cuz, just then he ran and pounced on me, and i fell to the ground, heaving.

"JESUS HOLYCHRIST ON A STICK, FRANKIE!!!" I exclaimed, gasping for air.

"What? You shoved me." He replied winking, and strutting into the kitchen. Yeah, strutted. Yeah, Frankies gay. And I'm cool with it, if you're not? I will personally come and break down your door and backstabb you. Hehe!! I'm evil, didn't ya know?!

"So..what's the deal today?" Frank asked, swivelling on our modern, kitchen chairs.

"I dunno really, I think Gee's having some friends over...he said they were called 'Ray and Bob' I like the sound of Bob...he sounds awesome."

"Wait, what you mean to tell me is that Gee, has friends?!" I looked at him. Clueless.

"CHRIST CHILD! Of, course he has friends!!" I said laughing.

"Hey, hey! I knew that."

Frank's P.O.V;


"Frankie, you go get the door, I think it's Gee's friends...while I get that Goddamned phone."
I nodded in reply. The Way family..can be quite strange at times.

I walked down the hallway and reached the door, standing there, were two teen boys..The one on the left was kinda muscly, had dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, had a lipring, like me and was wearing a tight black shirt with a plain, red tie, a pair of black skinnys and a pair of worn out black Converse. He was okay..he kinda scared me.

The one on the right...well...he was...Oh my God...he was kinda, really, cute. He had a puffy, brunette afro...muddy chocolate eyes, full, moist lips..a nice body...he was wearing the tightest pair of skinnys ever and a Nirvana band top, he also wore a pair of black, high-tops.

I stared opened mouthed......maybe it was going to be a good night after all?

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